Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1509 Cosmocraft.
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Chapter 1509 Cosmocraft.

1509 Cosmocraft.


Skyla exclaimed in surprise as she saw the big spaceship floating in front of her. It wasn't just her, the rest of the women seemed impressed as well. After all, this was the first time they had seen something like this. Their curiousness couldn't be hidden.

"This is called Cosmocraft.

Since there is no air in the outside space, travelling freely isn't possible. Strong Cultivators can use their Mana to forcibly keep their body functioning for a while, but even then, it is not a permanent solution. Especially considering the fact that the world we are going to visit is thousands of light-years away.

Even for Strong Cultivators, travelling that long in such unfavourable conditions isn't possible.

Some other problems while travelling through space were also noticed, therefore, the Dwarven Progenitors came up with this.

A Cosmocraft is not only insanely fast, but it maintains optimal living conditions inside, making it no different than living in your own world.

It can be called the product that made the space advent possible for the beings of Yrniel, if not for this, then even now, we would only be defending ourselves from the enemy attacks, having no way of counter-attacking."

"That sounds amazing... Dwarven Progenitors must have worked hard to create this."

Nux was impressed.

"That is correct."

"How fast is it?" he questioned with a curious look on his face.

"It can travel 1 light year in a week.

So it would take us around 4 years to reach the world I found."

"It is quite far..." Amaya commented.

"It would have been attacked a long while ago if it was closer. You can say that it is at the very edge of the universe. f𝗿𝐞ewebno𝚟𝚎𝗹.𝗰𝐨m

Of course, the universe is still extremely vast, so calling it an 'edge' isn't possible. Even with Cosmocraft, we still haven't found the end of the universe. Though there are further complications when it comes to that.

The universe isn't exactly a safe space, we cannot move around in however way we want. We can only travel in pathways already explored by our people. An entirely different team is dedicated to exploring the universe and finding more 'safe' pathways." Vyriana continued to explain.

Honestly, explaining how the universe worked and Yrniel's policies related to the universe was complicated, there were simply too many things to cover, therefore, Vyriana decided to skip the entire process and reveal things when needed.

"Anyways, returning to the topic, this variant of Cosmocraft is more advanced compared to the basic version, although its speed is the same, it has other additional features. It can be used to attack and defend, it can also conceal itself to some extent.

Since it is rather small, teams like ours use it quite a lot.

Though not many have the chance to see it let alone use it, this one was given to me by my masters, this is one of the most advanced variants of Cosmocrafts we have in our world."

Nux and the others weren't surprised.

Vyriana was the disciple of the Dragon Progenitors, it is obvious that she would have access to the best things available.

"Alright, we shouldn't waste any more time.

Go in.

I will tell you more about the universe and the world we are about to attack while we travel."

Vyriana ordered, the rest of the people nodded and walked into the Cosmocraft with excited looks on their faces.

Once the team of 15 entered, Vyriana connected her Mana with the Cosmocraft and it rose up in the air, slowly piercing through Yrniel's boundary and entering outer space.


Faustina, who was watching everything in silence had a solemn look on her face.

If it was a normal situation where Vyriana and her usual subordinates had left, she wouldn't have said anything, and neither would she have been worried.

After all, Vyriana was used to going around and exploring outer space, so much that in her free time, the woman was mostly found in her Cosmocraft roaming around the universe without any care of the world. The number of times she had met the otherworlders from other worlds and had beaten them up to a pulp couldn't be counted.

The ones she was worried about were the people who had gone together with her, especially her son.

Even someone like Vyriana, as arrogant as she was, always had to be careful whenever she travelled in outer space, after all, this was a place where anytime, someone stronger than her could appear and put her in a dangerous situation.

Acting recklessly wasn't allowed.

And who was Nux?

His whole existence revolved around being reckless!

Faustina had no clue what her child would do this time around, she just hoped that he would be safe.


On the other side, inside the Cosmocraft, Vyriana, who had stabilized the Cosmocraft and had entered their destination, leaving it to automatic mode, returned to where Nux and the rest of his wives were sitting.

"Now we wait?" Nux questioned.

"Yes." Vyriana nodded.

"For 4 years?"

Vyriana nodded again.

"That's boring," Nux complained.

"..." Vyriana didn't show any reaction.

Just looking into Nux's eyes was enough for her to know what he was thinking, and although she was tempted, right now, she wanted to focus on the mission.

Outer space was not a place where one could be careless, it was definitely not a place where one could lose himself in lust.

"Why don't we go to Veiled Eden?"

Nux proposed.

Vyriana frowned and Nux started explaining,

"With time flowing slower there, we would only need to wait for around 2 months and we can then return to this Cosmocraft.

I have already marked it as one of the ports for my [Core], so no matter where we are, we can always come back here.

We can even go to Edda's world and use the time difference much more efficiently."

The suggestion wasn't bad.

Or at least that's what Nux and his wives thought.

Vyriana however, shook her head.

"We cannot leave the Cosmocraft alone. If it is attacked, we will lose it and it might even be traced back to Yrniel.

Although we aren't scared of battles, mindlessly participating in them isn't the solution.

So we should be careful when we can."

"I understand."

Nux nodded.

"You said you would tell us about the world you found, why not talk about that? What's so special about it that you couldn't wait any longer."

Amaya questioned.

Vyriana nodded,

"You remember how I divided worlds into different tiers, correct?" she questioned.

"Lowest, Low, Medium, High, and Supreme," Ember answered.

"That is correct." Vyriana nodded.

"There is another type of world that is not included in these 5 types."

"Oh?" Nux raised his eyebrow.

Seeing that she had gained everyone's attention, Vyriana continued,

"Every world, when it is born, receives a form of protection that makes it invisible to the outside world. During this time, neither can the other worlds attack this world, nor can the beings of this world leave it and explore outer space.

We call it the Protection Period.

From what we know, the world's will use its own energy to decide how long this protection period will last, the higher the amount of energy used, the longer the protection lasts.

This Protection Period is the amount of time the beings, who had just been born in this new world get to grow, get stronger, and understand how everything works, and only then, they are thrown into the universe, the real world.

It is only after this protection period ends that a world be divided into one of the five mentioned levels.

After all, you cannot possibly access something that doesn't even from your point of view.

The world I mentioned, however, is one of the rare exceptions.

That world...

Doesn't have a protection period."

Vyriana revealed and Nux and the others raised their eyebrows in surprise.

"Why is that?"

Nux questioned.

Vyriana shrugged,

"I do not know.

According to Lady Faustina, that world's will must be weak, so it decided to use its strength to strengthen the beings of its world instead of creating a Protection Barrier. Not a smart choice, but maybe it was relying on the fact that it was quite far away from the main universe and wouldn't be found out till the beings of its world were mature enough."

"But then you found it."

Astaria commented.

"Relying on luck wasn't a smart choice from the beginning."

Vyriana shrugged with a worry-free look on her face.

She didn't care if she was going to attack an immature world.

The universe was cruel, life was cruel, that is how everything worked. Her thinking never changed from the start, being weak was a sin.

If she is attacking a weak world, it is the world's fault for being weak.

And if she dies while attacking this world...

Then it is her fault for being weak.

No one else could be blamed, no one else should be blamed.

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