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Chapter 66: Xiao Ran’s idea, Princess Changle asks for advice!

Li Lizhi’s emotional knot seemed loosened, and she was no longer gloomy.

“Sort out this matter promptly, and the results will come sooner. Then, you can approach the empress and His Majesty,” advised Li Lizhi.

Li Lizhi nodded and inquired, “Do you know how much more likely children born from close relatives’ marriages are to get sick than those born from non-close relatives’ marriages?”

Curiosity filled Li Lizhi’s expression.

“Sixty to seventy percent!” Responded Xiao Ran.

“Is it that high?” Li Lizhi expressed surprise.

“If the family carries many diseases, the next generation from close relatives’ marriages generally faces health issues. There are quite a few cases like this,” explained Xiao Ran.

Li Lizhi grew more fearful as she contemplated this unexpected complication.

“Fortunately, you’re here,” Li Lizhi gratefully acknowledged Xiao Ran.

Xiao Ran chuckled, “When discussing this with the empress, focus on the national interests. Don’t mention anything that could be detrimental to yourself. The empress is reasonable. She’ll advocate for you to His Majesty. Emphasize the impact on the Tang Dynasty, especially regarding population issues. Avoiding close-relative marriages reduces infant mortality and congenital diseases, lowering maternal mortality and boosting the Tang Dynasty’s population. The emperor and ministers understand the significance of population for a dynasty better than anyone.”

Xiao Ran advised, “Emphasize the population aspect!”

Li Lizhi nodded, saying, “Okay, I’ll remember that!”

“When you speak, try to highlight the population aspect!” Xiao Ran emphasized.

Li Lizhi looked at Xiao Ran humbly, seeking guidance.

“Grab onto the population point when speaking!” Instructed Xiao Ran.

Li Lizhi admired Xiao Ran’s guidance, feeling more confident now.

“I understand!” Li Lizhi smiled. “I need to arrange this promptly and get it done.”

“Go ahead!” Xiao Ran nodded.

Li Lizhi was eager to finalize this matter, especially the cancellation of the marriage with Zhangsun Chong.

Previously, Li Lizhi’s feelings towards Zhangsun Chong were indifferent, as it was an arranged marriage. f𝚛𝗲𝐞𝐰e𝗯n𝗼v𝗲𝚕.𝚌o𝐦

Marriage alliances were abundant, and individuals from prominent families rarely had the freedom of romantic love; interest considerations often drove their unions.

Li Lizhi exited the palace and found Yushu. Yushu noticed Li Lizhi’s improved demeanor and was genuinely pleased, considering her earlier despondency.

“Yushu, immediately organize an investigation into a matter,” instructed Li Lizhi.

“Your Highness, what’s going on?”

“We need to investigate cases of children falling ill and dying after marriages between close relatives, as well as the delivery situations of pregnant women. The more details, the better. Additionally, we should look into non-consanguineous marriages – at least a hundred couples for each scenario,” Li Lizhi instructed, considering Xiao Ran’s suggestion to increase the sample size for more credibility.

“Your Highness, what do you mean by close relatives?” Yushu asked, puzzled.

“Close relatives include direct blood relatives and collateral blood relatives within three generations,” Li Lizhi explained, reiterating Xiao Ran’s words.

Yushu thought for a moment and said, “I understand Your Highness!”

“Get it done as soon as possible!” Li Lizhi commanded.

“Yes, Your Royal Highness!”

Li Lizhi returned to her quarters, feeling relieved.

Taiji Palace…

Li Shimin leisurely reviewed the memorials when Zhang Anan approached, saying, “Your Majesty, Concubine Wei requests an audience.”

Li Shimin set aside the memorials, asking, “What does she want?”

“I don’t know, Your Majesty!”

“Let her in,” Li Shimin decided.

Soon, a graceful woman entered the Taiji Palace – Concubine Wei, the primary of the four concubines.

“Concubine, I have seen Your Majesty!” She greeted.

“You’re free,” Li Shimin responded.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Come closer,” Li Shimin invited.

Concubine Wei nodded and said, “Yes, Your Majesty!” She approached Li Shimin and knelt beside him.

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