Ultimate Level 1

Chapter 132: Making Plans
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Chapter 132: Making Plans

Whats true? Max asked as he stood up and tried to move toward Tanila.

She backed away again, holding her hand up and trying to get Max to stop.

Wait! Please! I need a moment!

Confused and frustrated, Max nodded and took a few steps back, standing by the chair they had been sharing a moment ago.

He could see Tanilas eyes as she looked at the floor. They were darting back and forth, obviously working through something in her mind.

Max wanted to know what was so bad and what would make her move like that? His mind tried to solve the problem.

Its because of you! She is afraid of you!

Nothing came from his thoughts, but Max knew he was right. It had to be his skill and how it actually communicated that made Tanila afraid.

What is it about my black skill? Is it alive?

Tanila looked up and chewed on her lips. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him. Eventually, she shrugged. No one knows there are stories, rumors, and legends, but they are so few. I didnt believe them. I couldnt let myself believe it at first when you told me. If you really had the skill you said you had, then there would be no way you could control it! she exclaimed. A red skill is hard enough to resist! There is a reason why I choose not to use mine. Every time I do, I want to use it more. It is like Tanila reached up and touched her lips with her fingertips. It feels like our first kiss. I want to stay there, doing that forever, but I know I cant.

Max fought off the smile he wanted to give, knowing that he agreed with her on everything.

I understand what you are saying, he replied quietly. There are moments when all I want to do is consume everything and everyone.

Slowly, he moved closer to Tanila, approaching her like she was a timid animal. When he was close, he reached out with his hand, holding it palm up.

She looked at him and his hand, and after taking a breath, she put her hand on his.

I dont give in, Max said, rubbing his thumb against her skin. I dont give in because if I do, I might hurt you or lose you forever, and I cant imagine that. That was why I let it take control that day we were surrounded. We struck a bargain. You wouldnt get hurt.

Her eyes began to get moist, and using her other hand, Tanila wiped them as she blinked.

They stood there briefly, each rubbing the others hand while saying nothing.

Go ahead and turn in, Max said as he moved close to her. Kissing her on the cheek, he smiled. Ill be here in the morning. The same guy who liked you before he knew you were a runaway princess.

Tanila chuckled and sniffed as she nodded, allowing herself to smile.

Thank you, Ma Seth. Thank you for understanding.

He nodded and watched as she turned, went to her room, and shut the door behind her.

Frustrated, Max stared at her door. One moment, he was on top of the world; the next, he was angry because something he couldnt control might keep him away from Tanila.

We need to have a talk!

Quietly, Max went out the door to their suite and locked it behind him. He needed to think, and there was one way to do it that really worked.

Grunting, Max parried the club and deflected it to the side as the troll attacked him. Its spiked club slammed into the water, and Max turned, bringing his halberd around and slicing the creature's thick skin.

The blade cut through and struck the bone, leaving a massive gash that sizzled from the fire enchantment on his weapon.

Roaring, the troll swung its club backhanded at Max, who easily dodged under it. Max attacked the same spot with a precision that most wouldnt have at this level.

Two strikes later, the leg and its former owner were on the ground in the putrid water.

[ 2 Strength Consumed ]

[ 2 Constitution Consumed ]

Another troll was soon located, and in the minute of fighting Max needed to kill it looked like a work of art by a skilled artist. Every strike, blow, and swing of his weapon hit where he intended, and then, with one last attack, the trolls head was liberated from its neck.

[ 2 Strength Consumed ]

[ 2 Constitution Consumed ]

Not even panting, Max stared at the creature before him. He should have harvested it, but he didnt feel like it.

The tale has been taken without authorization; if you see it on Amazon, report the incident.

Are you ever going to reply?! he shouted, storing his weapon while grabbing the trolls club and putting it in storage.

Nothing came, as with all the other times he had shouted and yelled. No reply to alleviate his frustration.

It was late, and he needed to get back and rest if he was going to be useful tomorrow, but he still had an uneasy feeling in his stomach. Tanila knew something, but she was too afraid to share it.

How was last night? Fowl asked as they sat down for breakfast.

Batrire had failed to elbow him before he asked his question, and as Fowl scowled at her, Max and Tanila looked at each other and smiled.

Were figuring things out, Max replied. Surely you and Batrire did the same.

Fowl started to laugh and shake his head until he saw Batrire holding a fist near his face. Quieting quickly, Fowl held up both hands before her as he leaned away from his love.

I Ill not answer that question due to the fact Im not wearing my armor at the moment, Fowl sputtered as he blocked a punch from Batrire.

You better shut yer trap, or Ill be getting me my own room somewhere else, Batrire replied.

Max shuddered at her tone and couldnt believe that Fowl wasnt phased by it.

