Ultimate Level 1

Chapter 115: Getting Back At It
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Chapter 115: Getting Back At It

Im not sure, Max replied, answering honestly. It just vanished. What does that mean?

The captain strode over, grabbing Max firmly and turning him around. She peered up at him. Rubbing her chin, she looked Max up and down, confused that the aura was missing.

How thats not possible I mean

Her mouth kept moving, but no words formed as she inspected him multiple times.

It doesnt change no matter the angle you look at him, Captain, Tanila said, trying not to smile at the confusion they all were sharing. Would this mean we are free to go?

The question brought Vella back from her shock, and she stood straight, glancing at the two dwarves near her.

I I actually had some things I needed to discuss with you four and my commanding officer, but When did this happen?

Just before you knocked, actually, Max replied. We were talking, and it vanished. Im not sure why. Do you think the system knows I am innocent?

The Captains usually calm and composed face showed none of that now. Bewilderment was apparent, and she couldnt stop the slight shaking of her head as she continued to stare at Max.

It would appear that something has changed Perhaps I can She paused, tapping her chin with a finger while considering the change in events. Actually, it might be better if the four of you left immediately. I will send someone to talk with you later, but if you can be seen around town, it might help me with my problem even more.

Problem? Tanila asked.

Nodding, Vella turned and moved back a few paces so she could look at all four of them at once. Rumor has it that Seth Pendal was in a fight and killed a group of elves. I have done everything I could to stop this rumor, but if you can be seen around town, it would be hard for people to believe such a thing since obviously you should be flagged a murderer for at least seven days. For the system to do this

Tanila didnt hesitate. She moved over to the table, where she had a few things sitting out.

Noticing Max was still standing and not moving, she pointed to her door. You heard the Captain. Go get your stuff, and lets leave. I feel the need to do a light dungeon if Batrire is up for it.

Their healer glanced at Tanila and then at Vella before shaking her head. Sounds like something we all could use.

The looks they had gotten on the street after being dropped off discretely in an alleyway by Vella and two of her guards were nothing compared to the expressions of the other adventurers as they walked into the guild hall.

It appears the Captain was right about the rumors, Tanila whispered to Max as people shuffled out of their way. No doubt this will stop some of them.

Nodding and smiling, Max couldnt help but wonder what the people were thinking.


Turning to the voice that called his name he saw Khorus, the dwarven rogue he had partied with in the troll dungeon, running toward him.

Gods man, I heard you had died or, worse yet, had killed a ton of elves!

Noticing the look on the dwarfs face and seeing Ulyik coming running up behind him, Max shrugged.

I have heard that rumor as well. Perhaps there is another Seth Pendal out there doing these things?

Khorus nodded and laughed, looking at the others standing near Max. These the party members you were talking about?

They are. This is Tanila our mage. Batrire, our amazing healer, and Fowl, our resident meat shield.

After each of them had exchanged greetings, Ulyik approached Max and leaned in. Careful out there. Rumor has it some people think you murdered a bunch of elves. I didnt believe it, but Im sure you know some wouldnt hesitate to kill a human for that.

Max gave a slight nod. I understand and appreciate the warning. Hopefully, people will realize I am not the Seth Pendal they are looking for.

Probably those bastard nobles whose son you killed in the arena trying to stir things up, Khorus said before spitting on the ground.

I know people will talk about anything but, for now, we are heading into a dungeon. ๐—ณr๐šŽ๐žw๐ž๐š‹๐—ป๐—ผvel.๐—ฐo๐ฆ

Both dwarves waved and wished them good luck.

This is going to make our lives harder, isnt it? asked Fowl.

Only time will tell, replied Max.

Gods, this isnt fair, Fowl cursed as Max cleaved the head off another dragonkin warrior with a single strike. Youre basically able to kill all of them on your own now.

At least the experience is good, and Batrire isnt having to work that hard.

This tale has been unlawfully obtained from Royal Road. If you discover it on Amazon, kindly report it.

Fowl nodded in agreement before swapping out his hammer and shield to harvest items from the dragonkin. I guess I shouldnt complain. The experience is amazing, especially at the speed at which we are clearing this.

Correction, the speed at which Seth is clearing this, Batrire added, doing her best to smile and join in on the teasing.

Fowl winked and bobbed his head. Yes, yes Im just the meat shield that looks pretty.

Who said anything about being pretty? Tanila asked, laughing as the others joined in.

Holding up his middle finger, Fowl smiled before turning to slice open one of the corpses.

We sure about this? Fowl asked as they looked at the massive ten-foot-tall pair of stone golems slowly meandering around the canyon the group was positioned in.

Everything Ive read says they are slow but hit super hard and resistant to most magic and slashing weapons, Max replied. With your mace and my halberd, we should be fine.

Theres that keyword again, should be fine.

Max nodded and activated stealth as Fowl threw a stone to attract the attention of the golems.

