The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1452 - 1452 Long Life, Long Water
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1452 Long Life, Long Water

Hathor did not make things difficult for Jordan nor did he blame him. He said with a smile, “Miss Dawn, you really know how to joke. You’re clearly my daughter’s husband, but you’ve been hiding for so long. On the first day you came to Celestial King Planet, you could have come to our Howard family to look for me. We’re family. I would definitely help you.”

Now, Jordan was the chosen one and had even killed Donovan Cross, a Unrivaled Realm top expert. Naturally, Hathor thought highly of him.

However, Jordan did not believe him when he said that he could go to the Howard family on the first day he came to the Celestial King Planet.

At that time, Jordan was nothing. Hathor would definitely not agree to let him be with Levana.

However, it was meaningless to say that now. After all, Jordan had already made a name for himself and obtained the support of his parents-in-law.

Jordan had the support of the Howard family. The Fairy Academy also said that although Jordan was a man, he would always be a part of the Fairy Academy. The Fairy Academy would always welcome Jordan.

After that on the day of Levana and Donovan Cross’s wedding, Jordan and Levana held their wedding. On their wedding day, the Howard family invited many VIPs. The people from the Fairy Academy also came. The venue was very lively.

At night, on their wedding night, Jordan and Levana sat by the bed like a shy couple. Neither of them spoke.

Actually, the two of them had been husband and wife on Earth for a few years, so there was no need to be so restrained.

However, Levana was no longer who she was back then. She had more than a hundred years of memories. Jordan did not dare to act recklessly and did not dare to treat her as casually as before.

Perhaps sensing Jordan’s restraint, Levana took the initiative to hold Jordan’s hand and called out affectionately, “Hubby…”

Looking at Levana’s blushing face, Jordan understood everything.

Levana also wanted to live a simple and happy married life with Jordan like on Earth.

However, Jordan stopped after kissing Levana.

Levana asked in surprise, “What’s wrong? Do you still remember that time on Earth?”

When he was on Earth, Jordan had wanted to forcefully have sex with Levana. However, he did not succeed, causing Jordan to be traumatized.

However, this was not the correct answer. The reason why Jordan was unwilling to have intimate sex with Levana was because they were not the only ones present.

There was a mysterious man living in Jordan’s body!

The mysterious man became anxious. “Jordan, why did you stop? Today is your wedding night. Don’t let Levana’s love for you down.”

Jordan was anxious. “Senior, my battle with Donovan Cross has ended. Can you leave my body?”

It was precisely because of the mysterious man’s existence that Jordan was unwilling to consummate the marriage with Levana. All of this would be seen clearly by the mysterious man!

Levana was his wife. How could Jordan be willing to let another man see them being intimate?

The mysterious man smiled and said, “What? You want to chase me away after using me? Aren’t you too heartless? Aren’t you afraid that my main body will come and kill you?”

At that moment, Jordan felt that the mysterious man was a demon king. Jordan did not dare to offend the mysterious man, and he comforted Levana, “Honey, I’ve been too tired recently. Give me some time. Moreover, I’m really not used to being on the Celestial King Planet. Let’s talk about it when we return to Earth, okay?”

Levana held Jordan’s hand. Since Jordan wanted to return to Earth, Levana was willing to follow him.

The next day.

“Mr. Jordan, you can’t go back to Earth!”

Salvatore was the first to stand up and object.

Salvatore said, “We haven’t found Dragon and Jamie yet. Moreover, this Celestial King Planet is much better than Earth. We can’t cultivate on Earth, so it’s better for us to cultivate here. Furthermore, although that bastard Donovan Cross is dead, there is still Xavier!”

Jordan had sent people to look for Dragon and Jamie, but after so long, there was still no news of them. Jordan guessed that the two of them might have met with misfortune on the Celestial King Planet.

This was normal. Even taking a plane across two places on Earth could cause an accident, let alone traveling across planets.

Jordan was stunned. “You know about Xavier too?”

Salvatore said, “I heard that Xavier is Levana’s master, and Levana has always admired him!”

Jordan said angrily, “Shut up! Levana likes me, and I’m her husband. That bastard who gave her to Donovan Cross has no right to be my love rival!”

Salvatore said, “I know that, but I heard that Xavier is a half-immortal. What if we return to Earth and he suddenly comes to snatch Levana one day and kill you? Mr. Jordan, your cultivation speed is so fast. I think you should cultivate to the half-immortal level before returning to Earth. You’re invincible among your peers. This way, even if Xavier comes looking for us one day, you can protect yourself!”

Jordan thought about it and recalled the scene when he was killed by Gerald on Earth. It was true that he should continue to improve himself. Otherwise, Jordan and Levana could be destroyed at any time when they returned to Earth.

Jordan nodded. “You’re right. Alright, I’ll continue cultivating to the half-immortal realm before leaving and returning to Earth!”

