Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 976 Dancing With Lucifer
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Chapter 976 Dancing With Lucifer

Adorned in a regal red full skirt and blouse with dark tones, the Demon Queen walked out of her room. Her flat abdomen, collar bone, arms, and neckline were a fair contrast to the dark tones of her dress.

The raven black hair was half tied in a bun; her bangs curling along her jawline.

Lith's jaw threatened to drop after looking at his lover. It was captivating to see Lucifer so dressed up, and if gaze could devour, Lith would've eaten her up thrice in two seconds with no bones left!

Lucifer, enjoying the attention, had the corner of her lips curved up.

Lith whistled in glee and spun his finger, gesturing to Lucifer to do a spin.

She obliged and her skirt flowed like a top, revealing her smooth ankles and bright red heels.

Lith's whistle dramatically slowed down as he saw her ankles—his gaze affixed on them.

Squinting his eyes, Lith hopped into a squat and slightly lifted Lucifer's skirt up.

Snap! Snap! Snap!

"What the—"

Before Lucifer could make out what had happened, Lith was already away from her, gawking at his phone and nodding in amusement.

"Good. Good. I can now understand why ankles were so popular," Lith commented. He was referring to the Victorian Era on Earth where ankles were in huge popularity.

Lucifer's eyes twitched as she heard this. "You know, I'm in a good mood. You better not try to ruin it."

"Of course," Lith skillfully put the phone back in his ring and walked over to Lucifer.

Being of the similar tall height, Lith wrapped his arm around Lucifer's waist and pulled her close. 𝚏r𝐞𝗲𝚠eb𝚗o𝐯

Due to the heels, she had gotten taller than him, but it posed no problem to the shameless Prince who simply held his lady's chin, and instead of making her look up to stare into his eyes, he made her look down at him.

Somehow… it still felt quite passionate, despite being different from the normal 'chin up, eyes locked, deep kiss' trope.

As Lucifer stared down at him, Lith rubbed his thumb along her moist cherry red lips and said, "M'lady, would you do me the honour of accompanying me for a dance?"

Lucifer squinted her eyes. "I thought you were going to ask me something naughty with how you're holding my face."

Lith chuckled and leaned closer to her ears, seductively letting out a whisper full of hot air.

Lucifer not only felt the breath on her ear, Lith's strong, natural rosy scent assaulted her nose and brought a great sense of stimulation.

Closing her eyes, she basked in this goodness and thought, 'Someone has done his homework. Good.'

Finishing giving Lucifer a moment to settle in, Lith whispered, "I never said there won't be anything naughty happening."

Saying so, Lith activated an artifact in his pocket and teleported away with Lucifer in his embrace. She didn't get a chance to speak and in no time, the two reached their destination.

It was a three storey tall bedroom with glass walls on one side. It was spacious enough to be considered a mini ballroom.

There was a king-sized bed, a round table with lit up candle decorations, and multiple chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Unlike normal, the chandeliers were dark in nature and the whole room was dimly lit with a crimson moonlight illuminating the inside of it.

The moonlight was enough to give a clear view of the two, and being immortals and creatures of night, they suffered through no such visibility problems.

Lucifer wrapped her arms around Lith's shoulders and said with a half lowered gaze, "You have my full attention, neph—"

Lith placed a finger on her lips. He hugged her tighter and said, "It's Lith today, my love."

Lucifer's heart skipped a beat. She may not have shown much reaction on her face, but somewhere, she was drooling from being manhandled like this.

Lith leaned back and smiled, breaking the seductive atmosphere. "Let's dance, shall we?"

He snapped his fingers and the chandeliers began emitting colorful lights. Music played out of nowhere too, and it was classical music tailor-made for ball dances.

Lith, in a black three piece, with his long silver hair tied similarly like Lucifer's, elegantly dragged Lucifer to the dance floor.

Their silver and raven hair flowed around as they spun harmoniously. The added touch of crimson hue gave a regal, gothic vibe to their overall atmosphere, and for the next thirty minutes, there was no lewd, but pure dancing.

The tempo intensified as minutes passed and now in a proper mood, Lith smiled widely and so did Lucifer, their sharp canines revealed to each other.

Lith made Lucifer spin and pulled her back in his embrace, hugging her from behind. Gracefully stepping the sides together, they made their way toward the glass wall.

At this point, Lucifer felt a cool sensation on her upper body. Looking down, she found her blouse vanishing and her breasts to be out in the open.

A pair of pale hands creeped up from behind and held her big breasts. She felt a strong pinch on her nipples and knowing what had transpired, Lucifer slightly pushed Lith back and tangoed with him.

A second later, Lith was made to arch by Lucifer, causing his shirt to tear off, and revealing his toned abdomen and pecs.

The two were even now. He took off her blouse, she did his shirt.

Lith smiled and got back to his feet. He did a series of complex steps and lifted Lucifer off in the air, loosening her skirt.

At the end of the day, Lucifer was a Supreme Rank and not someone to be trifled with. Before her skirt was undone, she made a full round of the dance floor and finally pulled Lith in for a tight hug.

As they hugged, the music came to an end, and the final pieces of clothing on their body were torn off, letting them both have a pure skin contact.

Lith breathed heavily and stared into Lucifer's eyes with a smile as his hands wrapped around her waist. She did the same while placing her hands on his shoulders.

"That was fun," Lucifer commented.

"Indeed," Lith added.

"Onto the main event then?" Lucifer asked and jumped on Lith, wrapping her legs around him.

Lith supported her by holding her buttocks and said, "Not so soon."

He took Lucifer towards the glass wall and stuck her back to it. He raised one of her legs up and rubbed his shaft on her smooth, moist nethers.

Glueing his forehead on hers, Lith breathed out hot air again and said, "I've yet to taste you fully. Be an obedient lady and let me do it."

Lucifer surprisingly didn't object. Instead, she smiled and said, "You'll pay for making this lady wait."

"It's okay. I'm rich," Lith chuckled.

Lucifer smiled again, this time it wasn't of happiness, but a scheming one. What was going on in her head was something only she knew of.

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