There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made!

Chapter 157: Dekan’s Infernal Creation
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Chapter 157: Dekan’s Infernal Creation

As Mauleon was deeply engrossed in studying the "Wealth Bringing Mask" temporarily loaned to him by Dekan...


Teacher Cat emerged from Cornelia's shadow, leaping towards Dekan.

"Oh, you're here too, that's great."

Dekan caught Teacher Cat and rubbed its head, then attempted to hand it back to Cornelia.

"You're so emotionless! You don't care about me at all, meow!"

Teacher Cat seemed quite upset with Dekan's casual tone.

"How could you say that, you're my cat after all."

"Meow meow!! I'm a teacher!"

"Yes yes, Teacher Cat."

In Dekan's mind, Baron Bacher and Olive were also teachers.

"Dekan, as the model of morality and a pioneer, I will definitely keep an eye on you, meow!"

This time, Teacher Cat had received a mission from the school.

Since the live broadcast extended to the Norton Kingdom, the school hoped that it could kindly remind Dekan to harmoniously raid the Shadow World as much as possible so as to not create a negative impact on the school's reputation.

"Don't worry, I have always been a law-abiding youth."

Dekan waved his hand confidently.

Teacher Cat was quite disdainful.

It felt that Dekan's biggest problem was that— Dekan truly didn't think he had any problems.

But before catching Dekan in any mistakes, it couldn't say anything.

So after a brief division of tasks among Dekan, Cornelia, and Mauleon, they began their respective preparations.

Their goal was to earn a large amount of holy gold coins in the early stages, significantly reducing the difficulty of raiding the Shadow World and ensuring a smooth travel experience thereafter.


The next day.

The construction team arrived at the edge of the cliff once again.

The mayor had also arrived early on the other side of the cliff, waiting.

He hadn't slept well last night.

He was worried that the bridge construction might encounter problems.

He even feared that the engineer might take the money and run.

Now, finally, the engineer had arrived with the promised manpower and materials.


The mayor, standing on the opposite side, furrowed his brow deeply.

He found that this construction team seemed a bit different from before!

Why were they all dressed in prisoner's clothes?!

And there were even a few prison guards acting as overseers?!

Was this a legitimate construction team?

The mayor was filled with anxiety, but the prisoners had already obediently begun their work.

The mayor watched in astonishment.

Truth was, these were free laborers that Mauleon had found.

Yesterday, Mauleon used his position in the guild and went to negotiate with the warden of the city-state prison, managing to sway the warden. 𝐟𝗿ee𝘄𝗲𝗯𝐧o𝘃el.𝐜o𝚖

Representing the guild, he successfully signed a "Prisoner Labor Reform Plan" with the warden.

Subsequently, the guild and the warden would collaborate long-term.

The warden would provide cheap labor, and the guild would pay the warden.

In the accounting books, Mauleon had already arranged things for the warden, so most of the money would now go directly into the warden's personal pockets.

With such a lucrative contract, the warden was naturally very pleased.

So Mauleon easily obtained a group of disobedient laborers and prison guards to act as overseers from the warden.

The first lesson of labor reform was to train these unruly individuals into qualified workers.

According to the contract, during the training period, the prison authorities did not charge any fees.

So now Mauleon could freely use this endless supply of free labor.

Although at first these prisoners were not very obedient, they were now as meek as little rabbits.

Because, in addition to the prison guards escorting them, there was also a female knight wearing a white mask and wielding a battle hammer supervising them.

This white-masked knight was far more terrifying than the most brutal prison guards in the prison!

Although she was petite, she smashed the ground with her hammer in front of all the prisoners the moment she arrived. Her smash left behind a major crater on the ground.

Whenever anyone slacked off, this knight would look their way, then approach them with her hammer.

The prisoners were so scared they didn't dare to slack off and began working diligently and earnestly.

If anyone did slack off, a terrifying killing intent would instantly lock onto them.

They knew full well that if they didn't get moving quickly, their fate would surely be turned into minced meat!

So, with the efforts of the unscrupulous contractor, the infernal designer, and the harsh overseer, the bridge miraculously got repaired in just one day.

