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Chapter 702


Sang Man-Hee thought for a moment and then soon discarded the nonsensical thoughts he had.

‘Southern Edge my ass!’

A noble disciple of the Nine Great Sects acting insane and coming with a beggar-like look… Uh? Beggar? Then maybe…

No, forget the Beggars Union.


Sang Man-Hee cleared his throat.

Southern Edge was now in closed training. Of course, they could have opened the gates again, and they didn’t hear the news yet. But even if that was the case, why would they come all the way here, leaving their sect?

So they could not be from Southern Edge…


At that time, the monster asked, with eyes shining. Sang Man-Hee flinched and looked at Jin Yang-Geon and him. Then, clear on whose side he should be on, he said.


Clearly, Jin Yang-Geon looked embarrassed. But who wouldn’t be embarrassed in this situation?

Even the calmest Buddha would have sat down and fallen back if some strange man came breaking through the door.

“How dare you cause trouble here! Are you doing this after knowing what this place is?”

“I know.”


“That is why I came. So I heard of a disciple of Mount Hua here.”

“Even though you know you!”

Sang Man-Hee’s face turned red.

“A guy who knows Mount Hua doesn’t realize how scary the sect can be?”


Chung Myung tilted his head.

“You speak like you know what Mount Hua sect is?”

“I do!”

Sang Man-Hee yelled.

“What kind of place do you think Mount Hua is! To win over Wudang and sit as the leader of the Heavenly Friend Alliance!”


The lips of Chung Myung twitched.

“And is that all! They defeated the Ten Thousand People clan! And defeated Yeom Pyung of the Evil Sect and the subordinates… why are you smiling?”

Chung Myung’s slightly trembling hand moved to his face.

And he gently tried not to laugh as his lips widened into a smile.

“Ahem. Why is this… heheheh!”

Sang Man-Hee looked at him, shocked, thinking that this man was a lot stranger than he initially thought.


“Protect the leader!”

At that moment, the warriors who had climbed over the walls on the left and right of the inner wall rushed like lightning, blocking the distance between Sang Man-Hee and Chung Myung. In an instant, dozens of swords were aimed at Chung Myung.


Chung Myung clicked his tongue at the sight.

“Haa. I’ve truly gotten nicer.”

If it had been like old times, he would have drawn his sword right then and sent them to hell, regardless of who they were. Even the king of the underworld would be like, ‘Did that bastard send you again?’

He couldn’t believe the day had come when he had to simply look at people drawing swords in front of him.


He had become so kind, but Chung Myung couldn’t figure out why everyone was so anxious.

‘Right, sahyung?’

-Did you sell your conscience before asking, you bastard!

… Oh, his mouth was turning more and more foul-mouthed with time.

Did he often argue with those up there too…

“Ugh. Forget it.”

It was as Chung Myung glanced at the warriors and was ready to draw his sword.


“It isn’t too late! We don’t have to spill blood yet!”

“Catch him! Catch that bastard!”

It seemed like there was a commotion behind, and similarly dressed beggars, the Five Swords, came running and surrounded Chung Myung.

“Euk! Kuak!”

“No, why so many disciples?!”

“Subdue him without hurting him.”

“… He isn’t sane.”

“Just stab him.”

Baek Cheon, Yoon Jong, and Jo Gul, who were out of breath, looked at Yu Yiseol and Tang Soso in awe.

Seeing the two confidently speak, the three shook their heads.

“Hmm. Anyway…”

Baek Cheon cleared his throat and stepped in front of Chung Myung.

“Are you the leader of the Golden Sword Order?”


“We greet you. We are from Mount Hua.”

“Mount Hua.”

“Yes, our appearance is unsightly at present, but that is because we had to rush all the way here from Shaanxi. Please understand.”

Baek Cheon’s voice was truly serious and confident.

“We heard of someone impersonating Mount Hua’s disciples here. Whatever the reason, it is impossible to call one a disciple of Mount Hua without seeking permission from the main sect. If you cooperate in bringing out the criminal, Mount Hua will not forget the deed.”

If Baek Cheon had looked as usual, no one would have doubted him. They might even have been mesmerized by him.

But unfortunately, not now.

“Mount Hua sect?”


“You people?”


“With that look?”


Baek Cheon lightly covered his mouth with a fist and cleared his throat.

“Appearance is just a fa?ade. We are….”

“Surely, I will agree with that. But…”

Sang Man-Hee gestured to Mount Hua with a dull look.

“From what I know, Mount Hua is a sacred place…”

Baek Cheon’s eyes followed Sang Man-Hee’s gaze.

Behind him was the shattered door, the people of the office all scattered around and fallen. And it wasn’t just one or two men, but almost 50 of them.

Baek Cheon couldn’t speak right away and opened his mouth, looking awkward.

“… this can be explained…”

“In what world!”


“What kind of sect invades the land of another place, beats up their members, and forces them to give up their guests? The Mount Hua sect I know would never do something like this!”

Excuse me… he was not sure what kind of Mount Hua sect this man knew, but they were the normal Mount Hua….

“You people! It’s clear that you came here with the intention of tricking us from the Iron Clan!”

“Trick? What now?”

Sang Man-Hee exploded with anger and gritted his teeth.