Jordan’s cultivation speed became very slow, perhaps because he no longer had a goal or motivation. He originally thought that he would be able to advance from Unparalleled to Half Immortal within three years.

However, after three years, Jordan had not even achieved the glorious realm.

On this day, Jordan sighed as he cultivated, “Sigh, it’s been too fun. I don’t have the motivation anymore. If this continues, I might not be able to reach the Half-immortal Realm in twenty years.”

The mysterious man smiled and said, “You need some real world experience. It’s useless to just cultivate in a cultivation ground. You have to take risks. I know a few good places that can quickly increase your cultivation. Are you interested?”

Actually, during this period of time, the mysterious man had been luring Jordan out to leave Levana and his daughter and take risks in dangerous places.

However, Jordan refused.

It was not easy for him to obtain a stable life. He didn’t want to be affected.

“Thank you, Senior. I don’t need to go out and take risks. If the heavens want me to take a hundred years to reach glorious or half-immortal, then I’ll wait for a hundred years. At the very least, I can live happily with my wife and daughter for a hundred years.”

The mysterious man said, “Is Levana really that important to you? With my guidance, I can help you advance to the Immortal Realm within a hundred years. You will be the youngest Immortal on the Celestial King Planet!”

In the face of this huge temptation, Jordan smiled faintly, “Immortal? Hehe, then what? So what if I become an Immortal?”

The mysterious man said, “After becoming an Immortal, you will be the most powerful and respected person on the Celestial King Planet! Who wouldn’t dare to disrespect you when they see you? Which woman in this world won’t admire you?”

However, Jordan said, “Although I’m young, I’ve already experienced too much, gained too much, and lost too much. Even if I become an Immortal, won’t I still be with Levana and Chloe every day? Even if I’m number one on the Celestial King Planet, who knows if there are other planets? Perhaps I’m only the worst on another planet. I don’t want this endless pursuit anymore.

“Senior, if you continue to stay with me, I’m afraid the next few hundred years will be very boring.”

The mysterious man smiled and said, “You want to get rid of me? Hehe, I won’t leave so easily.”

Just like that, after another three years, Jordan finally advanced to the glorious realm.

The next stage was half-immortal!


As long as he became a half-immortal, Jordan would be able to leave the Celestial King Planet and go to Earth!

It was also on this day that Jordan and Levana would finally share the same bed after six years. Initially, Jordan wanted to get rid of the mysterious man and live as husband and wife after returning to Earth with Levana.

However, it took him six years to rise to the glorious realm. Jordan knew that it would be decades before he became a Half Immortal. Jordan did not want to sleep in separate rooms with Levana for decades.

The next day, Jordan felt that this could not go on. Instead of being afraid that Xavier would take revenge on him one day, it was better to look for him in advance and explain everything to him.

Therefore, Jordan carried Levana on his back and began to search for the whereabouts of Xavier.

However, Jordan did not expect Xavier to be so mysterious. He waited a full ten years for news of Xavier. 𝓯𝓇𝘦𝘦𝑤ℯ𝓫𝑛𝓸𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸𝘰𝓶

This news was like a bolt from the blue to Jordan.

“Mr. Jordan, my cousin once trained with Master Xavier. It’s said that Master Xavier has already broken through the half-immortal realm. He’s now an Immortal.”

Jordan sat on the ground helplessly after hearing the news.

Originally, he thought that he would be able to return to Earth safely after becoming a Half Immortal. But now, he found out that Xavier had already become an Immortal. If Jordan wanted to return safely, he had to at least become an Immortal on the Celestial King Planet.

That night, Jordan finally could not take it anymore and told Levana everything that was on his mind.


Levana was surprised when she heard this. “Hubby, it turns out that you’ve always been concerned about my master and have always been jealous of him. It’s my fault for not making things clear to you. Actually, if you don’t dare to return to Earth because you’re afraid that my master will go to Earth to kill us, there’s no need. My master will definitely not hurt us.”

Jordan said, “I know your master won’t hurt you, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to kill me.”

Levana smiled awkwardly, “That won’t happen. You’re the man I chose, and he won’t hurt you. He promised me that one day, if I really like a man, he’ll be very happy. He’ll even give him his blessings. He’ll only help you and won’t hurt you. I admit that when I was still a young girl, I did admire him when I cultivated with him, but which young girl doesn’t yearn for love? That was just a childhood crush. After I matured, I’m certain that the only person I love is you.”

Jordan frowned. “Give him blessings?”

After talking to Levana today, Jordan finally understood that Xavier was not as bad as he had imagined.

Just like that, another seven days passed. Jordan dared to go to the most dangerous place for those in the Glorious Realm to cultivate. The Reincarnation Waterfall was the most terrifying place on the Celestial King Planet.

This was not a simple waterfall. Cultivators had to remain on top of the waterfall at all times and not fall into it. Once they fell into it, they would enter the reincarnation space. Even gods would not be able to save them.

Upon arriving, Jordan stood on the high ground without saying a word.

