The Men at Her Feet

Chapter 87 - Extra 5: After Marriage Series – Expiating The Sins Of Mankind
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Extra 5: After Marriage Series – Expiating The Sins Of Mankind.

Truth be told, Fu SiNian had actually came prepared today, he had taken great care to settle the other monks living near her place and had made sure that their surroundings were free of people.

But, Princess QingLuan had no way to know that. All she knew was that the other monks might notice her rude and suspect full ways. Tears filled her eyes as she imagined the horrified and ashamed looks on the other monks when they find out what she had done.

She stared at him with her wide tear-filled eyes, begging silently for mercy, hoping that he would stop his advances. She did not mind adhering to his needs, but not here, not at this holy place.

She tried struggling against his hold, but her limbs were weak and her body was burning. She could imagine her own reddened face, as she could not help but drown in the pleasure.

It was of no doubt that she was, in fact, turned on by him. He was her husband, after all, and her body knew his, just as his body knew hers.

Fu SiNian's gaze landed on her flushed face as she tried to escape from him, her attempts were too weak and too soft, as if she did not have the strength to retaliate at all. For a second, it made him feel as if he was, indeed, a burglar who was keened on taking the virginity of a holy monk.

"As you wish, little monk, this lord will stop fooling around…" He whispered softly into her ears, taking a deep breath as he inhaled her fragrance deeply, he had missed this scent so much during the sleepless nights without her.

He cupped his huge hand around her mountains, rotating between them as he squeezed them into different shapes and sizes, meanwhile adding yet another finger within her drenched softness before moving them through her vigorously.

"A…Ah… S…Slower… Stop moving around like that…" Princess QingLuan shook her head from side to side helplessly, her lush lips were slightly agape from her uncontrollable moans while her face flushed into an even darker shade of vermillion.

Fu SiNian's eyes narrowed dangerously at her moans, they were soft and melodious to his ears, and it was enough to set his mind and soul on fire.

He leaned down his head slightly, skillfully catching her delicate beans with his tongue as his fingers worked through her uneven walls diligently.

Without long, her entire body was already trembling uncontrollably under his care, and as he bit down softly onto her hardened bean, her tremblings came to a sudden halt while her spine arched into an impossible curve, and with a shrilled scream, her sweet translucent nectar exploded from within her, immediately drenching his palm and the bed beneath her thoroughly.

He stared slack-jawed at the fully drenched bed below her full buttocks before landing his eyes on the collected nectar on his palm. It took him a few seconds to realize that the woman he loved had squirted right in front of him. To think that this could ever happen!

He had never felt such a sense of accomplishment in his life as he did at this exact moment. It was his hard work, and her willingness to accept his care. His gaze softened significantly as he, once again, landed his gaze upon her face, not realizing the conflicted look within her eyes.

Meanwhile, Princess QingLuan was actually gasping for air as she tried to catch her breath. Perhaps it was because she was exceptionally nervous and tensed at the fact that they were on holy ground, which was why her body had been much more sensitive to his touch than usual.

But still, she had to give this famous burglar credit for his skills too, it was definitely not something she could've accomplished on her own.

Though she loved it all, the remaining part of her was almost drowning in so much shame and embarrassment that she wished she could burrow deep into the ground and disappear forever, for she no longer had the face to meet with her ancestors even if she died and entered hell.

"Little monk, you're definitely the embodiment of GuanYin PuSa! Your body is filled with such purity and innocence, so unsullied by sins that I feel as if I've been opened to a brand new world of nirvana. Was this your intention all these while, to try and purify this sinful burglar?" Fu SiNian raised her chin slightly while his lips curved uncontrollable into a smile.

Her eyes shot towards his face instantly upon hearing his words, her lips puckering up into a beautiful pout, How DARE he tease her like this at times of such an intense and serious internal conflict!? Her eyes flashed with a devilish glint as she clamped her lips over his fingers, biting down on them furiously, like a ferocious little kitten attacking its sighing mother.

He chuckled deeply at the 'fierce and ferocious' little monk, once again confirming the fact that his little princess is the epitome of cuteness when she was angry and ashamed.

After allowing her to attack his fingers for a while, he continued on his words calmly, "Little monk, do not be hasty. This lord will take good care of your bottom mouth before coming back to cate for your upper mouth, alright?"

Princess QingLuan paused in her attack the moment his words landed, immediately glaring at him before trying to push him away unhappily.

But it was to no avail, as he had both her legs captured, and was already putting them in place against both of his shoulders as he held his domineering hardness against the entrance of her drenched softness, casually slathering her sweet nectar around his beast before thrusting it deep within her in a single push.

She trembled slightly at the invasion, as her body was still sensitive after the recent explosive climax, and it had been quite a long while since her void had been filled with a man's warmth, hence when his beast had entered her, there was close to no resistance at all from her, while her walls clamped down around him welcomingly as her nectar flowed unendingly.

"E…En~" Both man and woman moaned deeply as soon as they were attached intimately, his was from the unchanged bliss, and hers from the warm fullness within her walls.

Her walls were as tight as he had remembered, it was as if she was still the virgin he had tasted on their first night together. It was so hot and slick inside that he felt as if he might just die from the ecstasy.

Meanwhile, Princess QingLuan felt as if her mind was going crazy from his unending ramming. He had filled up her so thoroughly, just as she had remembered, and his beast was moving as if it knew no fatigue.

"Y…you… Don't go in so deeply…" She whimpered softly as she placed her palms on his firm chest.

Fu SiNian wrapped his arms around her slender waist immediately, "Little monk, how can this burglar ever atone for his sins if we don't go deeper into your teachings?" He groaned seductively into her ears, sending a tremble down her spine once again.

Translator’s Note:

I'm back with more FSN smut!!!

It had been a shock to me today when I realized that it had been more than a month since I've updated this series!! ?? I've been spending almost all of my time on the main story for ITIASP and TMEBAH that I've neglected this one unknowingly ?????♀??????♀??????♀? I wouldn't even have noticed how long it had been if it wasn't for the few who messaged me asking about the extras *hides in shame*

And just for clarification, I have not dropped this series (how can I drop it when there's just extras left ??), nor have I dropped any of my other titles ??

On a side note, I hope everyone has been taking good care of your health!! Drink more lemon water and eat more blueberries! It improves our immunities, which is much needed at times like this! (I have personally just recovered from a three day diarrhea illness) and with the virus still at large, our health is really important! (How can we read smut if we're sick, right????)

Anyways, that's enough of my unneeded ramblings lmfao, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and do leave a review for this title on NovelUpdates if you have time ??

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