The God of Sky and Earth

Chapter 761: Heart Full of Fear!
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Chapter 761: Heart Full of Fear!

Cautiously, Su Yi focused his attention, but the terrifying python didn't reappear.

Su Yi was a little puzzled, but he became even more cautious, not daring to be careless in any way.


Not long after, deep within the forest, a massive and ferocious ape leaped out, its teeth gleaming, fists enveloped in black light, accompanied by a gust of wind, and slammed towards Su Yi.

Su Yi, who was already prepared, had been cautious and vigilant all along. He directly clashed with a punch.


With a stunning collision, Su Yi's small fist directly shattered the black light of the opponent, causing the massive body of the ferocious ape to tremble and crumble, vanishing into a shower of black light.

"It's all fantasy again!"

Su Yi furrowed his brow. The ferocious ape was an illusion, but the aura and power it had just displayed felt incredibly real.

Everything returned to calm, as if nothing had ever happened.

"And summoning the remnants of the soul had a magical similarity."

Su Yi was still pondering when he realized that these illusionary demon beasts shared a remarkable resemblance to the methods used by Soul Tamers in summoning remnants of the soul.

Thinking about it, Su Yi didn't find it strange at all that the Sanctified Martial Secret Realm was arranged by many Soul Tamers. Such methods were quite normal, but within the Sanctified Martial Secret Realm, they appeared even more mysterious.

Su Yi continued on his journey, with his own strength, which proved to be sufficient to overcome two obstacles along the way.

At this moment, Su Yi finally understood Xi Wuqing's words completely, realizing that Soul Tamers indeed possessed certain advantages.

These illusory shadows of demon beasts appeared without any noticeable movement of breath. Even those whose cultivation surpassed those who adored demon beasts would easily fall into danger if caught off guard.

But in that brief moment when these illusory demon beasts appeared, Su Yi's soul power sensed it and he was already prepared.

Su Yi also had a rough idea of the origins of these illusory beast shadows, which indeed gave him some advantages over others.

Su Yi continued on his journey, unsure of where the end lay, feeling that the place was vast.

In the next two hours, Su Yi encountered numerous illusory demon beasts again, each stronger than the last, with even multiple demon beasts appearing simultaneously to besiege him.

This is the Sanctified Martial Secret Realm, a trial for the younger generation.

So no matter how powerful these means were, they couldn't make much difference. Su Yi's own strength was genuine, and he was also a Soul Tamer, repeatedly turning danger into safety.

But this also made Su Yi more and more astonished. With just these means, if it were an ordinary cultivator in the sixth or seventh stage of the Yuan Spirit Realm, it would be difficult to escape.

"Huff..." 𝗳r𝚎𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝗻𝗼vel.𝗰o𝐦

Su Yi took a deep breath and adjusted his mindset. This place was extremely draining on his vitality. Even though he didn't make many moves, the consumption was quite significant.


A piercing screech echoed as a blood-red fierce bird swooped down from the void. The forest around trembled, branches snapping, as its razor-sharp claws, like hooks, reached out towards Su Yi.

Su Yi looked up and immediately took a fast step backward.


Suddenly, the ground beneath Su Yi began to sink, revealing a gigantic deep pit right beneath his feet. At the same time, a massive swirling vortex emerged around Su Yi, with a frightening aura howling from its bottomless depths.

Su Yi, caught off guard, plummeted downward, as a tremendous force of devouring energy emanated from the vortex, seemingly intent on pulling him into an abyss without end.

In the midst of panic, Su Yi's primordial dual wings suddenly stretched out from behind him, radiating a brilliant crimson light, and soared into the sky with a thunderous roar.

But that devouring force was too strong, and it entwined itself around Su Yi's body.

As a fierce bird of prey swooped down, its razor-sharp claws capable of tearing through the fabric of space, it was already nearing Su Yi's forehead.


In an instant, Su Yi stomped his foot and a pair of spiritual wings burst forth from his back. At the same time, he gathered his strength and unleashed a palm strike enveloped in this spiritual energy eruption.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

A crimson light swept through, accompanied by muffled echoes of energy. The fierce bird was instantly shattered, transforming into a shower of blood-red light.

The ground returned to normal, as if nothing had ever happened.

But Su Yi felt a lingering fear, everything seemed eerie and mysterious, this Sanctified Martial Secret Realm was truly enigmatic.

With no time to waste, fearing someone might seize the opportunity, Su Yi pressed ahead on his journey.

"How strange, why isn't there a single person?"

Su Yi wondered in his heart. Several hours had passed, and he hadn't encountered a single person. According to reason, there were many who were faster than him. No matter what, he should have encountered some people along the way, unless he had fallen too far behind.

But when it came to his own speed and strength, Su Yi still had confidence. He wouldn't end up being last.

"Su Yi, what are you doing here?"

At this moment, a figure appeared ahead. It seemed that Liu Yunchuan of the Divine Sword School had sensed Su Yi's presence and turned around.

Upon seeing Su Yi, Liu Yunchuan's face lit up with joy but also showed a hint of nervousness. He immediately approached Su Yi and said, "The Sanctified Martial Secret Realm is very dangerous. Be careful!"

"It is very dangerous."

Su Yi nodded. He hadn't expected to encounter Liu Yunchuan, and indeed he had just seen him ahead of him.

"Not right!"

Suddenly, Su Yi's heart jolted in surprise. He immediately snapped back to his senses and instinctively took a step back. With a technique he employed, he altered his appearance. Liu Yunchuan didn't even recognize him at all. Even if he did recognize him, it would be as Yi Su from the Overlord Sect, not as Su Yi.


At that very moment, Liu Yunchuan took action. He threw a punch, directly striking Su Yi's chest with the force of thunder.

Su Yi swiftly stepped back, releasing a significant amount of force.

"An illusion!"

Su Yi realized that the Liu Yunchuan before him was also an illusion, like those lingering ghostly shadows.


With a palm strike, a wave of scorching energy surged forth as Su Yi seized the opportunity to strike at Liu Yunchuan.


The figure of Liu Yunchuan shattered in response and turned into a shower of light, fading away.

"Deng deng..."

Su Yi stumbled, though he had reduced the force, he was still affected. Fortunately, he managed to avoid getting injured.

"What a close call!"

But this time, Su Yi was truly astonished. If it had been a tiny bit closer, the apparent strength of that illusion could have caused unimaginable consequences for himself.

"No, something must be wrong!"

Su Yi didn't leave anymore. He always felt that something was off. Several hours had passed, and he hadn't seen anyone. Everywhere was filled with unreal illusions. This was just too abnormal.

And just as he was thinking about why there was no one around, he suddenly saw Liu Yunchuan.

Su Yi released his soul power, carefully sensing his surroundings. He pondered for a moment, calming his mind, and gently closed his eyes.

Su Yi estimated that there must be something wrong, but he himself didn't notice it.


In the midst of the void, something was stirring. Not far away, on a towering ancient tree, a majestic bronze-colored python reappeared. It opened its enormous mouth, charging towards Su Yi with a daring intention to devour him.


At the same time, the ground beneath Su Yi's feet sank once again, creating a whirlpool that unleashed a force of devouring and pulling. It swept towards Su Yi's feet, rendering him completely immobile.

In that moment, Su Yi's half-closed eyes suddenly opened wide, shimmering with a flickering light. A smile curled at the corners of his mouth as he exclaimed, "So that's how it is! I understand now!"


Energy surged beneath Su Yi's feet. He stomped down, unleashing waves of energy that surged forward. At the same time, he threw a punch directly towards the ancient copper-colored python.

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