Ultimate Level 1

Chapter 41: Spoils of Battle
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Chapter 41: Spoils of Battle

A massive ice spear slammed into the side of the boss and sent it flying to the side.

Max tried not to stand there gaping like a fool but he had not expected that at all. When Tanila had said she had more powerful magic, he had expected something a little bigger, but this attack was well beyond his expectations.

He dashed forward, delivering a strike to its leg again, the tip of his spear finally piercing completely into its thigh.

Back up!

Max didnt ask as he lunged backward, the boss turning to swing at him, only for a huge fireball to strike its chest and set it on fire.

Risking a quick glance at the party display, Max saw that Tanila had almost no more mana left. Those two spells had taken everything it appeared.

The boss roared, or hissed, or did something that sounded awful and Max moved forward again to strike at its leg. He got the attack to land but the bosss skin shimmered a half second before the metal tip struck. It barely pierced its leg now.

Goblin shite! Iron skin!

The boss began to move toward Tanila and Max continued to thrust over and over, easily blocking the bosss sword as it swung. Its movements and swings were slowed drastically.

Iron Skin! Max shouted as he moved behind the boss and attacked the lower part of its spine over and over. He easily hopped over its tail as it whipped it toward him. The speed of it was almost comical in some ways.

Every thrust of his spear went a little deeper into the hole he was creating with his constant barrage of attacks.

Inch by inch, he chipped away at the bosss back, trying to secure an injury like the one he had inflicted so many times on the other lizardmen.

The sound of a sword on a shield made Max look at what had happened and he saw Fowl engaged the front, trying to stop the bosss steady steps toward Tanila.

RUN to the other side of the field! NOW! Max yelled out. Get some distance between him and you!

Not concerned with the chance of being seen now, Max couldnt risk someone dying again. He realized his buff had worn off. This fight had gone on too long and they had stood around wasting time.

[ Ice Enchantment ]

His spear and hands glowed blue for a moment but no one said a word. He wasnt sure if they had seen it but there were no other options.

He continued to thrust at the same spot, the tip of his spear now piercing a little more and flesh and scales falling away from the hole that had appeared.

Max cast his area of effect spell. Next, the spell went off right as the bosss skin shimmered once more.

He drove his spear forward, a crack coming from the strike.

The tail whipped at him from the left, but Max held his shield out, absorbing the blow and barely moving.

Another thrust made the boss stumble and Max didnt let up, scoring one more strike that sent his spear's head completely into the spine.

A shriek came as the boss crumbled forward, jerking Max off his feet as he held onto his spear. It landed with a thud and Max let go of his spear enough to drop to the ground between its legs.

The sword scraped across the dirt, sending grass and clods of earth everywhere, but it had no power now. The lower half of this massive lizardman was unable to move and it could barely lift itself off the ground with its right arm enough to do anything with the sword. The weight of the sword now limited its ability to use it.

Fowl came running forward, slamming his shield into the bosss head as Max jumped into the air and thrust the spear into its spine again, two feet above where he had broken it a moment ago.

It twisted and turned, trying to swipe at him with its hands, having let go of the sword it couldnt use.

Fowl rained down blows on its head as Max continued the onslaught on its spine. Two feet at a time he destroyed its spine, flesh and bone exposed from the damage of his spear.

Let me finish it! Max called out.

Fowl took two quick steps back and looked at Max, seeing the intent in his eyes.

Do it! he shouted back, lowering his hammer and he began to strap it back on his belt.

Max grinned. He wanted this kill. He needed this kill. Every part of him screamed to end this creature's life and claim what was his.

He paused a moment as he stood on the boss's back, having just destroyed its spine at the base of its shoulders.

Unhooking his shield, he stored it and took his spear in both hands.

Driving it forward and down with everything he had at the base of the bosss neck and into the skull, Max tumbled forward into the shaft of his spear when the world spun for a moment. The cold snap that came chilled him to his bone.

[ 2 Strength Consumed ]

[ 2 Constitution Consumed ]

[Consume has successfully consumed two skills. Choose which skill to consume]

[Would you like to learn [Swordmanship - Uncommon] or [Dual Wield]]

His body felt alive, and Max couldnt help but smile as he saw the notification.

Both were different from the skill he had hoped for, but still, how could he complain?

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Glancing up, he saw Fowl looking at him, his head cocked to the side and his eyebrows scrunched together.

Batrire and Tanila came running toward him, both of them looking on in awe.

We did it, Batrire said, almost as if she didnt believe it.

We did, Fowl replied as he nodded his head slowly, having not looked away from Max.

Ripping the spear from the boss's skull, Max jumped off its corpse and moved to where the other three were.

That was incredible! I think you saved me, Seth!

Max smiled and pointed at Fowl with his finger.

Give credit to the warrior who put himself in front of you. As a damage-dealing spear user, I just did my job and attacked from behind.

Tania laughed at his comment and gave Fowl a slap on the back before she gave Fowl a hug.

Its time, Batrire said as she pointed a finger behind Max.

Turning around, he saw that the corpse of the boss was gone. All of the corpses were gone. In the middle of the room was a massive silver chest etched with lizardmen of different sizes holding swords and clubs on all sides.

You sure? Max asked as the four of them stood around the chest.

I think every one of us would feel wrong if you didnt do the honors. You saved Tanila and are the one that took that thing down.

