The Lucky Heiress

Chapter 228 - 228: Madams’ Enthusiasm Towards Wei Ruo_l
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Chapter 228: Madams’ Enthusiasm Towards Wei Ruo_l

Translator: 549690339

After that, Xiu Yaojun and Wei Qingwan set off together towards the Peach Blossom Forest.

Madam Yun did not comment on Wei Ruo’s refusal to accompany Xiu Yaojun. Firstly, Wei Ruo has always been like this, not sparing her own mother’s face, let alone others’; secondly, Wei Ruo and Xiu Yaojun are not familiar, and it is quite normal to refuse to join in on the fun.

Not long after Xiu Yaojun and her group left, the Assistant Magistrate’s Wife came over to chat with Madam Yun.

Madam Yun smiled as she spoke with her, and during their conversation, they mentioned their sons studying at Anzhou Academy.

“My son Fengyuan told me that Young Master Wei is exceptionally talented and highly regarded by his teachers,” praised the Assistant Magistrate’s Wife.

“His teachers overstate his abilities, my son Yichen’s scholarship is average. Compared to the many young masters in the government city, he still has a lot to learn,” Madam Yun immediately responded modestly.

The Assistant Magistrate’s Wife continued, “Madam Wei is truly blessed. Both the eldest son and daughter are outstanding. Surely, endless blessings will follow in the future!”

No one dislikes such compliments, not even Madam Yun. Her eyes brightened with joy. Looking at Wei Ruo sitting quietly to one side, her smile deepened.

The praise Madam Yun received from the ladies today was unexpected. She had always thought that her daughter’s behavior did not follow the standards of a fine lady, believing it would be enough if she didn’t attract criticism after entering the government city. Now, she found herself receiving compliments from the wives of officials.

The Assistant Magistrate’s Wife was also looking at Wei Ruo. Seeing the girl’s calm demeanor, she asked softly, “I heard Miss Qingwan has been studying with Master Wang Caiwei, what books has she read recently?”

The name of Master Wang Caiwei is well-known along the Zhejiang Road. Those women who were taught by him were invariably of a higher standard compared to others.

There was a subtle expression of expectation on the Assistant Magistrate’s Wife’s face as she said, “Really? I must seize the opportunity to see it. With Qingwan’s intelligence and being taught by Master Wang, her craftsmanship must be extraordinary!”

Wei Ruo laughed, “My skills are mediocre, I dare not show them in front of Madam.”

The Assistant Magistrate’s Wife responded, “Don’t be so modest. I’ve heard that even the daughters of the Yuan family, who studied alongside you, praised you highly. You are skillful, virtuous and elegant, a student greatly favored by Master Wang.”

Wei Ruo just gave a light smile. As for such compliments, one should just graciously accept them and not take them too seriously.

At that moment, Madame Jin also walked over.

The Jin family was a distinguished and ancient clan of Taizhou prefecture, once counting an Imperial Tutor among their ancestors. Currently, they also have members serving as officials in outer regions.

“What is Madam Xiu talking about with Miss Wei? You all seem so cheerful. I was so curious I couldn’t help but come over and join in,” Madam Jin said with a broad smile on her face.

“Not much, just asking Miss Wei about her daily affairs. I’m just envious of Madam Wei for having a good daughter like Miss Wei, unlike my Yaojun who always gives me headaches,” sighed the Assistant Magistrate’s Wife.

In response, Madam Yun said hastily, “Assistant Magistrate’s Wife, you are too kind. Miss Yaojun is by no means inferior to my Ruo. You simply don’t know how troublesome Ruo can be sometimes.”

This was the truth, Wei Ruo could testify to that. Madam Yun indeed found her troublesome.

Madam Jin affirmatively said, “Miss Qingwan not only won the favor of the Seventh Prince, but also has a heart full of kindness. She has relieved the suffering of the people and is deeply loved by them.”

Madam Jin agreed and said, “Whoever is fortunate enough to marry Miss Wei as their daughter-in-law will surely be blessed.”

Madam Yun laughed shyly, unable to hide her sense of pride.

Madam Jin followed, “I don’t know which family will be lucky enough to have Miss Wei as their virtuous daughter-in-law.”

Madam Yun laughed bashfully, unable to hide her pride.

From the enthusiasm of all the ladies towards herself and her eldest daughter, Madam Yun could vaguely sense that they were quite satisfied with her daughter. This gave her confidence that her daughter’s marriage would cause her little worry.

While they were talking, a sharp scream came from the direction of the Peach Blossom Forest, raising everyone’s alarm.

Then, Xiu Yaojun and several other young ladies came running out from the forest, looking panicked.

The Assistant Magistrate’s Wife hastily stood up, “Yaojun, what’s going on, why are you so flustered?”

“It was just a snake, it startled me,” Xiu Yaojun explained.

The Assistant Magistrate’s Wife ordered someone to go into the Peach Blossom Forest to investigate. With so many high-ranking ladies present, if there really was a snake, and someone got hurt, it would be serious.

“Where is Qingwan? Why hasn’t my Qingwan come out?” Madam Yun, noticing Wei Qingwan was not amongst those who had emerged, asked anxiously.

Hearing this, the Assistant Magistrate’s Wife immediately ordered her servant to go and find Wei Qingwan.

Xiu Yaojun hung her head, appearing rather guilty.

No one had noticed her reaction, but Wei Ruo did. She conjectured that Xiu Yaojun’s shock was due not to the snake but something else. Xiu Yaojun and the others had done something to Wei Qingwan, something unexpected happened, making them panicked.

The so-called Peach Blossom Forest is not large. Those who were sent in soon returned, with Wei Qingwan.

Weoi Qingwan appeared to have suffered some shock, her head down, face slightly pale, and her willowy figure swayed slightly as if in the wind, looking extremely pitiful.

“Qingwan.” Madam Yun quickly stepped forward, anxiously checking Wei Qingwan’s condition.

“Mother, I’m fine.” Wei Qingwan answered.

More anxious, Madam Yun pressed on, “But you encountered a snake? Did it bite you?”

Wei Qingwan looked in the direction of Xiu Yaojun when she heard the word “snake.”

Sensing her gaze, Xiu Yaojun guiltily turned away.

“I was not bitten.” Wei Qingwan answered.

“That’s good, that’s good,” Madam Yun repeated.

Then the Assistant Magistrate’s Wife ordered people to search the surroundings again, determined to find the frightening snake.

At the same time, she apologized to everyone present, expressing that her arrangements were inadequate, having allowed a snake to enter their vicinity, disturbing everyone.

At this moment, Xiu Fengyuan, Wei Yichen and others heard the commotion and came over, asking about the situation through the fence.

“Mother, what happened? Did something go wrong?” Xiu Fengyuan asked anxiously..

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