However, the mysterious man smiled and said, “Haha, Jordan, you finally dare to challenge some high-level cultivation venues. Not bad. This place improves cultivation very quickly. I stayed here for a few months back then. However, you have to be careful here at all times. Once you fall, you’re finished.”

However, Jordan did not respond. He looked serious. He leaped up and jumped down the waterfall.

The mysterious man was shocked. “Are you crazy? Cultivation requires you to stand on the waterfall, not jump down! You’ll die if you jump down! Come back quickly!”

However, Jordan did not stop at all. He even showed signs of accelerating.

Seeing that Jordan was courting death, the mysterious man panicked completely.

A red light emerged from Jordan’s body and transformed into a human figure. Subsequently, this person successfully brought Jordan to the top of the waterfall.

Jordan looked at the handsome man in front of him who did not hide his beard. He knew that it was the mysterious man who was hiding in his body.

The mysterious man laughed and said, “Hahaha, Jordan, you’ve got guts. You actually used suicide to force my true body out. What makes you so sure that I’ll definitely save you?”

Jordan said calmly, “You won’t bear to let Levana lose the person she loves the most.”

The mysterious man felt a little guilty and stroked his beard. “What does Levana’s loss have to do with me?”

Jordan said, “Are you still unwilling to admit it? Actually, you’re Levana’s master, Xavier, right?”

Instantly, the mysterious man was stunned.

Jordan said, “Levana said that her master will give the man she loves his blessings. As for you, you helped me kill my way from Earth to the Celestial King Planet and even helped me kill Donovan Cross. I’m sure you’re Xavier.”

At that moment, the man stopped hiding. He stood on the surging waterfall and said slowly, “Jordan, you’re indeed smart. As expected of the man Levana likes. That’s right. I’m her master, Xavier. I know you’ve been looking for me all these years. Now, I’m here. If you have anything to ask, just ask.”

Jordan was very direct. “Do you like Levana?”

Xavier said, “She is my only disciple. Of course, I like her.”

Jordan said, “You know what I mean by ‘like’.”

Xavier smiled. “In the past, I had a loved one who died many years ago. I cannot forget her, so I can only keep my feelings for Levana in my heart.”

Jordan could tell that Xavier actually liked Levana too. However, he was unwilling to accept her because of the person he loved before.

Jordan said, “Then why did you leave Levana to marry that bastard, Donovan Cross?”

Xavier said, “Levana was brought to me by Donovan Cross. Without him, there would be no fate between me and Levana. However, Donovan Cross has wild ambitions. I have long disliked him and wanted to get rid of him. Therefore, I told Donovan Cross to let Levana be his wife. Once he agreed and really dared to marry Levana, I would kill him at his wedding.”

Only then did Jordan realize that Xavier had allowed the two of them to be together just to give him a reason to kill Donovan Cross.

After all, Donovan Cross usually fawned over Xavier and respected him. He had never done anything to let Xavier down. If Xavier attacked him directly, it would be embarrassing.

Jordan said while smiling, “I was wondering why you helped me kill Donovan Cross.”

Xavier said, “That day, when Donovan Cross found out that Levana had a husband on Earth and had a child, he told me immediately. He even said that he had already sent people to Earth to kill you. Although I was also very jealous of you, I promised Levana that if she found true love, I would fulfill her wish. Therefore, my clone went to Earth and possessed you. It was to help you and also to test if you really loved Levana and if you were someone worthy of being entrusted to.”

Jordan asked, “Do you have an answer now?”

Xavier nodded. “You would rather give up the chance to become an immortal to stay by Levana’s side. This is something that I can’t compare to. Jordan, from today onwards, I won’t pester you anymore. I wish you both happiness.

“Oh, right. Dragon, your uncle, and Jamie aren’t dead. They’re cultivating with another clone of mine now. They’re still thinking about you. They’re always thinking that one day, when you’re successful in your cultivation, they’ll look for you. Hehe, Jordan, you’re indeed an influential fellow.”

With that, Xavier flew into the depths of the waterfall.

Jordan was shocked. “Where are they?”

However, Xavier did not answer and disappeared.

Jordan mumbled, “My uncle? Randall came to the Celestial King Planet too?”

That day, after Jordan returned to the Howard family, he and Levana decided to return to Earth.

November 16, 2035.

Orlando, International Airport.

Jordan, Levana, and Chloe came out of the exit with a trolley in sunglasses. Salvatore, Mike Baylor, and Victoria didn’t return to Earth. They decided to continue cultivating on Celestial King Planet.

Anyway, technology was advanced now. They could come back anytime they wanted.

As soon as they walked out, Jordan and Levana saw the crowd that came to pick them up.


Martin, Stefan, Marissa, Brad, and the others waved their hands from afar.


A familiar voice was heard. A beautiful woman in her thirties waved at them with Jordan.

Beside her was a little boy about her height.

Jordan and Levana looked at each other and smiled. They held each other’s hands and walked toward the crowd.

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