But her spells

Didnt kill it. You did, and we all know it.

Max grinned and gave in to their prodding, grabbing the lid with both hands and lifting it up.

Inside the temporal space of the box were four rings, serving as the token for the boss they had killed. Next to the four rings were five items.

Holy elf tits, Batrire muttered as she stood to the side of the chest, peering in.

Max saw a pair of leather boots and knew they were for him. A shield was inside and he knew it belonged to Fowl. A pair of earrings twinkled in another spot of the storage, along with a silver band of some sort marked with runes. The last item was a ring that shifted colors every few seconds.

What is that ring? Max asked, seeing how they had yet to reach inside and take anything.

Its a team drop. It will change what it is based on who wins it.

Max realized his face must have shown how confused he was because after Fowl took one look at him, he laughed for a second and kept talking. Everyone gets a chance at the ring. The gods will decide who gets it. Just put your hand inside and pick it.

The other three reached in and Max mimicked their movements, reaching for the ring and watching as a die appeared. Each of their faces appeared four times, randomly filling the bland sides of the dice.

Its got twenty sides, Tanila said. Its going to choose now.

Two seconds later, the die began to spin. It turned so fast their faces were a blur. It started to slow down. Each persons face appeared for a moment before being replaced by another.

Here it comes, whispered Batrire as the changing faces slowed.

Fowls face came up, pausing for a second before changing to Batrire who let out a small cheer as Fowl cursed. It hesitated a little longer and landed on Maxs face, staying like that for a solid two seconds before changing once more and finally stopping on a picture of Tanila.

That stinks like ogre crap, Fowl complained before winking at their mage and pulling out his shield. Congrats on the ring, Tanila!

She stood there a moment, still shocked that it was hers, and reached in, pulling out a metal ring that was red in color. I cant believe it. I won

Congrats! Max exclaimed as he pulled out the leather boots and put them into storage. I cant wait to hear what it does.

Tanila nodded, a smile stretching across her face as she plucked out the earrings and attached them to her ears. Small crystals hung from the part that connected to her lobes, and she gave a little shake to show them off.

Cute, Batrire said as she pulled out the band, slid it up her arm, and felt it stay in place on her bicep. Lets grab those tokens and go turn this quest in. I cant wait to see what everyone got!

Fowl handed his old shield to Max. Can you store this till we get inside and I can see if it's better or worse than the one I just got?

Taking it from the dwarf, Max stored it and then reached inside the chest, taking the silver ring with the words Lizardman Commander etched on it.


Yeah, there are harder dungeons with these guys. Somewhere is a king and I heard stories about him being pretty awful to beat.

A blue timer made of lights appeared over the chest, and Max pointed at it. I know what that means, he said, giving a wink and taking a few steps toward the portal.

His teammates laughed, putting up their stuff and moving to follow him.

As Max waited for his turn with the guild identifier, he looked at the two choices of skills again.

Dual wield or uncommon Swordsmanship

The choices were not easy.

He used a spear. His lie to his group was that his spear healed him. π˜§π“‡π˜¦π˜¦π”€β„―π˜£π“ƒπ“Έπ“Ώβ„―π˜­.𝑐𝓸𝓂

The dual wield seemed nice but he would then need two weapons as somehow he didnt expect the spear to be usable with a sword or

Maybe I could use two spears at the same time

Chuckling to himself, Max let out a quiet groan.

The choice he knew was an easy one. During the fight with the boss, his common skill rank with Swordsmanship had allowed him to read some of those attacks. It provided him with defense as well as offense. Having a better version of this was the best choice at this moment.

[Consume has learned the skill [Swordsmanship - Uncommon]]

[Swordsmanship has been upgraded to Uncommon ]

His brain felt like it was on fire for a second as more insight about swordplay tactics filled his mind.

[Skill Description - Swordsmanship]


Swordsmanship - Uncommon Skill: The uncommon version of this skill lends to an improved understanding of the art of swordplay. Combination attacks have been unlocked, and all attacks with a sword will provide increased damage and a chance of a critical strike. Improved understanding of parrying sword attacks.


Combination attacks that sounds impressive

He remembered how the boss had strung together consecutive blows and strikes and realized the power that was provided against a less skilled opponent.

Smiling, Max started to hum, the feeling of needing to kill something and get stronger satisfied for a bit.

That will cost you three silver.

Max grumbled silently to himself as he pulled the coins from his pouch, sliding them to the dwarven woman on the other side of the counter.

She tapped the counter, and Max paused.

Did you change your mind? she asked.

Uh dont you need a cloth or something to put these on?

The woman laughed, realizing what he was saying, and shook her head.

No, but I can see how you might confused if this is your first time having something identified here. The whole counter is like that cloth, so there is no need for me to have one. Besides, the counter is much easier to clean.

Nodding his head, Max set the black leather boots on the counter and watched as the woman closed her eyes as her hands began to glow pink. Ten seconds later, she opened her eyes and smiled.

Enjoy those! They should last you a while!

Taking them off the counter, Max slipped them on his bare feet and felt a burst of speed come over him.

[ Inspect Boots ]


Swift Boots

+1 Dexterity

5% bonus to movement speed.


Max smiled a little bit. It was not as impressive as he had hoped, but he would gladly take a boost to his dexterity.

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