The speed at which the golems approached was slightly faster than everyone's walking speed, requiring Fowl to move closer rather than letting them come to him.

As Max drew near, the golem closest to him turned and raised a hand.

His Stealth dropping, Max rolled sideways and out of the attack range. He actually felt the ground shake when its stone fist smashed into it. Where it hit, the ground fractured from the impact.

Careful! Max shouted. He swung the hammer side of his halberd and hit the back leg of the golem, causing the stone to crack. If they hit you it will hurt!

Fowl laughed, preparing for the slam he knew was coming.

Watching Fowls health bar while dodging to the side and swinging at the golem's leg again, Max saw it dip down about a fifth after taking a hit head-on with his shield.

Elf tits! Fowl cursed, having been smashed between the ground and the other golems attack.

The golem Max was fighting swung at him, its body apparently not having a front or back, its thick rock arm coming at his head. Dodging under it, he let himself smile.

These things are so slow

Max went to work like a sculptor, repeatedly chipping away at the leg in the same spot. He easily dodged each of the golems attacks, and after about Maxs twentieth strike, the leg shattered, sending the golem to the ground.

Watching it flounder for a second, Max ran over to where Fowl was and started helping out with the golem trying to kill his dwarven friend.

Another twenty swings took off its leg, almost collapsing it on top of Fowl.

Gods, are these even worth it? Fowl asked as they started attacking the creature while it struggled to fight back.

After twelve minutes of attacks, both golems were dead. When they shattered the crystals inside their chest, it killed the golems immediately.

[ 2 Strength Consumed ]

[ 2 Strength Consumed ]

Wiping sweat from his forehead, Max shook his head after in disbelief.

These things are stronger than me just what could their numbers be?

No one knows well, no one but you, Tanila replied, studying the shattered crystal in the golem's chest. You can make a large amount of money if you ever sell your book on the stats of each monster.

Looking at Tanila with shock, he heard his dwarven friends start to chuckle. You all know?

Yes, we know. It was obvious you started writing them down weeks ago. Its not a bad idea, actually.

Well, the good news is we know their constitution isnt over sixty.

Groaning, Fowl rolled his eyes. I still cant believe you dont do more damage even with your improved weapons mastery.

Glancing at Fowl, Max nodded before turning back to look at the crystal Tanila was tapping.

Any value in it?

She nodded and pulled out a dagger, starting to pry the larger pieces out. Sadly, most of these pieces are too small, but hopefully, one or two will be big enough.

Whenever you three are done chatting, there are still more enemies in the dungeon to fight. We have at least another hour or two before we will need to head back.

Almost two hours later, ten more golems were destroyed; Fowl and Max were done with the speed at which they cleared the dungeon.

The experience is good, even at this pace, but I just dont see this being worth it anymore, Fowl groaned as he rotated his shield shoulder. Even a glancing blow from one of these things hurts worse than I want to admit.

Lets finish getting these last two crystals and head back to Alexander, Max said. No doubt he is worried about us.

Tanila poked Max as he dug out one of the crystals she had pointed at.

Seems the ten strength points you gained today were well worth it on the last pack.

Max nodded, carefully slipping the blade next to the rock and crystal fragments and gently tapping the handle to try and chip away the rock surrounding it.

Fowl cursed silently to himself about Max and his Strength gains while going over to where Batrire was standing and hugged her as they waited for Max and Tanila to finish up.

You seem better, Fowl whispered, holding her close.

Squeezing Fowl, ignoring the plate armor he wore that prevented her from actually feeling his skin, Batrire nodded. Im just worried about you. Im not sure what I would have done if that had been you in the recovery room instead of me.

But it wasnt, and we all know that had it happened with any other party, even a full party of five, they would have never made it back.

Barely nodding, Batrire kissed Fowls bearded cheek. I know.

Adventurer Seth, Im glad to see the rumors were not true, Merla said when she spotted them waiting to turn in a few quests. I want you to know most did not believe but she paused and motioned around the room at the adventurers still staring at him, as you can see, word travels fast, and lately, you have been the subject of much conversation.

So I have heard. Thank you again for all your help, Merla, Max replied, bowing. We are all grateful for your help with Batrire.

As an old healer, Im glad to see you are well. Now, if you four will excuse me, I need to go and help a few others.

Max moved to where the others were waiting for him after finishing turning in their daily quests.

Good news! exclaimed Tanila. We ranked up!

What? asked Max, looking bewildered at the new token on the counter with his name on it.

Rank C now! Fowl said happily. Apparently, all the quests we have done and all the items we have turned in have earned bonus points.

Max glanced at the dwarf attendant behind the counter and saw her smiling and bobbing her head. Her pink beard and hair caught him off guard, and he glanced at Batrire, who rolled her eyes when she noticed what he was staring at.

Congratulations, Adventurer Seth, the woman said as he picked up his golden token.

Giving her a nod, he studied it.

Something about this seems too easy

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