Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3880 - 954 - Twelve Seats
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Chapter 954 – Twelve Seats

“Guild Leader Black Flame, your requirement is too high,” Verdant Rainbow said, smiling wryly. “Many Level 235-plus experts might have entered the Eternal Realm because of Everlasting City’s competition, but Fragmented Divine Artifacts aren’t cabbages. Many of the Greater God’s Domain’s fifth-floor experts have only one or two Fragmented Divine Artifacts, while some unluckier ones have none. Even with the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s robust foundations, we can, at most, fully equip about 700 players with Fragmented Divine Artifacts.”

“Only 700?” Shi Feng fell silent after hearing this.

Fragmented Divine Artifacts were indeed extremely rare in the Greater God’s Domain. Many ordinary and upper-ranking hegemonic powers only had a few pieces, and some might not even have any. This was why Level 220-plus Taboo Epic and Taboo Fragmented Legendary Equipment was considered mainstream in the Greater God’s Domain.

However, as pseudo-apex and apex powers had monopolized Taboo Dungeons and Taboo Secret Lands for many years, they should have no trouble fully equipping many experts with Fragmented Divine Artifacts.

With the Seven Luminaries Alliance being a transcendental existence even among apex powers, Shi Feng thought the Alliance would have no trouble fully equipping a thousand experts with Fragmented Divine Artifacts in the current Eternal Realm. Not to mention, the Alliance must have transferred some of its arsenal to secure its position in Everlasting City’s competition. However, to his disappointment, the Alliance only had enough Fragmented Divine Artifacts to fully equip about 700 players in the Eternal Realm. This was nowhere near enough players to capture the primordial civilization city.

If they couldn’t capture the primordial civilization city, there was no way they could deal with Evil Nature.

“The Seven Luminaries Alliance might not have all the experts you need, but…” Verdant Rainbow trailed off. Then, as she looked at Shi Feng’s pondering expression, she continued, “I know a group of Level 230-plus experts who are fully equipped with Fragmented Divine Artifacts at the very least. If we include them, we should barely have a thousand people. However, persuading these people will not be easy. I will need you to agree to a request of mine, Guild Leader Black Flame. Otherwise, I’m afraid we cannot proceed with this partnership.”

“What is your condition?” Shi Feng asked, unsurprised by Verdant Rainbow’s words.

He was the one who had suggested they cooperate to deal with Evil Nature. Hence, it was only natural that he made some concessions. Moreover, Zero Wing wasn’t in a position to negotiate an advantageous deal with the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

Although Evil Nature was a big problem for Zero Wing and the Seven Luminaries Alliance, leaving Evil Nature unchecked posed a much bigger problem for Zero Wing than for the Seven Luminaries Alliance. Currently, Zero Wing was based only in Shadowring Town and the Crystal City of Secrets. On the other hand, the Seven Luminaries Alliance was based in many NPC Cities across the Eternal Continent. It even had a Guild Town on the Western Continent. Hence, even if the Alliance had its operations hindered by Evil Nature in multiple NPC Cities, it could still develop comfortably in the Eternal Realm.

In contrast, if Zero Wing were to lose Shadowring Town and the Crystal City of Secrets, it would no longer be able to survive in the Eternal Realm…

“Simple.” Verdant Rainbow smiled. “After our collaboration, I want you to apply to be a Grand Elder candidate in the Seven Luminaries Alliance. Should you win one of the Senate’s twelve seats, I will need you to push for me to become a Vice Alliance Master in the Seven Luminaries Alliance.”

“Do you have that much confidence in me?” Shi Feng looked at Verdant Rainbow in surprise. This was not a request he had expected.

The Seven Luminaries Alliance was the human race’s most transcendental apex power. It wasn’t merely a large Guild but also a huge organization. Regarding the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s twelve Grand Elder positions, they were held by experts recognized by the Alliance. So long as one was sufficiently strong, any expert from any power could take on these positions. This included independent experts and the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s own members.

Despite not having to participate in the management of the Seven Luminaries Alliance, the elected Grand Elders could enjoy the best privileges offered by the Alliance. They could easily purchase items exclusive to the Alliance’s core executives. They also wielded considerable authority, having a voice in the nomination of candidates for the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Vice Alliance Masters.