“Isn’t this a ploy to drag away the disciple of Mount Hua and render him unable to ask Mount Hua for help? You think I don’t know.”


Chung Myung, who had listened to all that, unconsciously hit his palm with his fist.

“Does that even sound right?”

“Yah, you! Bastard! What’s so right about that?”

“This is what happens when you insist on speaking!”

“You will be scolded!”

“Right, you should get scolded!”

Sang Man-Hee frowned as he looked at the beggars, who were scolding one another.


Yoon Jong, the one who didn’t fight, looked to the side at Sang Man-Hee and said,

“You are being deceived now. The person inside isn’t a disciple of Mount Hua! We are the true disciples of Mount Hua!”

“… You people?”


Sang Man-Hee looked at Yoon Jong blankly and then asked,

“Put yourself in my position and think.”


“If you were in my position, which of you or the person inside would be considered the disciple of Mount Hua?”

At those words, all five of them turned their heads and saw Jin Yang-Geon.

Dressed neatly in a white robe and carrying a sword, anyone would consider him to be a Taoist monk.


All of them looked at each other and nodded.

As those who had been together for a long time, they could understand each other’s emotions. Bright smiles appeared.

‘This won’t work.’

‘Even if it were me, I’d be fooled.’

‘Right. Even the sect leader would be fooled.’

This was a mistake from the start.

Sang Man-Hee clicked his tongue, seeing the disciples of Mount Hua laugh awkwardly.

‘Where do these frivolous things come from…?’

Jin Yang-Geon showed a glimpse of the dignity of a Taoist, but also the dignity of a nobleman in every action. The amount of work these people do is like that of robbers.

Even a three-year-old child wouldn’t have a hard time choosing who the real disciple was.

“No more need to speak! I will make you pay dearly for daring to invade my place and cause this mess! What are you all doing?”

At that moment, Chung Myung smiled and spoke triumphantly.

“See? Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I say speaking won’t work?”

“It is all because of you! You bastard!”

“When you say it verbally, try saying it out loud at least once! And right! Please, Chung Myung!”

Chung Myung shrugged his shoulders and looked at Jin Yang-Geon beyond Sang Man-Hee.

“You bastard, just stay there.”

As Chung Myung cracked his neck and let his hands hang down, the Five Swords moved to the left and right.

But their faces showed anxiety. First, they prepared to fight, but they couldn’t shake off the thought of punishing innocent people.

Yoo Jong asked Baek Cheon.

“Sasuk, is this alright?”

Baek Cheon answered with a serious look.

“Think about it, Yoon Jong.”


“It happened. And suppose we let the impersonator escape now. In that case, the accident will be considered a real one, and you won’t gain anything here, right?”


“And if we have to get into trouble, we need to at least get something out of it. Let’s catch him first! Something will work out after!”

Yoon Jong, who was speechless, felt a moment of skepticism.

Was it really okay for this person to become a Mount Hua sect leader?

“What are you doing? Take them down and make them kneel!”


The men began to close in and narrow the encirclement on the party. Chung Myung and Sang Man-Hee clicked their tongues.

Although the ones outside did suffer, they were still warriors who weren’t entirely trained. The true strength of this place came from those inside. In addition, the elders who came late were also joining.

Sang Man-Hee, who thought the results were clear, turned around and went back to the room.

Jin Yang-Geon was waiting for him in the same position as the first time. He was sitting motionless as if, for the first time, despite the absurd situation, the Taoist could be understood.

“I am sorry for the trouble.”

“Haa… haha. You say such unnecessary things.”

“We will soon handle it, so just wait.”

“They seem to have come for me, but I am not dealing with them directly.”

“What are you even saying! Is there any need to use a butcher knife to kill a hen? We will handle it, so don’t worry about it.”


Jin Yang-Geon smiled and glanced out. When Sang Man-hee turned slightly, he gulped.

‘This is insane!’

What was happening? Why were they calling him an impersonator?

‘I need to run as quickly as possible.’

The plan has already gone awry. If those guys were captured and they had to confront them, it would be a major setback for him.


“Yes, Taoist.”

Jin Yang-Geon smiled, looking at Sang Man-Hee.

“The task at hand is to request reinforcements from Mount Hua, so I will have to move right away.”

“Ah, you will? And the people outside aren’t even checked…?”

Jin Yang-Geon shook his head.

“Flies come to those who have fame. If I handle them one by one, there will be no end to it.”

“Ah, right!”

He gathered up the slips and got up.

“If you put in the request now, the answer will come within three days. Then we can talk again.”

“Yes. Then take care of…”

It was then.



The scream that came from outside didn’t seem like a human scream, and then something white flew out and landed right on the table between the two.


The table shattered. At the same time, the expensive teaware also broke down right then.

“This… this pathetic… euk? Third elder?”

Sang Man-hee, who was getting angry and wanted to ask what was so tough about dealing with beggars, was shocked as he looked at the person lying with foam in his mouth.

The third elder, a warrior of the Golden Sword Order, was squirming with his eyes closed. His legs, which seemed to have turned stiff, were trembling.

“… Th-third elder…”

Sang Man-Hee, who realized that the situation was wrong, raised his head and….



Finally, Chung Myung stepped into the room.

“We are here, you bastard, the reinforcements from Mount Hua!”

His lips emitted white steam, resembling a grinning demon from hell.

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