The God of Sky and Earth

Chapter 762: Shao Sijun vs. Jian Wuque!
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Chapter 762: Shao Sijun vs. Jian Wuque!

The ground beneath Su Yi trembled, crumbling inch by inch. The force that devoured and pulled everything vanished. With a single punch, the ancient copper-colored python was shattered.

The rain of light poured, scattering in every direction.

Su Yi's eyes lit up, and he swiftly propelled himself forward with his inner energy. Following the direction where the rain of light was dissipating, he took a step forward and once again unleashed a palm imprint towards the front.

As if in response to his presence, a ripple appeared in the void, revealing a rift. Seizing the opportunity, Su Yi stepped forward.


As Su Yi's figure stepped through the rippling void, everything before his eyes suddenly transformed.

This was the same place Su Yi had been several hours ago, Su Yi remembered it clearly.

"Fantasy, truth and falsehood!"

Taking a breath of cold air, Su Yi felt a deep shock and lingering fear in his heart. It was only now that Su Yi fully realized that not only were those shadowy images of demon beasts illusions, but he himself had been trapped in a fantasy all along.

The illusion was very powerful, and Su Yi found himself gasping in astonishment. This was the Sanctified Martial Secret Realm, supposedly connected to the Fantastic Gate Soul Realm, both realms known to be the domain of Soul Tamers.

In his heart, Su Yi made a silent decision. It seemed that after the Saint Martial Assembly, he would definitely seek out Xi Wuqing to learn more about the Fantastic Gate Soul Realm.


Not far away, several figures appeared. They frowned upon seeing Su Yi in the distance and seemed unwilling to approach him. They appeared cautious and avoided him as they passed by.

Su Yi breathed a sigh of relief. It was indeed out of the illusion realm, but several hours had been delayed. This meant that he was falling behind by a lot. If he couldn't break through at the fastest speed, it seemed that even having strong abilities would be of no use in the end.

He popped a pill into his mouth to replenish his vital energy. Although the previous consumption was substantial, it was still within the range that Su Yi could accept. However, having witnessed everything inside the Sanctified Martial Secret Realm, Su Yi dared not be the slightest bit careless and had to maintain himself in a state of peak condition at all times.

Once on the road again, Su Yi had to be even more cautious. If he were to be trapped in the illusion realm once more, it would be a big problem.

Although Su Yi knew that using the Hundred Transformations Step would consume a tremendous amount of vital energy, he had fallen behind by several hours and had no other choice. He had to catch up and hoped that others would also encounter obstacles, so that he would have more opportunities.

With great caution, after a moment, there was an astonishing surge of energy ahead, permeating a tense atmosphere all around.

In the broad valley, many people gathered outside, stopping to gaze at something, but none dared to approach.

Su Yi, curious as well, leaped onto a large boulder from a distance. There, he saw two figures in the valley, tense and ready to attack at any moment, as if prepared to strike at any time.

These were two young individuals, both standing atop giant rocks and facing each other from a distance.

Strictly speaking, Su Yi had actually seen both of these young individuals before. The young man on the left was dressed in a long green robe. The collar and cuffs of the robe were adorned with intricate embroidered patterns. His jet-black hair was tied up, and he stood on the giant rock with a tall and straight figure. His entire being exuded grace and charm, along with a natural air of nobility.

Such a young man, when looked at from afar, gave off an unapproachable aura, making one feel as if they were just specks of dust in comparison.

"Beast Emperor Sect, that should be Shao Sijun!"

Su Yi's heart trembled as he observed from a distance. He suppressed his energy and recognized this young man as Su Yi, whom he had seen before. Within the ranks of the Beast Emperor Sect, the aura and temperament the young Su Yi possessed were enough to prove that he was the most powerful Shao Sijun of the Beast Emperor Sect's current generation.

