Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1163 What now…?
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Chapter 1163 What now…?

"So, Morwen Curse, what can you tell me about the Black Order," Nux questioned. Morwen, who had got enough rest after going through that insane torture for 5 whole days panicked, the pain was enough for her to realize what sort of existence Nux was, especially now that he had complete control over her.

In her mind, she did not have even the slightest thought of betraying him. However, when asked about the Black Order, she didn't know how to answer Nux's question.

Not because she didn't wish to go against the Black Order but because she… did not know anything at all.

"For people like us, who are used as Assassins or Spies, the Black Order makes sure to constantly wipe out our memories, making sure that our opponents gain no insight into their plans in case we get captured.

We people only know about our missions and why we are sent here, as to what impact our actions would make in the bigger picture, we, as mere chess pieces in their plans, would never know about it.

Master Nux, please trust my words, I do not lie, I submit to you with all my heart and so-"

"Can you stop doing that?"

Before Morwen could kneel and place her forehead on Nux's foot again, Amaya stepped in. For some reason, she felt like Morwen was getting addicted to doing such a thing and Amaya did not appreciate that at all.

This woman was dangerous.

So Amaya decided to keep her away from Nux.

"I apologize." Morwen bowed her head.

She knew who the woman who stopped her was. She was someone her Master valued a lot, so even if she was a weakling in her eyes, she needed to show her proper respect so as to not offend her master.

"Please believe my words, Master Nux."

Morwen spoke, inwardly scared that Nux would not trust her and she would have to go through that horrifying pain again. Nux, however, just nodded and,

"Do not be afraid, I know you are not lying."

He spoke and as he did, a big smile of relief appeared on Morwen's face, "Thank you for believing in me, Master Nux."

Amaya narrowed her eyes when she saw that. Right now, however, she decided to stay silent.

'The Slave Seal would have acted if she was lying, so I think we can believe her words.' Amaya spoke using the connection.

'I have already checked, she is not lying.' Nux replied.

'Checked…?' Thyra tilted her head in confusion, Amaya, on the other hand, understood what she was talking about.

'Did you see her memories?'

The new function that was unlocked after upgrading the [Slave Seal] to 12 Star.

'That is correct.' Nux nodded. 'I tried to see her memories, but her memories are not constant, there are constant blackouts all over the place, it is quite clear that her memories are being manipulated by some other force.'

'Wait… if you could see her memories on her own, why did you… torture her…?' Evane questioned with a frown on her face. Out of all the people here, she hated unnecessary violence the most.

'I wasn't intending to do so, I planned to read her memories right after the Slave Seal worked on her, but the side effects of Forced Charm were simply too strong. You can say that she was simply unlucky.'

Nux shrugged.

Honestly, he didn't seem very bothered by the fact that someone had to go through so much pain because of his mistake, after all, before the Slave Seal was used on her, Morwen was an enemy, an enemy who would jump on an opportunity to hurt him or his wives without so much as giving it a second thought.

'…' Evane turned silent.

Nux, on the other hand, tried to gather more information out of Morwen. After all, Morwen had lived for more than 4000 years, so watching all her memories was extremely impractical.

Getting this woman to answer his questions was a much better option.

"Is there nothing you can tell me about the Black Order? Their strength, the number of cultivators they have, their history, their base, there must be something you would know, no? At the very least, you should know the relation between your Clan and the Black Order, correct? Like how loyal your clan is to the Black Order, are the workings similar to the Clans made by the members of the Ancestral Order? Or are there any differences?"

Nux asked a series of questions.

This time, as if to prove her loyalty, Morwen didn't think for even a single second, and,

"The Black Order is strong. Scarily Strong."

She then stared into Nux's eyes and,

"The only power that can resist the Black Order is the Ancestral Order, so if Master Nux does not have the Ancestral Order's complete support, then you should not actively seek to confront the Black Order at all because as resourceful as Master Nux may be, in the end, the Black Order holds absolute strength.

I am considered strong in a normal person's eyes.

Even for Master Nux, even if you can undoubtedly defeat me, the fact that you relied on Artifacts rather than attacking me directly makes it clear that no matter what, I am still somewhat of a threat to you.

At the very least, you would need to use a considerable amount of strength to defeat me, however… people like me are nothing but disposables in the Black Order's eyes.

Even the so-called World Leaders who go around acting arrogantly, in front of truly powerful Divine Stage Cultivators of the Black Order, they are nothing but bugs who can be squashed any time our cultivators wish.

All this 'chaos' in the Yrniel, the Battle between Clans representing the Ancestral Order and the Black Order, this is nothing but child's play.

A mere glance to the real battle.

The Real War.

The War between the Ancestral Order and the Black Order.

Honestly, at the level Master is at right now, it would be better to do what other clans are doing, lay low and not stick out like a sore thumb. Master needs to stop attracting this much attention because if you do, the Black Order will start taking you seriously and might send one of the actual experts after you. Experts that you would never stand a chance against no matter how many games you play."

Morwen warned and the fact that she still stood tall even after saying these words meant that whatever she said was said out of good will. Morwen was simply giving him a genuine advice, Nux, however, wasn't looking for that.

"Would you say that the Black Order is strong enough to face the Order?" he questioned.

"I do not know." This time, Morwen shook her head.

"I do not know the limit of the Black Order's strength, however, the fact that they are still not openly challenging the Ancestral Order and are playing all these games makes me think that they are not as strong as the Ancestral Order yet.

However, the fact that they have come out of hiding and are making their presence much more obvious than before makes me think otherwise."

Morwen was not sure.

She had indeed met Complete Divine Stage Cultivators who belonged to the Black Order, however, she knew that just one of two of them wouldn't be enough to face the Ancestral Order and as for whether the Black Order had more, she couldn't tell.

"I understand." Nux nodded in realization, trying to understand things from a different perspective. Then, however, another question popped up in his mind, and,

"What about Vyriana? You must have heard her name, correct? What about her? How many cultivators of her caliber does the Black Order have?" Nux questioned. He felt like this was somewhat of a good way to judge the Black Order's strength, Morwen, however, shook her head.

"As I said, Master Nux, I have no information as to how strong the Black Order actually is. Even if I want to give you a rough estimate, I cannot because I know I will be taking a blind shot."


Nux turned silent as he turned towards his wives.

"What do we do now…?" He questioned.

The women, however, had nothing to say.

With the Black Order manipulating Morwen's memories, there was not much they could do.

"Let's start with something basic, why did you visit Darrain?" Melia questioned.

"We wanted more insight into Master Nux's strength," Morwen replied.


"Like I said before, Master Nux is attracting too much attention, the Black Order is not actually serious about him for now, but he is still under their eyes and they want to know more about him and his strength.

Truthfully, it is not a good news."

"So you only came here because you wanted to know more about Nux's strength through Darrain?" Melia questioned.

"Mhm, at least that is the reason I was informed of." Morwen nodded and Nux and the women turned towards each other again.

"What now…?" Nux questioned.

He couldn't believe he had gone through so much and the ending result was him getting absolutely nothing.

"Well…' Amaya, however, still hadn't given up.

"Let us send her back."

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