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Chapter 359

"Damn it! Who's that scrawny brat?"

"Stupid woman, what are you howling about? What if you scare my wife?"

Hearing the wolf-like whimper above her head, Lin Zaozao slapped away the wolf's paw on her head, sat upright, and glared fiercely at the two giant wolves standing by her bed.

"Zhao Cai! Jin Bao!"



Hearing Zhao Cai and Jin Bao cursing at her, Lin Zaozao immediately sobered up.

She threw off her quilt, wrapped her arms around Zhao Cai's neck, and asked in puzzlement.

"Zhao Cai, when did you and Jin Bao get here? We've been apart for so long, did you miss me?

People say that a day apart feels like three seasons. How many seasons have we been apart? You two must have missed me.”


“What is it, Zhao Cai?”

“Thank you for coming back. I remember what I was called in my previous life.”

“Is it Qian Duo Duo? Is it nice?”

“No, it's not. What's the difference between Qian Duo Duo and Zhao Cai? Isn't it just to bless you with great wealth?”

Hearing Zhao Cai's disgusted whimper, Lin Zaozao released his neck, holding his big head and cheerfully explained.

"Zhao Cai, I am your master. Only when I have money can I buy you delicious food.

If I were a pauper and couldn't even afford a piece of meat, you wouldn't even be able to gnaw on a bone, let alone eat meat.

Tell me, isn't money a good thing?”

“Hahaha! I guess so!”

Zhao Cai leaned his head towards Lin Zaozao's face and licked her face with his tongue.

“Master, welcome back.”

“Hmm! Even without your welcome, I would come back. After all, my husband and children are all here, how could I not come back?”

Just as Lin Zaozao was babbling with Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, the noise outside the cave instantly attracted her attention.

She casually put on a coat, ready to step outside.

But when she lowered her head and saw the brand new pair of shoes under the bed, Lin Zaozao touched the fine stitches on them, and her face immediately lit up with joy.

These shoes were made by her dear husband, Murong Hai. Every stitch was filled with his love for her!

Who would have thought that Murong Hai, a man who wields weapons, could make shoes? Such a good husband is really her, Lin Zaozao's, good fortune!

She happily put the shoes on her feet, heard the noise outside, and got up to walk towards the outside of the cave. As soon as she reached the entrance, the noise outside immediately stopped.

After a while, the people guarding the entrance seemed to have come to their senses and knelt down in unison, loudly saying.

“Murong Clan pays respects to Queen Mingzhu!”

“Murong Clan pays respects to Queen Mingzhu!”


“Little master!”

“Young lady!”

Lin Zaozao looked at Dashan and Uncle Zhang standing in front of the crowd, thinking of their tragic deaths at the hands of the system in her previous life.

“Uncle Zhang! Dashan!”

Lin Zaozao stood on the steps, launched herself into a flying leap, and pounced straight towards Uncle Zhang.

“Young lady!”

Uncle Zhang caught Lin Zaozao, lifted her up in the air and shook her a bit before confirming.

"Miss, you've lost about eight pounds and nine ounces. You need to take better care of your health."

"Indeed, I've lost a lot of weight. Uncle Zhang, I've been missing the delicious food you and Dashan make."

Lin Zaozao hugged Uncle Zhang's neck, sobbing as she spoke.

"Little mistress, I've brought you some food, it's still hot!"

Dashan, with red eyes, held a huge food box in front of Lin Zaozao.

"Little mistress, I'll open it for you now, let's eat."

"Hold on, Dashan."

Lin Zaozao held Dashan's hand, looking at the people standing behind him. They were the family of Murong Hai, the Murong Clan who defended their homeland.

"Queen Mingzhu!"

A man with white hair and a straight posture walked in front of Lin Zaozao, knelt halfway down, and respectfully said.

"I am Murong Feng, the leader of the Murong Clan, and also the father of Murong Hai. Queen Mingzhu, thank you for saving the Murong Clan.

If it wasn't for you asking Lord Han Ye to rescue our Murong Clan from the harsh cold, half of our clan would have perished."

"Chief Murong Feng, please get up. You are Murong Hai's father, and thus also my elder.

It's really demeaning for an elder like you to kneel before me."

With the help of Murong Hai, Lin Zaozao helped Murong Feng up, looking at the stern-faced man in front of her.

Although his hair was white and his clothes simple, he exuded a murderous aura that could only be found on the battlefield.

Compared to the murderous aura of Murong Hai, it was no less intense.

This was a true border guard general, a general worth admiring.

"General Murong Feng, the one who saved the Murong Clan from the harsh cold was not me, but my brother Han Ye, the High Priest of Han Country. You should be grateful to him."

"Queen Mingzhu, if it weren't for your relationship with my son, how could Lord Han Ye have saved the Murong Clan on your behalf?

In the end, you saved over a thousand lives in the Murong Clan. Queen Mingzhu, please accept my gratitude."

"Hey, hey, hey! General Murong, please don't kneel. You are Murong Hai's father, and I am Hai's wife. It's really too much for an elder to kneel to me like this."

Seeing Lin Zaozao's persistence, General Murong Feng did not insist further.

After all, it's best to quit while you're ahead. Persisting would only be annoying.


"Hai, what's up?"

"Will you meet my clan members, please?"

"Of course."

With a smile, she nodded to General Murong Feng, and Lin Zaozao turned her body towards Murong Hai.

Looking at the people standing beside Murong Hai, regardless of their age or gender, they all had somewhat rough skin.

But they were all border guards, living by the sword. These people, this skin, were what Lin Zaozao admired and liked the most.

So when facing the Murong Clan, Lin Zaozao was extremely humble and polite.

After greeting everyone from the Murong Clan, Lin Zaozao turned around to face Uncle Zhang and Dashan.

"Uncle Zhang, Dashan, when did you guys get here? Also, where are Han Ye and Gu Shan now?"

"Young Miss, Lord Han Ye and the Demon Lord Gu Shan are all on Nine Sky Mountain. 𝗳r𝚎𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝗻𝗼vel.𝗰o𝐦

Young Miss, they are about to give birth, you should hurry to Nine Sky Mountain to meet them!"

Hearing Dashan's earnest plea, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but be surprised. She remembered that when she fainted in Fengshuo Palace, the bellies of Han Ye and Gu Shan hadn't started to show yet.

Now, she had taken a trip in the illusion, came back home for a few days, and they are about to give birth!

Is the time difference between this illusion and here really that big?

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