Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 3062 - 3062 Father-In-Law Is Mighty
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Chapter 3062 Father-In-Law Is Mighty

He almost blurted out the word ‘father-in-law.’

If he really said that, his future father-in-law would probably be so angry that he would pounce on him. He might even raise his fist and hit his face regardless of the occasion.

He still remembered that year when Xia Yiwei fell in love at the age of 16 or 17. At that time, Second Uncle hadn’t died yet. When he passed by Chang’an Avenue in the car, he unintentionally saw Xia Yiwei holding hands with Hou Zi in her school uniform. Hou Zi even kissed her from time to time. At that time, Fourth Brother, who was also sitting in the car, told Second Brother and Third Brother that Second Uncle almost pulled out his gun and wanted to rush up to shoot Hou Zi.

The car had stopped. If it wasn’t for Fourth Brother, Second Uncle, who was already the minister of the Ministry of Public Security at that time, would have flown into a rage on the streets and beaten Hou Zi up.

At that time, Xia Yiwei had just entered grade eleven. She had just gotten into a relationship with Hou Zi for two months when she was caught by Second Uncle. If Second Uncle hadn’t suddenly passed away, Hou Zi would have been beaten up by him.

Xia Jinyuan could understand why his future father-in-law wanted to beat him up.

Mr. Fu was so angry that his face was ashen. He snorted heavily. “I know you’re Commander Xia’s son. But even if I hit you today, so be it!

“My daughter is a cold girl. Her family is the only exception. She would never have agreed to be with you easily. It’s obvious that you pestered her until her heart softened and she agreed to you in a daze!

“You’re familiar with my daughter, right? You even met her a few times, right? That’s why my daughter let down her guard and allowed you to take advantage of her!”

Xia Jinyuan almost gave his future father-in-law a thumbs-up!

He hadn’t said anything, but his future father-in-law, who had a high IQ, could actually… guess most of it!

He was able to get together with the little fox because he pestered her. He took advantage of the fact that he had fought with her a few times and was familiar with her.

His future father-in-law used the phrase ‘take advantage’ too appropriately!


His father-in-law was wise!

His father-in-law was not easy to deal with!

Lieutenant Colonel Xia had many thoughts in his heart, but his facial expression didn’t change. He was as calm as a mountain. “You’re right. I took advantage of the situation and took four years to get together with her.”

After knowing his daughter for four years, his daughter finally agreed?

“Yes, that’s true. I got to know Ye Jian when she was in the eighth grade.” When Xia Jinyuan saw Mr. Fu’s expression softening, his voice became much lower. It was a little heavy.

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