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Chapter 175 Chapter 175 - Struggle

Aiden knew that this was going to be a tough fight as he was facing the one who had been called the favourite in this tournament.

Aiden honestly wondered if Melinda and the other Patriarchs could see their fights right now, as it would surely be impressive to look at.

Because just right now, Aiden hadn't stopped attacking Lucius for the last few minutes. But, Aiden still hadn't managed onto him as he kept deflecting his strikes with as minimal movement as possible.

'Is he some sort of machine?' thought Aiden as he just couldn't believe that Lucius's movements were this perfect.

It was as if all his movements were calculated beforehand, Aiden honestly had no choice but to be awed seeing them.

Still, he didn't let that achievement reach him mentally, as he slowed down his attacks a little as he needed to find a way to actually touch Lucius.

Wanting to think for a little, he backed off, as he thought about all the things that he could use at the moment.

'Wait, why didn't I activate [Mind of an Assassin] right away?' thought Aiden, finding himself somewhat stupid at the moment.

He should have activated it right away even if that person wasn't Lucius, he just believe how stupid he had been.


[Mind of an Assassin has been activated.]

Then, an afterimage of himself appeared in front of him as he started testing the multiple paths for him to win this fight.

While his afterimage was trying to find a way to win, Aiden tried his best to hold his own as he kept blocking all the strikes that were being launched against him.

It had been a couple of seconds, and the afterimage of Aiden still hadn't found any way to defeat him.

'Why isn't the skill working?' thought Aiden, frustrated.

Then, the message that appeared in front of him, confused him deeply.

[Mind of an Assassin is being deactivated, no uses have been found.]

'No uses have been found? Does that mean that there's no way for me to defeat Lucius?' thought Aiden, as he simply couldn't believe the system.

There had to be a way, there was always a way.

'Well, who cares about this skill, I have other skills that I can use,' thought Aiden, as he thought of? [Veil of Darkness] and [Shadow Strike].

However, he realized that one of those skills was useless as [Veil of Darkness] would pretty much make him untargetable.

But, who cares about being untargetable, it wouldn't do anything in a duel.

He also had [Gentle Touch] but Aiden couldn't see any potential uses for this skill as the moment which meant that he pretty much had only one skill which he could potentially use to make a difference, [Shadow Strike].

Aiden remembered that this skill would make one of his attacks pretty much invisible as long as he had higher Charm than his opponent.

And for the person that Lucius was impersonating to have more Charm than Li Feng was pretty much impossible as Li Feng had 500 Charm.

Honestly, if Lucius had such a high amount of Charm, then Aiden would simply give up as he really wouldn't be able to do anything against that man.

He was still confident even if [Mind of an Assassin] had failed, but if this skill of his were to fail, then it would honestly be over as he could already feel that Lucius was slowly but surely starting to take advantage in the fight.

All the strikes which Aiden was currently sending were now being deflected, and then it didn't stop there. Lucius would now counterattack toward Aiden which made his whole attack much more difficult as he also needed to defend.

Feeling that he was losing his advantage, Aiden jumped back putting some distance between the two of them as they started looking at each other in the eyes.

"Not sure if I'll remember that name of yours. This fight really is boring," uttered Lucius, looking directly into Aiden's eyes, clearly mocking him.

However, Aiden didn't bite as he kept his distance trying to find the perfect timing for him to use his [Shadow Strike].

Then, Aiden saw that Lucius was starting to approach toward him at the same pace, not varying one bit. It was constant as if he was a robot.

Remember the advice of Lilia, he quickly acted as he attacked right away.

Lucius had a bit of a surprised expression on his face wondering why Aiden had attacked him right away.

"Did someone tell you some things about me?" said Lucius, instantly figuring it out.

However, even if he knew, it wouldn't change anything as Aiden would still be able to restrict his use of [Flash Step].

Nonetheless, even without it, he was still able to beat Aiden who was now once again close to Lucius.

This time, it was Lucius who was on the offence as Aiden was defending as best as he could. However, this was all but an act to let Lucius lower his guard a little and when he would do so.

Aiden wouldn't even hesitate for a millisecond as he would strike.

It wasn't going to be a normal strike, it would be a deadly one.

So, as Aiden kept receiving attacks and getting hurt. He remarked that Lucius was starting to be a lot more aggressive for some reason as kept attacking the same spot over and over again.

'Is it because of blood that he's becoming crazy?' thought Aiden, unsure if he was right.

But he had no time to worry about that as he seemed to have found an opening in Lucius's defence.

The first opening which he had seen since the start of the fight and he wasn't going to miss as he immediately launched a strike with his dagger.

Obviously aimed at Lucius's neck.

Then, the opening which Aiden had just seen had completely disappeared and a smile appeared on Lucius's face as if this was all part of his plan since the very beginning.

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