The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp!

Chapter 4724 - 4724 was about to kick you
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4724 Chapter 4724 was about to kick you

Hong Ling heard Xiang Yuan’s words and her body trembled. She bit her lips tightly. She understood that Xiang Yuan was clearly looking for trouble on purpose. She wanted to give her to her brother to play with.

Xiang Yuan’s brother, Shi Lu, was also working in the Third Ward. He was a small steward who was in charge of the stable. His reputation was not ordinary. If it was not for Xiang Yuan’s protection, he would have been kicked out of the third ward long ago.

Shi Lu had once expressed his goodwill to Hong Ling, but Hong Ling did not take a fancy to him and flatly rejected him.

Although Shi Lu was unwilling, Hong Ling was the First Lady’s maid. He did not have the heart or the guts to be a thief, so he did not dare to pester her anymore.

Xiang Yuan had heard Shi Lu mention Hong Ling’s matter earlier. Moreover, her appearance was average, so she was even more jealous of Hong Ling’s outstanding appearance.


If the young masters of the Lan family did not follow the rules in the ancestral residence, they would have to enter the punishment hall to be punished. As a first-class maid, she had the right to report them.

Therefore, the young masters of the Lan family would not easily offend her. She also did not take Yun chujiu, this cousin who suddenly appeared, seriously.

“Sister Xiang Yuan, I beg you…”

Hong Ling wanted to continue begging Xiang Yuan, but she heard Yun chujiu’s cold voice, “Hong Ling, your master is me, not this dog slave. Stand Up!”

Hong Ling wanted to persuade Yun Chujiu, but when she saw her cold expression, she did not dare to say it out loud. On second thought, even if she was going to die, she was not willing to send herself to be ruined by that Stone Road. She gritted her teeth and stood up.

Xiang Yuan saw this and shouted sharply, “Hong Ling, how DARE YOU! I did not ask you to get up, but you actually dared to get up? !”

Yun chujiu did not even look at Xiang Yuan and said to Hong Ling, “Let’s go to the library. Don’t waste time here.”

Xiang Yuan would not let Yun Chujiu and her servant leave like this. She shouted, “Stop! You have violated the rules of the ancestral residence. Follow me to the punishment hall to receive your punishment.”

Hong Ling’s entire body trembled. The hall of punishment of the ancestral residence was not a joke. The people inside did not care who was being punished.

Young Master Luo Han of the third chamber had offended a guest in the cultivation room. After receiving the punishment from the hall of punishment, he had to lie on the bed for three months before he could get down.

However, she saw that Yun Chujiu did not have any intention of stopping. She only had to bite the bullet and follow her.

Xiang Yuan saw that Yun Chujiu and Hong Ling were actually continuing to walk on their own, so she jumped in front of Yun Chujiu and blocked their way.

“Didn’t you hear what I Said? Hurry up and follow me to the Punishment Hall!”

Yun chujiu said indifferently, “Move aside!”

Xiang Yuan sneered, “Miss, is your brain not working? You Want Me to move aside? If you don’t know what’s good for you, I can only let someone take you to the Punishment Hall!” 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊𝔴𝖊𝖇𝔫𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑.𝖈𝖔𝖒

“Miss, it seems that you are planning to refuse a toast…”

Xiang Yuan’s words stopped abruptly because Yun chujiu kicked her lower abdomen. Xiang Yuan flew out like a kite with a broken string and fell heavily to the ground.

Hong Ling was scared silly!

There was only one thought in her mind. It was over, she was dead for sure!

This ancestor actually dared to hit the first-class maid of the ancestral residence. She was tired of living!

The two maids brought by Xiang Yuan were also dumbfounded. Not to mention Yun Chujiu, who had an awkward status, even the proper master of the Lan family was polite to the servants of the ancestral residence. This person actually dared to hit people?

Was he ignorant and fearless, or was he tired of living?

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