The next morning, the mayor, not too hopeful, came to check on the progress of the bridge repairs.

He was astonished to find that the bridge was already finished!

The entire bridge looked perfectly normal, so normal that it seemed unreal to the mayor.

Mauleon was already waiting at the bridge, seemingly prepared for the mayor's inspection.

Apart from Mauleon, there were only the red-masked Priest and the white-masked Knight left at the edge of the cliff; the prisoner work crew had completely withdrawn.

The mayor didn't know why these two were still here, but it didn't feel out of place.

Mauleon quickly came over to greet the mayor and then took him for a walk back and forth on the bridge.

Ensuring that this seemingly flawless bridge was indeed usable, the mayor's expression visibly softened.

Mauleon: "How does it look?"

"Not bad! Worth every coin," the mayor said, quite satisfied.

Both the efficiency of the work crew and the quality of the new bridge exceeded expectations.

It seemed he had been overly concerned.

Indeed, he was lucky to have stumbled upon such a conscientious treasure of a contractor.

"Well then, Mayor, next I'll help Mr. Priest with the repairs at the church. I might need to stay in town for a couple of days. If you need anything else, please feel free to find me," Mauleon said.

"No problem," the mayor responded readily.

After seeing the mayor off, and making sure there was no one else around except for his teammates, Dekan briskly walked to the edge of the bridge.

He gently lifted his hand and with a flick, the entire structure of the bridge instantly dissipated into points of light, coalescing into a card that returned to Dekan's hand.

[Giant Wooden Man]

[Type: Summoning Card]

[Rarity: Purple Rare]

[Tier: 3]

[Effect: Can greatly increase its own durability.]

[Note: A specially designed giant wooden man. Can be disguised as a bridge structure.]

Since Teacher Cat carried the card-making tools and white quality cards that could be decomposed into materials, Dekan purchased some high-quality treant magic core materials in this world and started making cards overnight.

He used most of the budget to create this summoning card, acting as the main structure of the bridge, and could be taken away and loaded at any time.

The main task of the prisoner laborers was to refurbish the bridgeheads on both sides, ensuring that Dekan's [Giant Wooden Man] could be perfectly installed.

And now, Dekan took back the [Giant Wooden Man].

Except for the bridgeheads on both sides.The main structure in the middle was gone.

It looked very battle-worn. It was as if it had been deliberately damaged again.

"Let's go, when the mayor finds the bridge broken again, we can earn another sum." Dekan said triumphantly.

Later, when the mayor saw the bridge broken and had to find someone to repair it, this corrupt mayor would most likely find Mauleon, who had declared to stay in town, with fair prices, high efficiency, and reliability.

At that time, he would charge another 300 holy gold coins to repair the bridge, and then Dekan just needed to summon the [Giant Wooden Man] for installation.

After the inspection was completed, he would take back the [Giant Wooden Man], find a way to cycle through it once more for another 300 holy gold coins.

If they wanted to deceive the mayor for a third time, they might need to add some details of deceit.

But it was not a big problem. Dekan and Mauleon could use sweet words, clever arguments, and mental magic to deceive the mayor and do it three or four times.

Then they could shift all the blame to the vampires.

"You two are the damn vampires, aren't you?!" Teacher Cat finally couldn't bear it, jumping out of Cornelia's shadow, hopping onto Cornelia's head, before glaring at Dekan and Mauleon.

It had long heard of Dekan using a demon baron to complete Shadow World tasks.

But, it didn't expect to witness this kind of method firsthand.

Just as Teacher Cat was about to take the opportunity to criticize Dekan, Dekan shrugged.

"As everyone knows, there is no contract in this world that specifies — 'After the bridge is built, the designer cannot take the bridge away.'"

Dekan explained logically, "Isn't this common sense, Teacher Cat? Have I violated the contract?"

"Meow... but this..." Teacher Cat wanted to retort, but felt that Dekan's logic was unassailable and was unable to find the words to retort Dekan.

The more it thought about it, the more it felt something was off.

Your common sense is seriously flawed!

There is no bridge designer in this world who steals bridges!!

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