Young Demon

Chapter 68 Supreme Officials
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"Did you do what I ordered?" Daniel looked at the two and asked in a calm tone.

"Yes, Your Majesty," Zephyr and Augustus answered at the same time in a respectful tone.

"Well, sooner or later, the members of the Schneitz family will find out about Jordan's death. After that, the previous generation's officials will show up to choose a temporary leader," Daniel looked away from them and explained to Elena seriously.

Elena also nodded; she knew that the smallest mistake could have disastrous results.

However, although the old ancestors do not wake up, this is different for the officials of the previous generation, including Jordan's father.

They will certainly be present to prevent any chaos and also to choose the best person for the position of temporary leader and heir.

Daniel was already prepared for this issue and had made the necessary preparations. Of course, there was no need to be so cautious against these people; anyway, their power level was only at the peak of the monarch level or at most half-step sovereign level.

"You should go and get ready, and I will declare my full support for you at the same time," Daniel said, and Elena nodded after hearing his words and left the hall.

"What about the second part of the plan?" The second part of the plan is naturally about the Fate Syndicate.

"We left some traces as you ordered; it shouldn't be hard to deduce an organization called the Fate Syndicate from these traces," Augustus explained respectfully.

"Good," Daniel nodded and then disappeared from the hall.

After all, he should be prepared to offer his condolences to the members of the Schneitz family, especially Steven and his two sisters.

Although he did not care about them, based on the fact that he had been in the Schneitz family for the past few days, he should still give them a little face.

Also, it's related to the public-social relations of a crown prince.

As Daniel guessed, a few minutes after his disappearance, the members of the Schneitz family found out about the death of the family leader.

It didn't take long; within a few hours, all the family members and even some powerful families found out about his death.

Members of those families came with a message of condolence for the Schneitz family, but since the Schneitz family was not in a good state, they could not receive them. After greeting them a little and receiving a message of condolence, they sent them away.

Elena also played her role perfectly, and after "hearing" the news of her husband's death, she started to cry to such an extent that she completely puffed up under her eyes.

Her son and two daughters were also in a very bad condition and could not comfort their mother.

Other officials tried to calm the queen and their prince and princesses, but to no avail. Not long after, Daniel and Eva appeared and offered their condolences.

Unlike the other families who were chased away by the Schneitz family, Daniel and Eva were completely welcomed, and even the authorities made sure that the two were completely satisfied with their residence on their property.

Daniel had no problems and was completely satisfied with his residence all this time; Eva not only spent more time with her brother but even managed to make new friends.

After talking to the authorities and comforting Jordan's wife and children, Daniel and Eva left and went back to their room.

Daniel did not forget to tell Eva that they will return to the Empire tomorrow.

At first, Eva tried to convince Daniel to explore a little more, but Daniel rejected her each time; there were several issues in the empire that needed to be dealt with.

However, Daniel could understand Eva's thoughts; when they return to the empire, Daniel and Eva cannot sleep together like before or spend much time together and, most importantly, do intimate things.

Eva started to cry at the thought of such possibilities, but Daniel just ignored her and went to meet Rose.

Rose had also woken up due to the commotion inside the palace. Based on Rose's temperament, Daniel wouldn't be surprised if he saw her a little sad, but to his complete surprise, she didn't have the slightest feeling of discomfort or sadness.

It was like she completely forgot about the existence of a person called Jordan. Daniel sighed because of the scary abilities of affection above 100 points and then flirted with Rose a little and left after half an hour.

What he realized while flirting with Rose was that the latter was becoming a bit possessive of him, and this possession was increasing.

"I hope there isn't another Eva," Daniel sighed; if Rose decided to restrain him, Daniel would have to use some force.

Well, he didn't mind being a little more brutal if necessary, but only when necessary; he didn't always want to use coercion on people he cared about.

This was one of the reasons why he liked Elena too; Elena was fully aware of her position and never tried to limit him to herself.

After leaving Rose, he summoned Augustus, and then together they entered the void and went to the main hall of the Schneitz family, where a meeting was currently being held, and began to watch everything from the void.

The main hall of the Schneitz family.

"We greet the supreme officials." The officials and nobles of the current generation bowed when they saw the void broken.

"There is no need to respect," a relatively old voice was heard, and suddenly their superior power returned them to their original state.

Everyone looked in awe and respect at the two old men who came out of the void. One of them was Jordan's uncle, Benjamin, and the other was an official from the previous generation, Henry Schneitz.

"Did you hide all the information about his murder?" The two went to the chairs and each sat on one.

"As you ordered, we hid his murder; the outside world currently only knows about Lord Jordan's death." For a high-level noble family, to have their leader assassinated in their estate is naturally an unacceptable shame and disgrace.

If other families and their enemies find out about this issue, they will use such an issue to humiliate and ridicule them.

"What about the Fate Syndicate? Were you able to find any information?" Benjamin asked coldly.

"No, my lord; over the past few hours, we have used many sources as well as questioned our spies around the world, but there is no information about the Fate Syndicate," one of the current generation officials replied with a trembling and scared tone.

"Well, calm down, Benjamin," seeing the frightened tone of the current generation, Henry sighed and tried to calm Benjamin down; Benjamin growled and then became silent.

"We have to consider two things: one, is this Fate Syndicate a new organization that wants to use us to increase their reputation, or are they a powerful organization that decided to re-emerge after long periods of hiding?" Henry explained in a serious tone.

"I believe if it is the first option, there will be no problem; just find them and destroy them, and if you can't, you can use our influence and colleagues.

"But if it's the second option, everything will be troublesome, and there will even be a possibility that our family will not be able to take revenge," Henry continued.

The rest of the officials also nodded in approval.

"Well, for now, there is another issue." Benjamin realized that his behavior was a little wrong, so he calmed down and asked.

"True, the election of the temporary leader and the heir," confirmed Henry. The election of the temporary leader and the heir is not an ordinary issue and should be treated seriously.

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