Star Gate

Chapter 465: Sword Unsheathed (I)
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Chapter 465: Sword Unsheathed (I)

Battle raged outside the city; Li Hao was the epitome of ferociousness. His three swords were as one and the Incantation of the Blade of Blood freely demonstrated. Sword energy protected his body and nurtured his wounds.

He was frozen again and again, but stood up again and again. He struck with the sword, the sword light violent and ominous!

A Black Armor exploded into pieces near by him. “Out of my way!” Li Hao could no longer hold it in. These soldiers had either received particular orders or were naturally equipped with a certain obsession to protect the army leaders. He’d been knocked off his feet a few times—Black Armors swiftly appeared each time to be a human shield.

However, the Sunderer level soldiers were only on par with Sunflare. They couldn’t withstand a single blow from a mid Nova, not even their armor. A Nova’s might ensured that they shattered from one strike.

These Black Armors stepped up simply to go to their deaths. One time, two times, three times...

Li Hao didn’t think much of it at first. These soldiers were dead to begin with, so it was nice to have such a distraction. The Black Armors could impede his opponent and exhaust some of his stamina.

But as the soldiers tirelessly put themselves forward, heedless of the dangers and unknowing of death, Li Hao grew angry to see them destroyed again and again!

As more Black Armors were broken, a Bronze Armor appeared around Li Hao.

“Kill!” The ripple that emanated was the Bronze Armor’s call.

When Li Hao was next sealed away, the Bronze Armor charged with a handful of Black Armors. He wielded a broadsword and fearlessly rushed forward—kill the enemy!

“Battle Heaven!” An indistinct cry exploded by the ear!

Li Hao instantly shattered the ice, but the Bronze Armor continued undaunted and detonated with a loud roar. The explosion rocked Xu Feng on his heels—he took a slight step back. Though uninjured, he was once more impeded.

Growing irritation nipped at Xu Feng! It was one thing if he was unable to kill Li Hao, but these Black and Bronze Armors were ants that’d been dead for endless years. It was annoying that they kept getting in his way!

What is the purpose of this? What can you change with your actions? You stop me for a second and then what? I’ll keep trouncing Li Hao! There is no point to any of this!

Li Hao shattered the ice and looked at the Bronze Armor that’d just exploded. It was the same set of equipment as the rest, but he seemed to recognize the newly dead.

Hu Xinwu, leading the third company of the Seventh Troop...

A blank look entered Li Hao’s eyes before he immediately regained his calm. These soldiers were long dead! They were just following their instincts. Not even the Bronze Armors possessed much sentience. They were willing to put themselves forward again and again because he was a troop leader. They charged forward to buy time for him, for the Silver Armor.

Strike! My sword shall be the blazing sun!

His killing intent deepened by thirty percent when he struck. Li Hao leapt into the air and struck all around him. Boom!

Some of the supernaturals in the vicinity died, adding to his sword qi! Even Stellaris seemed to grow impatient with a continued failure to kill Xu Feng. Li Hao dashed out with a stern look in his eyes, racing toward the crowds in the distance instead of attacking Xu Feng!

“Trying to leave?” Xu Feng snorted. You know you’re my target, but you still want to leave? In your dreams!

He flashed in front of Li Hao. The latter was so incredibly quiet in his motions that not even his breathing made a side. He sidled past Xu Feng with a twist of his body and struck again, killing another Sunflare.

Supernaturals around them scattered, pursued by a relentless Li Hao.

Accumulating the aura!

Whether it was fury or some other indescribable mix of emotions, Li Hao’s mind had changed from his original intentions. He’d wanted to bring everything he had to bear in a fight at first, that it didn’t matter if he won or lost. He Yong was keeping an eye on things, so he wasn’t afraid.

But now, he just wanted to kill this person!


Xu Feng waved another fist, obliterating Black Armors as soon as they jumped to him. He couldn’t be bothered to look at what he destroyed as he gave chase. These metal gnats were so annoying! Another one exploded, giving way for him to see Li Hao run through a Sunflare with one stroke. The latter’s killing intent no longer wafted outward—it was all held within him as he rushed toward another location.

Supernaturals fled before his wake, but the Black and Bronze Armors continued throwing themselves at Xu Feng. The Seventh Troop leader had said that one only needed to charge on the battlefield! There was no need to pay attention to anything else. So long as the Battle Heaven Army existed, there was only the enemy to be found in the front!

Such had been his words spoken so matter-of-factly!

Li Hao hadn’t thought much of them before, but now as a mid Nova chased him, Black Armors led by Bronze Armors still presented themselves for sacrifice. Even when he stopped to kill people and Xu Feng was blocked from reaching him, they paid the price of being eradicated to impede the enemy’s footsteps.


