Ultragene Warlord

Chapter 1070: An Apple-Sized Sun
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Chapter 1070: An Apple-Sized Sun

Li Feng cried out, "This shouldn't be known as the world of blazing sun, but rather the world of hundred suns, or the world of living hell!"

Golden birds glided through the air, their exterior lustrous and metallic. Zhang Hanxiang would immediately recognize these birds as the golden sunbirds from the world of blazing sun, which she had seen during the war against the death spirits.

At the heart of the world was a giant mulberry tree, whose golden leaves shone with piercing light. Dozens of nests were arrayed all throughout, hanging on the tree like fruits.

Li Feng asked, "Are there really lifeforms living in such a world?"

In fact, there were.

All lifeforms who could survive in the world of blazing sun had to be able to resist abnormally high temperatures. Because of the harsh environment, all lifeforms who lived in the world of blazing sun were particularly strong, though there were exceptionally few of them.

Fang Yi commented, "Rather than discuss whether or not there's life on this world, I think the most pressing question is how we're expected to find the solar king."

Li Feng shrugged. "If we call him out, do you think he'll respond?"

Zhou Ying asked, "What, like the Golden and Silver Horns from Journey to the West?"

Fang Yi grumbled, "We're in enemy territory! Can we be more serious, please?"

Zhou Ying suggested, "What if we go with the simplest method?"

Li Feng turned to Zhou Ying. "What method?"

Zhou Ying pointed at the golden mulberry tree. "Isn't there a tree right over there?"

Li Feng asked, "And?"

"Let's cut it!"

Li Feng: ...

Fang Yi: ...

Li Feng asked, "Just what sort of logic is that?"

Zhou Ying replied, "I can sense a tremendous vitality in the mulberry tree. If I'm not mistaken, it's on the level of a superior king in strength."

Li Feng and Fang Yi were flabbergasted. They looked again at the giant, golden mulberry tree, unable to believe that it was actually an existence on par with a superior king.

Suddenly, Fang Yi looked up at the skies. He retrieved a spear from his storage-type soulshard. "There's no need. He's coming."

Golden radiance appeared in the sky, filling the heavens. Before the light could land, the temperature steeply rose, and the flames began to roar.

Subsequently, with a yell, Fang Yi dashed into the sky with a spear in hand. Fang Yi launched his spear, crackling with wind and lightning, with incredible force. It sent wind howling and lightning flashing through the sky.

Fang Yi thrust his spear forward, so quickly it left dozens of afterimages in all directions. The golden light burst apart like fireworks.

Li Feng flew through the air and hovered by Fang Yi's side.

"Do you need help?"

Fang Yi shook his head, his spear pointing at a slant toward the ground. "No need. I'll be sufficient."

"Is this the solar king that our captain mentioned?"

The figure was shrouded in golden sunlight, with ten suns to his back. The temperature of the world, already ridiculously high, rose to a frightening extent after the appearance of this man.

The man's eyes, like glowing suns, stared at Fang Yi and the two other hunters. "Who are you?"

As the ruler of the world of blazing sun, the solar king noticed the three hunters' arrival immediately. The solar king's eyes narrowed as he spoke. "Forget it. You'll all die anyway."

The solar king summoned a miniature sun over his palm, then tossed it toward the three hunters. The sun was only the size of an apple, but it boasted enough energy to make all three hunters react with shock.

They all dodged, unwilling to face the attack straight on.

As the apple-sized sun landed on the ground, it caused an explosion comparable to that of an atomic bomb. The solar energy within the apple spread all around them, dramatically raising the temperature.

The three hunters managed to dodge the apple-sized projectile, but not the shockwaves that it released on impact.

A spearman's figure broke through the smoke released by the explosion, his spear pointed straight at the solar king.

"[Tiger's Howl, Dragon's Bellow]!" Fang Yi's spear took on the aspect of a dragon of the winds and a storm tiger as he charged forward.

The dragon of the winds absorbed the golden energy and morphed into a dragon burning with golden flame, whereas the storm tiger roared in mid-air. The dragon and tiger circled Fang Yi, lending their energies to his spear.

The solar king clenched his fist tightly, as though a sun burned in his palm. As he threw a punch, golden energy exploded around him, sending Fang Yi flying.

"[Light Dragon's Remnants]!" A large flock of golden dragons emerged from where the apple-sized sun had exploded, then surged toward the solar king.

The solar king snorted. With a wave of his hand, summoning a solar flare, he wiped out all the golden dragons.

"[Shadow and Light]!" Fang Yi flew back quickly after having been knocked into the distance.

"As expected, you're fine," Fang Yi remarked, smiling.

Li Feng replied, "This sort of attack won't be enough to kill me."

Below them, a wide hole had been formed in the ground, with a radius of over a kilometer. Lava flowed through cracks in the ground; even the surface of the world, tempered by the heat, succumbed to a casual attack from the solar king.

"And how about you? Are you fine?" Li Feng continued.

Li Feng had survived the explosion unscathed, but Fang Yi looked a bit haggard after having been sent flying by the solar king.

Fang Yi grinned. "I've only taken superficial injuries. It wasn't a problem."

Li Feng looked all around. "I don't see Zhou Ying."

Fang Yi shrugged. "Her ability to survive is stronger than ours combined. Even if we were both to turn to ash, she'd probably still be hale and healthy. There's nothing to worry about."

"Quite so," Li Feng replied, nodding.

The solar king glanced askance at both of them. "To think both of you could survive that initial volley... it looks like you're no ordinary invader. Who sent you here?"


"Justice, indeed!" Fang Yi's eyes burned with fighting intent. He charged toward the solar king, spear in hand.

"[Heaven's Judgment]!" Wind howled and lightning flashed through the skies. The purple lightning spread through the air, and the wind stirred up howling flames. The combination of wind and lightning generated a frightening force that seemed to be able to penetrate space.

"Forget it. Regardless of who's behind you, you'll all die." The solar king summoned up another apple-sized sun. Unlike last time, however, as he held it high overhead, the sun suddenly expanded countless times, until it was the size of one of the hundred in the air.

He tossed it straight toward Fang Yi and Li Feng.

Li Feng couldn't help mock, "Just what sort of technique is this? Growing a miniature sun?"

Meanwhile, Fang Yi had speared the sun with his spear, causing a huge explosion in mid-air...

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