On the right side stood a young man who appeared to be around twenty-four or twenty-five years old. He had a slightly older appearance compared to the previous person, but possessed the same extraordinary demeanor. His face was handsome, exuding a sharp yet elegant temperament, and his bright eyes shone like lightning.

Su Yi originally didn't know this person. However, he had seen this young man among the ranks of the Divine Sword School in the Central Region. At this moment, the young man also had the emblem of the Divine Sword School on his shoulder, undoubtedly representing him as a disciple of the Divine Sword School.

"The Divine Sword School, Jian Wuque, hmm..."

Intrigued in secret, Su Yi also heard some news. It was said that this Jian Wuque was a disciple from the previous year of the Divine Sword School and had been the most powerful representative of that year. He possessed exceptional talent and formidable strength, and his age coincided perfectly with being able to participate in the Saint Martial Assembly. Even several disciples from the previous year had come to Central Region to participate in the Saint Martial Assembly.

"The Divine Sword School, Jian Wuque, I have heard of you!"

Shao Sijun gazed at Jian Wuque, his voice carrying an elegant and enchanting magnetism. The corners of his mouth were perfectly poised, as if always adorned with a dazzling smile. However, the determination in his eyes spoke volumes.

"Shao Sijun, I have heard of you too!"

Jian Wuque looked at Shao Sijun, and a vibrant energy surrounded him, swirling around his body.

"Let's have a battle then, and let me see the strength of the disciples from the Divine Sword School this time!"

Shao Sijun looked at Jian Wuque, his eyes filled with a growing determination. He had encountered Jian Wuque and desired a battle to prove himself.

"Let's battle then!"

Jian Wuque nodded, his body surrounded by a swirling energy. A sharp aura circulated around him, inexplicably intense. He sensed Shao Sijun's determination in battle, so let's fight. He also happened to need a battle to prove himself.


A simple magnetic phrase escaped from his lips, causing the smile at the corner of Shao Sijun's mouth to instantly fade away. Suddenly, a dazzling aura enveloped him, causing his black hair to flutter in an instant. His energy surged, and with a stomp of his foot, he leaped off the boulder. His fist was wrapped in energy, resembling a meteor as it directly crashed towards Jian Wuque in front of him.

With such a punch, its aura was fierce, like a ferocious beast descending from the mountain.


Jian Wuque drew his sword, his expression calm yet fierce. The sword in his hand exuded a powerful aura of wind and thunder, with shimmering radiance flowing around it. He skillfully maneuvered his sword, and suddenly, sharp sword energy shot out swiftly, unleashing a formidable presence.


As soon as the two young men made a move, before even touching, the valley was immediately filled with flying sand and rolling stones, resembling a storm. This spectacle caused the onlookers who had gathered there to pale in comparison. No wonder they were considered the representatives of the younger generation of the Beast Emperor Sect and the Divine Sword School.

A fist came before Jian Wuque, faintly emitting a roar resembling that of a wild beast. Radiant light burst from the fist, as if a ferocious beast was pouncing down, displaying a fierce and formidable might.

Jian Wuque's sword gleamed sharply, its radiance flickering and blooming into numerous sword rays, blocking the fist and obliterating its vital energy radiance.


All around, massive rocks crumbled, as powerful energy swept through, causing clouds of dust to billow into the air!

Two figures then simultaneously descended from the giant rock, engaging in another instant battle.

"Wow, you're so strong!"

Many people were in awe. These two young individuals were incredibly powerful, and they both had their own talents. However, in that moment, seeing these two peers, they couldn't muster any arrogance in their hearts.


Jian Wuque made his move so swiftly. He activated his sword technique, causing a sweeping burst of dazzling sword light that was sharp and swift.

Su Yi gazed into the distance. This was undoubtedly the profound sword technique of the Divine Sword School. It was mysterious and intricate. Jian Wuque was indeed powerful, worthy of being the pinnacle representative of the previous generation. He couldn't be compared to Liu Yunchuan, Ou Luo, and others.

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