Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 1075 Change In Human Administration
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Chapter 1075 Change In Human Administration

Human Court, Raizen.

"Settle down. There's a lot of things we need to talk about."

Arbour instructed the Emperor Ranks present in the courtroom as he walked towards the throne and sat on it.

The Emperor Ranks had clear hostility displayed through their expressions and wondered where their Ancestor had gone.

Arbour had a calm gaze as he looked at the hostile folks. "I'll say it one last time — settle down. There won't be further warnings."

A humongous pressure descended upon the Emperors and forced them to kneel on their spots with painful grunts.

"Now that I have everyone's attention, let's make a few things clear. First," Arbour took a pause as his eyes scanned everyone in the room. "…your Ancestor has offended someone he shouldn't have. His bloodline belongs to someone who has done such deeds that extinguishing everyone with this bloodline would be the most lenient judgment."

Many frowned hearing that. They wanted to defend the Ancestor, but didn't do so and kept their mouths shut. Being at such a high rank, they knew when to speak and when not to. The person in front was clearly much stronger than them. He could wipe them out with a single flick of his finger. It was best not to provoke him.

The future of Humans seemed dire with these developments. The only reason every Emperor Rank hadn't begun fighting with their life on the line was due to Arbour being a human.

Had it been someone of some other race, the human Emperor Ranks wouldn't hesitate in throwing themselves in the pit of fire.

Arbour found the silence pleasing. The Humans weren't shouting, yelling, cursing, and trying to defend their Supreme Rank. It made things easier for him.

"The second thing that I want to make clear is that no harm will be done to people who don't belong to the Flaming Emperor bloodline."

A lot of huuus and haahs were heard as everyone felt relieved. A big pressure was off their chest knowing they wouldn't be killed and everything would be limited to the Flaming Emperor bloodline.

"Third, you will have a new Supreme Rank."


The Emperor Ranks' eyes widened like saucers. It was as if the ground beneath their feet slipped, sending them sinking into the abyss. Their loud silence conveyed their shock. It was deafening.

Watching this scene from the Royal Castle, Lith nodded in satisfaction. Arbour had done a good job in managing these guys.

There wasn't a cliche moment where someone would dare underestimate him and then court death, only to have their whole family killed, and the events to proceed as they were meant to be.

Arbour was the man who would be the new Supreme Rank of the Humans. He won't stay in Ancestor's City like Darren and would instead be at the Royal Castle, doing what he is instructed to by his superiors.

Darren would respond to any emergencies that may require his assistance in the Human Continent, would make sure that there's no in-fighting that would result in everyone's doom, and also the well-being of the Humans as a whole.

Humans were the most ambitious in the world. Right now they were treading a path of greed, lust, jealousy, and vanity, wanting to become the world's best race and dominate everything under the heavens. This was not a good thing.

They had immense potential but were wasting it due to being on the wrong path created by the higher administration.

If their ambitions were put to a better cause, they would be a force to reckon with.

What the Humans needed the most was a good leader. Someone who could teach them to co-exist happily and peacefully with others. The generations to come had to be taught that they weren't better than other races, but also weren't worse.

They should neither look down on others nor let others look down on themselves. Humility, integrity, favorability, and possibility were the things they had to learn.

Humility would make the Humans recognize their limitations, respect others, and understand that they are not superior to others. It contrasts sharply with greed and vanity, promoting modesty and self-awareness instead.

Integrity would instill honesty, strong moral principles, and ethical behavior. This counters the corruption and deceit often associated with lust and greed, promoting trustworthiness and consistency in actions.

Favorability would make them foster positive relationships, goodwill, and a favorable environment. This would involve teaching Humans to be more likable, cooperative, and supportive of one another, creating a more harmonious and prosperous society.

Possibility, as for this, it was about teaching and encouraging people to envision and strive for a better future, inspiring hope and ambition in positive directions. It involved expanding their mindset to see potential and opportunities rather than being trapped in negative behaviors and attitudes.

Arbour had the potential to teach them these values. With Noman and Ruben's influence, he knew virtues and sins so much that he could do a PhD in it.

Arbour's past wasn't good. He was an idiot who thought he could conquer the world after some secluded cultivation. However, he's had massive development ever since and has turned into someone reliable.

It would take some time for the Emperor Ranks to accept their new reality. Boring discussions would take place from here onwards in the courtroom, so Lith shifted his focus to Fanny, who was out on a hunt.

What the descendants of the Flame Emperor had done to Keith was unforgivable. However, the current generation was innocent.

Rationally thinking, they shouldn't be punished, but on a personal level, Keith deserves justice. Descendants of this bloodline should not exist. What their ancestors have done had to be paid by them. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and blood for blood.

Fanny was in absolute rage as she moved from one place to another. The hunt had only just started and only a few people had been killed. With how her state of mind was, she definitely would kill everybody.

Lith showed the scenes of her to Fei and asked her opinion on this.

Fei thought about it and said, "I remember there was a technique in my family in which a mark would be placed on a sinful person. If they do something sinful, the mark would self-

destruct and kill them. Fanny could use such a thing instead of staining her hands with blood."

Lith nodded in agreement. "Her hair and eyes are red enough, no need for her soul to turn into one too."

"Yes." Fei replied. "She could also make use of a technique which helps read a person's past. If the person is really sinful, she could execute them and do a good deed. Putting a mark and reading someone's past, these two things could avoid her to accumulate extremely bad karma like Master."

Lith rubbed his nose and said, "You didn't have to bring me into this. My negative karma is going to vanish soon."

"Oh?" Fei tilted her head in curiosity as she looked at the halo on his head. "Such high levels can be erased?"

Lith shrugged. "If I can accumulate this much, I can naturally eradicate them too."

"Anyway, back to Fanny's topic. You should go teach her those techniques before she ends up killing innocent children too."

Lith hadn't forgotten his goal of saving the children. He only thought of the innocent people getting killed in Fanny's rage because he remembered his goal of saving the children.

"I don't know any past reading techniques like that, Master." Fei answered honestly.

Lith shook his head. "Don't worry about it. For now, the priority is to stop her. Once you do that, you can bring her back to the castle, impart her the self destruction technique, and go to the Royal Archives or Library to find the technique you're looking for. If you can't find those there either, then let me know."

Lith did not have a technique to read the past, but he had the one where he could read minds. It did not work on the people stronger than him, but if Fei and Fanny were to learn it, then they could read just about anyone's mind in this world.

The catch here was that it would consume a lot of time. Going around reading everyone's mind then making a decision to execute them or not… It was a hassle.

"Hm, before you go. I want you to give Fanny a suggestion."

Fei got up from her seat and asked, "What is it?"

Lith tapped his index finger on the table and said while staring at it, "Instead of executing everybody, Fanny could use the self destruction approach. She could place it on everybody—men, women, children, elderly—and this way, if they do something evil, they would die due to their own actions. Fanny won't have to stain her hands this way."

Fei thought about it and found a few things wrong with Lith's decision. "You care about the children, but Master, what if…"

Fei sat back down on the chair.

"…what if there's a child who's struggling to survive or make ends meet. What if they pickpocket to purchase bread? Won't they be killed for their crime?"

"Fei…" Lith straightened his back and frowned. "This situation is oddly specific. But you're right, this could be the case and we may end up killing someone innocent."

When targeting something as large as a bloodline from ancient times, such problems were bound to arise. Not only these, there could be many more oddly specific situations where killing them for their crimes wasn't justified.

'I am not a hero. I shouldn't care about such things. But I am also no villain to massacre everybody unnecessarily. I've done something like that in the past, and I don't plan on doing it again. Sigh… what a troublesome situation…'

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