Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1278 Another Scenario.
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Chapter 1278 Another Scenario.

1278 Another Scenario.

"This is annoying..." f𝐫eewe𝚋nove𝗹.𝗰o𝚖

Nux spoke with a pale look and furrowed brows.

His hand automatically went to his forehead. Even though he was trying his best not to act weak in front of all these people, the headache he was feeling was simply too much.

'Is my energy exhausted again?'

He couldn't help but wonder.

'A Divine is still too much for me.'

He could feel the weakness flowing through his body and this time, it wasn't just the Clone who was feeling it, his real body was in the same condition.

Clones were merely his physical manifestation; they didn't have their own Mental Power. All the abilities related to Mental Energy could only be used through the main body's Mental Power. Therefore, the consequences of using it recklessly would be faced by the main body as well.


In the end, Nux couldn't help but sigh.

Honestly, he just wanted to lie down and not do anything.

He, however, couldn't do that right now.

"What are you planning then?"

Felberta, who appeared next to Nux's main body knowing what was happening with the Black Order's subordinates questioned with a frown on her face.

The plan was to enslave all the subordinates and repeat what they did with Elowen. Placing more spies inside the Black Order and learning more about them.

But with Nux being like this after Forcefully Charming One of the Three Divine Stage Cultivators present there... Going forward with this plan didn't seem possible.

Of course, torturing them to the point where they would readily become his Slaves was possible as well, however, the people from the Black Order were extremely loyal. Breaking their spirit would take a long time, time that they didn't have.

With the Black Order's ability, it wouldn't take long before they knew that their subordinates were captured.

Torturing these people would only end up giving 2 more Divine Stage Slaves, which, in the current scenario, wasn't worth it.

"We will kill them."

Nux replied as he closed his eyes, enjoying the head massage his first wife was giving.

"That would make this whole thing pointless, Nux," Felberta replied.

Killing them wasn't difficult, however, if they did it, they would be 'killing' Elowen as well. Something they cannot do, especially at times like this.

"What do you suggest then?" Nux questioned without opening his eyes.

Felberta thought about it for a while and taking this chance, Amaya appeared next to them as well.

"We ca-"

However, before Amaya could give the solution,

"We will kill the Divine Stage Cultivators and let the rest leave."

Felberta cut her off.

Amaya narrowed her eyes, Felberta, on the other hand, smiled proudly and, "Enslaving the Divine Stage Cultivators is difficult, so rather than wasting our time, we will simply capture them and torture them till they give in.

As for the rest, we will enslave them and manipulate their memories.

'Their base was discovered and attacked by some masked people while they were in the middle of the meeting, the three Divines were quick with their decision and decided to self-destruct to buy time for the rest.'

How is that as a story?

Sure, it will raise some questions as to how the enemies discovered their base and it might make them aware of the possibility of their being a spy in their ranks, however, I doubt they would be able to pinpoint Elowen.

And as long as she is safe, we can continue with our plans without any problems."

Felberta explained with a proud look on her face.

Hearing her words, Nux momentarily paused, then, he opened his eyes and glanced at Felberta, who had placed her hands at her waist and was lifting her chest.

Nux then turned towards Amaya who was looking at Felberta with her narrowed eyes, but in the end, she had no choice but to nod her head, "We can follow what she said."

Hearing those words, Felberta's smile widened even further.

Nux was impressed as well.

For Amaya to nod and agree to a plan, it meant that what she came up with was either similar to this, or worse. If she had a better plan, she would have long dismissed Felberta.

"You go Fel!

Are the effects of staying together with me all this while finally showing up?"

Felberta glanced at Nux with a deadpan look on her face,

"You narcissist."

"Well, I have a wife as beautiful as you, I am allowed to be a little narcissistic, no?" Nux questioned with a playful smile on his face.

"I guess that is true."

Felberta nodded her head shamelessly.

She was somewhat of a narcissist as well.

Amaya, on the other hand, narrowed her eyes when she observed the two of them, then suddenly, "I guess Felberta can take over this since it was her plan.

I will take my leave."

Hearing her last sentence, Nux blinked a few times.


Did the possessive Amaya who would get jealous at the slightest of thing leave them alone?

Nux wasn't a genius, however, he was sure of one thing, when someone like Amaya was acting like this, something must have happened. That was not a normal behavior.

Felberta, however, had a different opinion,

"You are suffering from draining your mental energy.

Don't forget, she is your strategist. She may act spoiled whenever she gets the chance, however, she would never do it when she knows it would only trouble you. She must be worried about your headache and not wanting to crowd any more than required, she left. Don't overthink it."

"...I understand." Nux nodded.

A small smile appeared on Felberta's face.

She was lying. With Amaya's personality, the woman would have definitely stayed since she knew Nux was in pain. Even if she didn't want to 'crowd' the room, she would have simply stayed in a corner, observing Nux from far, but still at a distance where she could see him clearly and react the moment he was in need of something.

The real reason the woman left was... Felberta.

'You owe me one.'

And of course, Amaya didn't forget to make sure that Felberta knew that she was doing her a favor.

Felberta, however, wasn't annoyed.

She would have done the same if she was in her place.

'Alright, just don't bother me for now.'

She replied.

Amaya turned silent as well, letting Felberta have Nux for herself for a while.

"Then? Should we proceed?"

Felberta questioned, coming behind Nux's and resuming her massage.


Nux nodded.


On the other side,

"Haaah!? You think I will tell you anyt-"

Dominic, obviously, wasn't planning to give in.

The man had no clue about the world of pain he was about to enter, however, "I apologize for raising my voice, Master."

Suddenly, Dominic's tone changed.

Nux, who was already troubled by the pain wasn't in the mood of hearing any pointless screaming. Rather than waiting for the man to understand what sort of position he was in or all that, he simply decided to alter his personality.

It wasn't something he liked using, honestly, it was a creepy ability that, for some reason, felt wrong. However, Nux's patience was running thin.

Not to mention that he was already someone who enslaved others, he didn't really have any moral grounds to stand on.


'What is he saying!?'

'Did he just call him Master!?'

The others widened their eyes in shock. They couldn't believe what they were hearing.

And suddenly, another, even more horrifying thought entered their mind and shook them up.

'W-Was he the Spy...?'

Nux could tell what these people were thinking. After all, he could read Elowen's mind like it was an open book. Of course, he wasn't dumb enough to believe that all these people came up with the same conclusion, but the fact that Elowen came to such a conclusion meant that some of these people must have concluded the same.

Of course, none of that actually mattered.

"You Bast-ugghh!!"

One of the other two Divine Stage Cultivators wanted to shout at Dominic, however, he was soon pressured by the Dragons Nux had brought with him.

"Alright, let's wrap it all up."

In an instant, the 2 Divines were captured, Nux enslaved the others after resting for an hour and recovering some of his Mental Energy.

Then, the memories were altered, Felberta's story was acted out, Nux used Illusions to fill in the three Divine Stage Cultivators on the Order's side.

The only problem to tackle here was that Nux's illusions weren't strong enough to copy the 'destruction' that a Divine Stage Cultivator would cause.

Therefore, Felberta decided to let the Slaves 'run away' very far before the Divines 'self-destructed', just so they would 'think' that the self destruct was real once the Black Order sent experts to investigate and realize that there was no self-destruction, they wouldn't blame the slaves for lying, but doubt the attackers instead.

After all, even with the Divines 'self-destructing', the so-called attackers leaving no traces was suspicious no matter how one saw it.

Their attention would then be defected and soon,

Nux would have more of his slaves inside the mysterious Black Order.

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