The Greatest Disciple of the Evil Sect

Chapter 59 - 59- Special Ability- [Wave Of Annihilation] (3)
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Chapter 59: Chapter 59- Special Ability- [Wave Of Annihilation] (3)

Yang Chen's level was not even a One Star Battle Apprentice, but he felt like with this current body condition, he could even overwhelm a Six Star Battle Apprentice in a pure battle of strength.

"You think you are hidden?" Yang Chen smiled, his senses working so better due to his constitution was just a bonus. Even without its aid, he was able to locate his enemy.

Another feature of the map, it showed him all the living entities in a twenty meter radius around him. It didn't matter if the enemy was hiding or not, he could easily tell their position using this feature.

Not only that, this feature also told him if the other entity was hostile to him or not by displaying them with a red or blue marker. Red was for hostile and blue for neutral.

Using this feature, Yang Chen was able to tell that a hostile entity was hiding ten yards in front of him behind those overgrown bushes.

Perhaps the entity had also felt his gaze, it chose to stop hiding and come out. As the illuminating light of the moon fell on the creature, its appearance came in full view.

A seven meter tall body covered in dark black fur that could easily blend with the darkness peeked out of the bushes. Its crimson eyes that were filled with insanity and thirst for blood were fixed on Yang Chen's figure.

Drool came out of its wide open jaws that was decked out in sharp incisive teeth. Each of its claws, was more than three inches long and had a threatening glint to it.

The demonic beast looked like a mix between a hound and a sabretooth with those large fangs protruding out of its mouth.

"A barghest huh" There was no doubt about it, the demonic beast in front of him was the Black Barghest. A creature that stood high above in the food chain of this Star Fall Jungle.

If it was any other hunter spotting it, he would have immediately fainted or run away in fear for his life. But Yang Chen simply stood his ground and marvelled at the appearance of the demonic beast.

Although one could see some apprehension in those eyes of his, there was no fear.

Maybe the demonic beast thought its prey was paralysed in fear, it leisurely approached its dinner until it stood right in front of him.

It could be said that the current Yang Chen was quite tall, standing at about 181 cm. However, he was still dwarfed by the barghest which was more than three meters tall even on its four legs.

The Black Barghest didn't waste time, after approaching its dinner it opened its intimidating mouth and bit down.

On the contrary, feeling the maw of death coming closer, Yang Chen simply extended his hand and muttered something that was drowned out by the wind.

WHOOSH... a black energy erupted out of his body and passed through the barguest in front of him before immediately disappearing.

At that moment, it was as if time itself had come to a still, the approaching maw of death halted a few inches away from Yang Chen as he gazed at the bloodthirsty eyes of the barghest which quickly lost all its lustre.

BAM... the large body of the demonic beast fell on the floor while Yang Chen casually retracted his hand. The prey that the demonic beast thought was going to be his dinner, had ended up playing the part of a tiger in a sheep's skin.

[Ding... you have killed a Black Barghest]

A notification popped up in front of him, informing about the death of the demonic beast. At that moment, he felt a rush of battle energy surge inside his body and nourish every corner and cell of his.

Killing the Black Barghest was enough to fill up his experience bar several times in a span of few seconds and in the blink of an eye, Yang Chen had jumped seven levels, becoming a Seven Star Battle Apprentice.

Thanks to the system and his constitution, he did not even need to stabilise his power as it was automatically adjusted optimally for him. What's more, all the side effects and repercussions that ones body would face when levelling so fast like that was also offset by the system.

Yang Chen clenched and unclenched his hands a few times, feeling the power run through his body. This was it, this was the power he felt was missing inside his body. Now that he had gotten it back, he couldn't help but rejoice loudly.

"As expected of a Three Star Battle Master demonic beast. Killing a single one of them was enough to jump seven levels in one go"

Yang Chen muttered, it had taken him more than a week to gain that level previously. However, killing the barghest allowed him to reach that level in an instant. The reason for that was none other because the demonic beast was far stronger than him.

Needless, to say, the experience it provided after its death was also very lartge. It was enough to fill his experience bar seven times.

"Haha... at this rate, it wouldn't even take time to reach my previous level: No, by hunting the demonic beasts here, I would easily be able to reach higher levels" Yang Chen postulated.

He had made hunting barghest and the other demonic beasts around here sound so easy that if a hunter had heard it, they would no doubt bang their head on a tree trying to forget what they just heard.

The only reason why Yang Chen was able to kill a demonic beast who far outclassed him was because of one of the special abilities of his formidable constitution, [Wave of Annihilation].

The ability [Wave of Annihilation] discharges all the collected extreme nihility energy in a few meters radius around him annihilating everything and anything. The damage done is purely non-physical as could be seen from the body of the black barghest.

There was no injury or any external wounds, it was as if the creature had suddenly lost its soul. Yes, the ability [Wave of Annihilation] is capable of destroying souls. It was due to the existence of this ability that Yang Chen was so confident of defeating a demonic beast around the innermost region of the forest.


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