Naturally, given the great authority and freedom of these Grand Elder positions, many players in the human race’s Greater God’s Domain yearned to become members of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Senate. Thus, whenever the term of the Alliance’s Grand Elders was about to end, many experts would apply to become candidates.

Of course, not just anyone could apply. Players must have reached the fifth-floor standard or grasped at least one Gold Combat Technique to qualify for candidacy.

Additionally, the competition for the twelve Grand Elder positions had no requirements for age or talent. Strength was the only requirement. Hence, players under Level 240 and those not fully equipped with Divine Artifacts had virtually no chance of winning.

According to Shi Feng’s memories, the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s twelve Grand Elder positions rarely changed hands. Even when a change did occur, it would be limited to the bottom-ranked Grand Elders.

Currently, he had neither reached Level 240, nor was he fully equipped with Divine Artifacts. His chances would be slim if he tried to compete for the twelve Grand Elder positions.

“Of course.” Verdant Rainbow nodded. “You are ranked sixth on the latest Divine Glory List and publicly acknowledged as the younger generation’s strongest Sword God. There is also a considerable time before the competition begins. With the many opportunities available in the Eternal Realm, if you still say you don’t stand a chance, I don’t think anybody else can help me. So, will you accept my condition, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

“No problem. I can agree to this condition.” Shi Feng nodded without hesitation.

He had already planned to compete for a spot in the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Senate, even before Verdant Rainbow’s condition. After all, the Seven Luminaries Alliance had extraordinary foundations. Should he succeed in becoming a Grand Elder, he could directly purchase many Divine Artifacts suitable for himself and materials to repair Fragmented Divine Artifacts instead of going to the trouble of procuring them himself.

Most importantly, he could purchase the Eternal Stones needed to repair the Eternity Set. With the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s extraordinary foundations, it should have many Eternal Stones in its Guild Warehouse. Once he became a Grand Elder, he could collect Eternal Stones much more quickly.

Like the Flame God Set, the Eternity Set was also one of the Six Great Divine Sets. So long as a Tier 6 player equipped it, they would instantly become an existence comparable to Primordial Gods. If Zero Wing could get its hands on the two sets in addition to the Inferior Legendary Siege Weapon Firmament, it would no longer fear any power in the Greater God’s Domain.

“That settles it, then.” A hint of excitement flashed across Verdant Rainbow’s eyes when Shi Feng agreed to her condition. “I’ll need about half a day to gather the necessary manpower. If that’s all from you, I’ll contact them right away.”

After saying so, Verdant Rainbow promptly left the conference room, her actions so swift that Shi Feng didn’t even get to remind her about sealing their deal with a God’s Domain Contract.

… f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m

Eternal Realm, Ice Blast Sea:

On an island pelted by hail, a team of 200-plus players sat in a Seven Luminaries Ore Vein littered with the corpses of over 10,000 players from the Holy Race and the human race. If one inspected these corpses carefully, one would notice that these players averaged Level 235. Many of them also wore the Guild Emblem of apex powers. Yet, despite being led by multiple Level 240, Tier 6 NPCs, all these players were killed without exception.

“Rin, didn’t you say that the Holy Race’s and the human race’s younger generation have many experts? None of these players were a sixth-floor expert. Even the strongest among them were only Half-step Mortal Gods. If such players were to enter the Hundred Race Battlefield, they wouldn’t even make it into the top 10,000,” a Level 235, six-meter-tall Crystallian man with a lanky build said, exasperated as he scanned the corpses around him. “Speaking of which, now that you have reached the sixth-floor standard, you should be able to enter the Hundred Race Battlefield’s inner area with me. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to compete for the inner area’s top 100 and fight Ink Crystal for that standard’s Legacy.”

As the lanky man spoke, he shifted his gaze to Rin, only to find with a distracted look. Out of curiosity, he asked, “What’s wrong? Is something on your mind?”

“Verdant Rainbow, the person who got us here, messaged me. She wants us to head to Shadowring Town to lend Black Flame a hand. In return, she’ll consider the favor we owe her repaid,” Rin answered as she stared at the message from Verdant Rainbow.

“Black Flame? The expert who bested you in the Continental Championship?” The lanky man pondered Verdant Rainbow’s request. Then, he nodded and continued, “Let’s go, then. We can use this opportunity to size him up. If his strength is good, we can consider bringing him to the Hundred Race Battlefield.”

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