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Chapter 124

Now, after watching several livestreams from the future, they've developed their own thoughts?

For some men, this is not a good thing!

Meanwhile, in the Plague City:

"Son, look, this is what your mother is doing now. She's gone to save people. Come, let's pray together for your mother's safe return." The father watched the livestream with his son, both closing their eyes and silently praying for their beloved wife and mother to return safely from Liujiang City.

Standing nearby, a female friend sneered.

She belittled the Green-robed woman, saying: "Look how dangerous it is. One wrong move and you're dead. Luckily, I talked you out of signing up back then, or you would have lost your life."

"Still want to be part of the guard? For us women, the most important thing in life is to find a good husband. What's the point of putting yourself out there?"

Two young-looking girls were talking. The Orange-robed woman spoke proudly to the Green-robed woman, repeatedly telling her to remember to repay her life-saving kindness in the future.

The Green-robed woman pressed her lips tightly together, not making a sound.

Because in her heart, she thought:

But the Female Guards and Female Soldiers in there are so great!

They're really no worse than the men, aren't they?

"Daughter, please come back safely. Father is waiting for you at home."

"My child wants to be a hero, she has ambition. Father is proud of you." A father gazed at the screen, seeming to think of his ill-fated daughter.

The fortune-teller said she would bring misfortune to her husband and couldn't be married off, so no man in the village dared to marry her.

Last time when the Elder Princess called for Female Guards, his daughter went to sign up.

As an old father, he could only come to the city gate every day to wait for news.

Waiting for the day when his daughter could return safely...

Inside Liujiang City, which had experienced flooding:

The citizens stood up with reddened eyes and said to the Elder Princess: "We can help too!"

"Elder Princess, we've already learned basic first aid. This time, let us contribute as well."

"Yes! My nephew is still trapped in the city. I want to rescue him!"

The Elder Princess was methodically arranging rescue personnel, food, water, medicine, and various supplies. She had to personally supervise and arrange all of these things.

After all, she had too few capable people under her command. Counselor Fang and Zhou Qichen were still in the Plague City.

One moment a soldier came to ask her that they were running out of food.

The Elder Princess waved her hand, ordering more to be supplied.

The next moment, another soldier said the rescue boats seemed to be broken.

The Elder Princess immediately arranged for new ones to be brought in.

Then, the craftsmen said they had run out of materials to work with, and the Elder Princess...

Just as the Elder Princess was arranging for one group of people to rest on site and the next group to go out on boats for rescue, several Female Guards burst in from outside.

The woman leading them wore a plain cyan robe without a single pattern, her hair tied back neatly.

Her eyebrows were strong and her gaze towards the Elder Princess was filled with determination.

"Elder Princess, let us go too. We've been learning from our masters for so long, now is the time for us to show what we can do."

"We can handle simple injuries."

"We'll bring food and medicine. You can place us on the mountains, and we can search around for any people who might have been left behind..."

The Elder Princess listened patiently until they finished speaking. Under their anxious gazes, she nodded solemnly.

Immediately, these women jumped up excitedly, rejoicing with their companions.

The Elder Princess instructed: "You can go, but I have only one requirement for you - that is to be careful!"

"Also, whether you find people or not, you must gather at your landing point at the specified time."

Hearing the Elder Princess's words, everyone nodded seriously.

The lead woman spoke up: "Elder Princess, please rest assured, we will retreat according to the rules and absolutely won't hold anyone back!"

"Haha, let those men see how brave we women can be."

After that, these women boarded boats with the soldiers and entered Liujiang City.

As the boats advanced into Liujiang City, the women and soldiers saw a virtual screen projected in the sky.

The screen was so large it almost encompassed the entire Liujiang City.

Seeing the female nurses on screen risking danger to save people, remaining calm and composed even when faced with severed limbs.

Such shocking images showed that women could also be self-reliant.

This made the lead woman's face fill with pride. She pointed at the images in the sky and said: "Look, we women are not afraid of danger, hardship, or death!"

"Those are the women of the future, just as capable as you men!"

A moment ago, the soldiers were laughing at them for insisting on showing off, wondering why they couldn't stay outside and save people like the imperial physicians.

The next moment, they were left speechless by this woman's words, only able to nod repeatedly and agree with embarrassed expressions.

A soldier said solemnly: "We were narrow-minded! Perhaps the Divine Lady is right, we shouldn't look down on any woman who wants to serve the people."

"Let's go save people together!"

"We must bring out every citizen who is trapped!"

While Liujiang City continued to rescue its citizens, the film crew and other staff arrived at a nearby small village to shoot scenes. The images were once again broadcast to the eight city districts.

After the director called "Action!"

A peaceful and beautiful village scene gradually appeared on screen. Women wearing thick floral-patterned cotton jackets sat in the sun sewing shoe soles while chatting.

Outside the village, several children were playing.

Everything looked so peaceful and beautiful.

"How can you fight well if you don't eat well? Don't be polite with me, take this pumpkin and eat it." A woman walked out from a courtyard.

After the woman came out, a soldier immediately chased after her, hugging the pumpkin.

The soldier said to the woman with a serious expression: "Old Lady, we can't take anything from the villagers, not even a needle or thread. We can't accept this pumpkin."

"It's just one pumpkin, and I'm giving it to you. Just tell me who your commander is, I'll go talk to him..."

"We really can't take it, Old Lady. We can't accept anything from the villagers!"

"When I tell you to take it, just take it!"

"I really can't accept it."

The soldier and the woman kept pushing the pumpkin back and forth.

The ancient citizens were shocked to see this scene. They could hardly imagine that in the future, soldiers not only wouldn't rob food from the people, but would actively refuse it?

Are all soldiers in the future like this?

How could this be!

When those who ran food stalls faced county officials and soldiers coming to eat, they didn't even dare to charge for the meals!

The ancient common people watched helplessly as the soldiers from the future, with looks of resignation on their faces, could only follow behind the woman, forcibly returning the pumpkin to her home.

After placing the pumpkin in the house, the soldier ran away quickly. The woman wanted to chase after him but couldn't catch up: "Hey, why are you running? You've brought the pumpkin back to me..."


This scene did not last long.

Just outside this peaceful and beautiful village, a squad of enemy soldiers was swaggering towards the village.

Soon, they were spotted by the villager on lookout duty at the village entrance, who, frightened, quickly ran back to report the news.

"The enemy is coming! Everyone, quickly hide in the cellars."

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