Protect Our Patriarch

Book 2: Chapter 111: Long Yan’s Celestial Banquet
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As expected.

Lei Yangyu's face stiffened slightly, "My daughter's matter has been resolved, but what about my son's?"

"Brother Yangyu," Wang Shouzhe said with a helpless expression, "Luotong is my sister, and I too wish for her to marry into a good family. To be honest, Bowu is not bad, but since Luotong refuses to marry, I can't force her, can I?"

"What should we do then?" Lei Yangyu's eyebrows raised, "I've already married off my legitimate daughter to your little brother, it wouldn't be right for a disciple of the Lei Clan to marry into your family, would it? If word of this gets out, where would the dignity of the illustrious Lei Clan be placed?"

"You make a very good point," Wang Shouzhe nodded in agreement, "In that case, let's call off this marriage arrangement."

"I disagree," Lei Bowu, who was already in his thirties, stormed in furiously, "Father, according to the ancestral rules of the Lei Clan, I request to split the family. It doesn't matter if you give me less, once the family is divided, I will be the head of a branch family, and I will have the final say in my own affairs."

Lei Yangyu was so angry that he trembled all over and cursed furiously, "Unfilial son, you disgrace, how could the Lei Clan produce someone like you!"

"Brother Yangyu, calm down, please calm down~" Wang Shouzhe poured him some spiritual tea to soothe him, "It's indeed infuriating when such things happen. But what's done is done. Let's look on the bright side."

"Look on the bright side?" Lei Yangyu glanced at Wang Shouzhe with a deep look in his eyes, "It's easy for you to say when it's not your own son causing trouble."

Over the years, Lei Yangyu had often been angered by his son's actions.

"Brother Yangyu, how about we settle it this way," Wang Shouzhe suggested, "Even if Bowu marries into our family, I can assure you that no one in our family would dare to look down on him."

Lei Yangyu's expression fluctuated. If the Wang Clan of Ping'an was still the same old clan, Lei Yangyu would have turned hostile long ago. However, the current Wang Clan of Ping'an had not only risen to the status of a Celestial Family but was also growing at an unprecedented pace that he had never seen in his lifetime. Moreover, as a Celestial Family, he was not as isolated from information as the ordinary families in Changning Guard. Through his clan members in the academy, he had long known that the Wang Clan had produced two prodigies in this generation, who had been taken as direct disciples by the Xuan Yao lineage and the Wan Die Valley respectively. With such talent and the resources of the academy, they were bound to become Celestials in the future.

Perhaps, in a hundred years... no, maybe even less than a hundred years, the Wang Clan would ascend to a sixth-rank family. While the difference between a seventh-rank and a sixth-rank family might seem small, the actual gap in strength could be more than four or five times greater. Although the future was uncertain, Wang Shouzhe seemed gentle and modest, but he was actually very cunning and far-sighted, and extremely cautious in his actions, truly not an easy opponent to deal with. The chances of the Wang Clan failing under his leadership were indeed slim. And who didn't know that the current Celestial Xu Clan was also in cahoots with the Wang Clan? It was certainly not wise to be on bad terms with the Wang Clan.

"Let it be~" After much deliberation, Lei Yangyu finally decided not to dwell on this matter and sighed, "I agree to it then, let's just consider that I never had a legitimate son. But we must keep a low profile about this."

With that, he couldn't help but glare at his troublesome son again, "Are you satisfied now?"

"Hehehe~" Lei Bowu grinned foolishly, completely indifferent to his father's glare.

"Brother Yangyu, since we are to become in-laws, let's do it wholeheartedly," Wang Shouzhe suggested, "I believe, in a few years, Brother Yangyu will be proud of the decision you made today."

"Fine. For the sake of Clan Leader Wang's words, I entrust Bowu to you," Lei Yangyu was not one to dawdle once he made a decision, "From now on, my Lei Clan and the Celestial Wang Clan will become in-laws. As the Clan Leader, I sincerely hope that the relationship between the Lei Clan and the Wang Clan will last for generations."

