System at One End and Harem at the Other End

Chapter 95 Surprising Encounter
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Chapter 95 Surprising Encounter

As the day passed, the sun gradually dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the city streets. Sophia turned to David, a hint of sadness in her eyes, and said, "I need to go now. It's getting late, and I have to prepare for college tomorrow."

David nodded understandingly. "Of course, I'll drop you off," he replied, standing up from the table.

They had spent the day together, enjoying the movie and sharing a delightful lunch, but now it was time for Sophia to return to her rented apartment.

They walked together to David's sleek Tesla, and as they settled into the car, Sophia sighed softly. "I had such a wonderful time today. Thank you, David," she said, giving him a warm smile.

"The pleasure was all mine," David replied, his voice filled with sincerity. "I'm glad we could spend this day together."

After some time, as they reached Sophia's apartment building, David parked the car and turned to her. "Take care, Sophia. Have a great day at college tomorrow," he said, his voice soft.

"I will. Thank you for everything," she replied, leaning over to give him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

As Sophia bid him goodbye and headed towards her rented apartment, David couldn't help but feel a pang of curiosity. He knew that many college students stayed in that building.

As he headed back to his apartment, a thought crossed his mind. What if Lillian, the mysterious girl he had encountered, also lived nearby? With a sense of curiosity, he activated his God's Eyes skill, trying to sense her presence.

David focused his mind, activating his special ability. He scanned the area around Sophia's apartment building, hoping to catch a glimpse of Lillian's presence. However, much to his disappointment, there was no trace of her nearby.

"Maybe it was just a coincidence," David muttered to himself, feeling a little disheartened.

Sighing softly, he realized that Lillian must be living somewhere else. Perhaps she had her own apartment or resided in a different part of the city. David then deactivated his God's Eyes skill.

Deciding to take his mind off it, David parked his car near a cozy café and entered. He ordered a cup of coffee and found a quiet corner to sit, savoring the warm beverage and the soothing ambiance of the café.

With no particular plans for the evening, he hoped that a warm brew would offer some comfort and ease his restlessness.

As David sipped his coffee, hoping to pass the time before heading home, he sat in a corner of the café on the ground floor, lost in his thoughts while casually scrolling through his Instagram feed.

Unbeknownst to him, many eyes were locked onto him. He was a handsome young man, and his growing popularity as a model had earned him a modest following on social media. While not everyone recognized him, some patrons in the café had indeed noticed his presence. Some were eager to meet him, but hesitated, not wanting to disturb him while he was engrossed in his phone.

As David continued to scroll through his phone, he sensed a slight change in the atmosphere around him.

Unbeknownst to David, Lillian had noticed him from the first floor. She was sitting with her friends, and upon seeing him on his phone, she decided to take the chance to meet him. With her two friends behind her, the three girls approached David's table.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" a soft voice reached David's ears.

He looked up from his phone and was taken aback to find Lillian standing before him. Her presence surprised him, and he couldn't help but scoff inwardly at the irony of the situation. The girl he had been searching for was right in front of him all along.

David composed himself and replied nonchalantly, "Oh, I came here to drop off my friend and then decided to grab a coffee. I didn't have much else to do."

Lillian smiled, and her two friends stood nearby, observing the exchange with curious glances. "Well, it's a pleasant surprise to see you here,".

As David sat in the cafe, hoping to extend his conversation with Lillian and learn more about her, he mustered up the courage to ask her to join him for another coffee.

"Hey, how about we have one more coffee together?" he suggested with a smile.

Lillian hesitated for a moment, glancing at her phone before responding, "I appreciate the offer, but we actually need to leave. We already had our coffee here."

Her voice was polite but distant, and David couldn't help but feel a twinge of disappointment. He wanted to spend more time with her, to unravel the mystery that surrounded her.

She added a quick "See you later" before hurrying out of the cafe, leaving David slightly puzzled and intrigued by her sudden departure.

He couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to her reluctance to talk. The other girls with her, seemingly of the same age, also gave him curious looks before leaving.

David couldn't help but mull over the encounter as he continued to sip his coffee.

"What's going on? Why does she always brush me off whenever I try to strike up a conversation with her?" he wondered.

It wasn't the first time this had happened; Lillian had consistently avoided spending more time with him. David thought, if she did not want to talk with him, she could have just ignored him and left the cafe. Since he was busy on his phone, he hadn't noticed her until she came and spoke with him.

He considered the possibility that she might be feeling uncomfortable or troubled by something. Maybe she was being stalked or had some personal issues that she didn't want to share. If that were the case, David understood why she might be acting distant.

Curiosity getting the better of him, David decided to use his God's Eyes skill to scan the surroundings for any potential threats or suspicious individuals. As he activated the skill, he carefully observed the area around the café. However, to his surprise, there was no sign of anyone suspicious or any threats nearby.

David couldn't help but scoff at his own thoughts. "Maybe I'm just imagining things," he thought to himself. Perhaps Lillian simply wasn't interested in him or was dealing with something he couldn't understand.

David thought he did not understand many things about her. First, her identity – why was he not able to see the status of her skill? Second, why did she always brush him off and leave every time he tried to talk to her? And lastly, why did she say "see you later" if she didn't want to talk to him? It puzzled him greatly, and he couldn't stop thinking about her mysterious behavior.

Lost in thought, David was engrossed in scrolling through his Instagram page when suddenly, a guy approached him, breaking his reverie.

"Hi sir, may I take a selfie with you?" the guy asked excitedly. "I've seen you in many ads and have become your fan."

For a moment, David forgot about his questions as he was taken aback by the request. This was the first time someone had asked for a photo with him, and it felt surreal. A warm feeling washed over him as he realized that he had his own small following of admirers now.

"Sure, I'd be happy to take a selfie with you," David replied with a smile.

He posed for the photo, and soon, others noticed the interaction and started approaching him for pictures as well. David gladly obliged, enjoying the attention and recognition.

As the impromptu fan meetup continued, David found himself basking in the newfound appreciation. It was a far cry from his past, where he had no friends and no one to share his achievements with. Now, he felt a sense of belonging, even if it was just a small following of fans.

After spending some time with his fans, David finally decided to leave the cafe. He bid farewell to the last few admirers and made his way towards his Tesla. As he drove home, his mind was filled with a mix of emotions – a sense of accomplishment from being recognized and appreciated, yet also confusion and curiosity about Lillian's mysterious behavior.

The events of the day had left a smile on his face, and he couldn't help but replay the encounters with Lillian in his mind. He wondered why she seemed to avoid him whenever he tried to engage in conversation, yet still initiated contact with him.

With these thoughts swirling in his head, David raced towards his apartment. He was eager to relax and unwind, but he couldn't shake off the lingering questions about Lillian. As he parked his Tesla and made his way to his apartment, he knew that the enigmatic girl had left an indelible impression on him.

Despite the confusion, he was intrigued and excited to see what the future held for their unpredictable encounters.

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