Thirty-two! Li Hao counted to himself. That was the thirty-second soldier that Xu Feng had killed. They were dead to begin with, so why... why was he expending effort to remember the dead? Their skeletons had long turned to dust. They were just lingering obsessions!


A sword broke through the air, delivering a bloody hole to the back of the head of a horrified initial Solar. It ran through his head and left his body flopping to the ground!

Aghast cultivators shrieked and ran for their lives. Solars were dying! Killed by one thrust!

“That’s not an armored soldier! That’s Li Hao, Yuan Shuo’s disciple Li Hao! How dare you kill the innocent, Li Hao! We’re not of the three great organizations, so what are you doing, you bastard??”

They weren’t of the three great organizations and shared no grudge with Li Hao, but the little bastard dared kill them!

Li Hao looked on expressionlessly. You guys were killing Battle Heaven soldiers too. You guys drag their armor on the ground, like you’ve collected some great treasure. I am the leader of the Twelfth Troop. Once the three Silver Armors die, I am the highest ranking officer here. You kill my men, so why can I not kill you?


The longsword broke through the air—he ignored the power of ice behind him because he knew that there would be comrades along to help him block it. Indeed, a loud explosion ripped through the air behind him as a Bronze Armor exploded!

Li Hao didn’t look back, but he seemed to know the Bronze Armor’s name. He’d joined Li Hao in the guerrilla warfare of the outer city.

“Wu Kaifu, leader of the ninth company of the Eighth Troop!”

“Li Hao!” Xu Feng demanded curtly. “Is it fun manipulating these metal gnats? Is there meaning to slaughtering weak supernaturals? Come fight me, I may not kill you. I might even protect you a bit if you take off that armor and give it to me!”

He wasn’t interested in killing Li Hao, he more so wanted that armor! It was fascinating and seemed to be able to control the Black and Bronze Armors. If he could obtain a complete specimen... this treasure would rival a sky grade origin weapon. That sword also seemed indestructible, so it might be an ultimate treasure as well.

The sword of the Lis?

His thoughts touched upon the rumors. If this was the case.. then he would have enormous gains on this expedition!


Li Hao ran through another person; blood splattered his armor when he withdrew his weapon. He didn’t turn back to look at the dead Bronze Armor. He didn’t even pay attention to the soldiers rushing in from all directions to protect a troop leader... He just forged onward!

He sent a ripple through the earth with a stomp of his foot, throwing someone to him to be run through by his sword. A ferocious tiger roar stunned another senseless, blood streaming down his face. They stopped so that he could cut them down!

He flew through the crowd like a bird and smashed a supernatural to pieces!

In this moment, Li Hao could pierce through the supernatural defensive line because the powerhouses were on the front lines fighting others.

The three Silver Armors were reawakening, bringing incredible strength to bear. As many powerhouses were with the Silver Moon authorities, they were preoccupied defending themselves against Earthturner Sword. The man’s sword aura was growing ever stronger, almost to an uncontrollable point. Some weaklings in the crowd were already gravely injured.

An outsider like Hu Qingfeng was covered in blood, despite being a Nova. He was in ghastly condition.

Only Xu Feng continued to chase Li Hao. Some Novas wanted to give chase too, but were quickly scared off. A few that didn’t want to give up pursuit were immobilized on the ground. An initial Nova cultivator was being held under He Yong’s foot. A frosty look in his eyes, he punched out while stepping on a Nova!


The Nova’s head was obliterated!

He Yong didn’t care for killing these people, but they refused to be biddable after he fired a warning shot. In that case, he would show them no mercy.

“Southern Fist!” Yuan Xingwu’s eyes widened in the distance. He recognized Southern Fist, which meant he instantly thought of the other person—Earthturner Sword, Hong Yitang! What a terrifying Silver Moon martial world!

He turned his gaze toward the rampaging Li Hao and Xu Feng hot on his heels. Yuan Xingwu twitched to move, but He Yong’s presence locked onto him. “Yuan Xingwu, is it? Whether you want to help him or hurt him... don’t go over there! My fists won’t stop because of who you are and Yuan Shuo doesn’t admit that you’re his first disciple. I don’t need to show you mercy!”

“He’s no match for Xu Feng,” Yuan Xingwu answered solemnly. “Xu Feng is listed on the Divine Masters Ranking and is a mid Nova. He will die once he runs out of protection from the soldiers! If the senior wishes to help him, you should fight Xu Feng yourself.”

“I don’t need you to give me reminders!” He Yong ignored him. Would Li Hao die? Who knew if he wasn’t forced to his limits?

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