Ultimate Level 1

Chapter *** Book 3 Next Week And Update ***
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Chapter *** Book 3 Next Week And Update ***

OK So book 2 ended... you're upset... I know... so much of a cliff...

GOOD news - Book 3 is done (like - I'm doing some edits... cuz man its crazy how much I have to edit).

Better News - Book 4 - Yeah... I'm like 40k+ into book 4 already (which means about 1/3 or so way through).

The narrative has been taken without permission. Report any sightings.

For those who haven't heard yet - Podium is doing the audio of Books 1-3 already (signed 3 books with them). Johnathan McClain is the narrator and this man puts down some solid stuff (noobtown, big sneaky barbarian, & tons more). Super excited!

FINALLY - Again THANK YOU to everyone who has read book 1 on Amazon and left a review. You all rock! Seriously the launch was way better than I could imagine. 𝗳r𝐞ew𝚎bn𝚘ve𝚕.c𝗼𝗺

I'll be at dragon con this year (August/Sept - Atlanta Georgia). If you're there, I'd love to meet and say hi and shake your hand (or sign anything you might have of mine you want signed!)

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