They're always like this, Tanila whispered as the two jabbed and sparred in their side of the booth.

Well, hopefully, one day, Fowl will grow up, Max stated as he grabbed a roll.

Fowl chuckled and shook his head. Im too young to grow up. Of course, that sounds funny coming from you without a lick of hair on your head.

Max smiled and rubbed his bald head. Id say something, but for some reason, Im afraid it would just get you smacked by Batrire.

Batrire nodded and chuckled. Shut up and eat. We got a dungeon full of spiders to deal with.

The first floor was the cakewalk Max had hoped for. Everyone reacted precisely as they should, resulting in spiders dying faster and fewer webs being sprayed on everyone.

This is what I get for jinxing us, isnt it? Fowl grumbled as the four stared at the portal for the second floor. The purple color vibrated slightly, telling them that fate or some god had once again thrust a choice before them.

Anything but poison or spiders, and I would rush right in, Batrire said as she tapped her fingers against her staff. Why does it have to be here?

Tanila laughed, her soft voice sounding sweeter than Max could remember. I have never heard of a group getting this many opportunities. The odds of it are impossible.

Which begs the question, why? Max asked. Besides the obvious that somewhere is a god or gods that love or hate me, but why? Is the risk really worth it?

Yes! Fowl exclaimed. The experience and loot are always worth it. We know that any other party would give their testicles to get a portal like this!

The other three grumbled, each of them knowing Fowl was right.

Why do we always debate this? Max asked as he moved toward the portal. We all know Fowl will guilt us into going inside.

Fowl blew a raspberry and started laughing at its sound in his helmet.

Warriors first, Batrire said.

Every time, Max replied as he stepped into the portal.

Holy elf tits, Max muttered as his eyes focused on the dungeon floor.

The cave was gone, and now, all around Max was a towering forest that sent a shiver down his spine. Dead-looking trees swayed in the wind, making noise as branches rubbed against each other. Spiderwebs were everywhere in the forest, hanging from trees, lining most of the dirt floor, and filling almost every open space where foliage would typically be. Most of the tree's lowest branches started around twenty feet off the ground, and some were over forty feet up. The sky held a massive moon that cast its light in the clearing where they stood, surrounded by trees. Besides that small amount of light, the darkness was so thick inside the forest that one could feel it.

Holy elf tits! Fowl exclaimed, and Max nodded.

Said the same thing, Max replied.

No portal either, Fowl said. Guess that means this level is going to be a pain in the arse.

Tanila stumbled into Fowls backside and muttered, Hairy dwarf balls.

That they are lass, Fowl teased, trying to find a way to cut the tension.

Max moved forward a little bit, looking at the trees and their massive trunks and trying to see deeper into the darkness of the trees.

We got what? Fifty yards around us with no trees, and then that? Fowl asked as Max neared the edge. What you thinking?

Maxs mind was racing, and he tried to decide if the idea was plausible. Turning around, he walked back to where everyone was waiting and frowned. Tanila, I have a question. Will trees in a dungeon forest burn?

She made a face and then shrugged. Maybe? We havent tried that, but the webs do burn, as you know from a few of the fights. Are you seriously considering what I think you're considering?

Fowl glanced between the two. Gods, Either you two tell me what you are thinking or, so help me, Im going to put the next two levels of stat points into intelligence.

Tanila and Max both laughed while Batrire groaned.

Im just wondering if we can light this forest on fire, Max said as he pointed at the trees. There are webs everywhere, and if they burn like the ones did back in the cave, we could possibly burn every web before we even go in.

And what if that aggros every spider inside the damn dungeon? Fowl asked.

You should be okay for a while. None of the other spiders could bite through your armor. Max replied.

Groaning, Fowl shook his head and looked at Batrire for support but saw her studying the forest and stroking her beard.

Bah, gods, woman, not you too?

Shrugging, Batrire gave a slight frown. Honestly, if I had to choose between entering that forest the way it is or trying something like this, Im open to the fire choice.

And if were overrun by spiders?! Fowl asked the tone in his voice leaving no doubt about his feelings for this plan.

Were in the open. They cant drop down on us like they can in there. What do you want to do if we cant see in there and half a dozen or more sneak up on us?

Grunting in frustration, Fowl took off his helm and stared Max down. Tell me you really think this is the best idea.

Max nodded and began to pull weapons out of his storage. I do. Now, help me set up some areas I want to mark off. Im unsure how this will go down, but we must be ready to fight. "

Groaning again, Fowl followed Max as they moved to do whatever Max had in mind.

You really think this is a good idea? Batrire whispered to Tanila as they stood in the middle of the clearing.

Sadly, yes. The only other option is going in there, and everything I know tells me Seth is right. Going in there is far worse than bringing the fight out here.

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