"Hahaha~ I am honored by Brother Yangyu's trust, and I will not let you down," Wang Shouzhe laughed heartily, also picking up his cup of tea and said solemnly, "From now on, the three great Celestial Families of Changning Guard will support each other and seek common development."

After speaking, the two clinked their cups, exchanged smiles, and everything was understood without words. Although neither of them said anything too specific, as Clan Leaders, they naturally understood each other's intentions. Within the same guard city, the Celestial Families were actually in competition with each other. After all, the resources of a guard city were limited, and if Celestial Families wanted to develop, friction was inevitable. Over the years, it was abnormal to maintain a good relationship. Celestial Families usually do not intermarry with local Celestial Families for this reason.

However, the Xu Clan of Changning and the Wang Clan of Ping'an broke this rule.

The two families were already related by marriage, and after the direct lineage marriage, they not only cooperated to squeeze out the Celestial Huangfu Clan but also ascended to become seventh-rank Celestial Families, supporting each other with a stable relationship. The Lei Clan of Changning Guard, being another Celestial Family, suddenly found itself in an awkward position. Although the Xu and Wang Clans had just ascended to Celestial Families and the Lei Clan could easily crush either of them in terms of overall strength, it was clear that as a Celestial Family, the Lei Clan had no chance of winning against both. Over time, even if the two families did nothing, just the economic competition alone could cause trouble for the Lei Clan. A hundred years later, the Lei Clan might gradually weaken and fail to complete the Celestial succession, falling out of the game. This was something Lei Yangyu did not want to see.

If he did not form a marriage alliance with the Wang Clan now, he would have to find a way to divide the relationship between the Xu and Wang Clans. If he could cause their marriage alliance to fall through or even turn them against each other, it would be most beneficial for the Lei Clan.

But now, having chosen to form a marriage alliance, he naturally went with the flow and joined the alliance, turning the two-family alliance into a three-family alliance. As for the future, with Wang Shouzhe's foresight, he must have already made plans, and Lei Yangyu would just wait and see. Wang Shouzhe was also very satisfied with this outcome. He was not fond of fighting and killing. Compared to competing with other families, he preferred to farm, fish, and quietly develop. The days of the Wang Clan of Ping'an would naturally get better and better. This marriage alliance with the Lei Clan and pulling them onto the same boat meant that the territory of Changning Guard was as stable as Mount Tai. Even the Guard House of Changning Guard would have to consider the Wang Clan's opinion before making any decisions.

In the following days, various families arrived at the Wang Clan one after another. Among them, it was necessary to mention the families related to the Wang Clan by marriage.

The first to arrive was the Lu Clan of Yingshu. Because they were the farthest away, they set off early and were the first to arrive. This time, the Lu Clan of Yingshu was led by the elder Ming Sheng himself, accompanied by the two newly promoted elders, Lu Zhengxiong and Lu Xiaoxiao. Lu Zhengxiong was the former Clan Leader of the Lu Clan of Yingshu, and his wife was Wang Liuling, Wang Shouzhe's direct aunt. The current Clan Leader of the Lu Clan of Yingshu was Lu Zhengxiong and Wang Liuling's eldest legitimate son, also Lu Xiaoxiao's elder brother.

In addition, Wang Lici's elder cousin, Wang Liwan, who had married into the Lu Clan of Yingshu a few years ago, also returned with them. With her elder sister Wang Lici there, Wang Liwan's days in the Lu Clan of Yingshu were also very comfortable. Although she married into a direct lineage, her qualifications and character were very good, and she was expected to be the next Lingtai seedling cultivated by the Lu Clan of Yingshu.

Then came the Xu Clan of Jinsha. They also brought quite a few people this time. The Clan Leader Xu Anze and the Lingtai elder Xu Ningwei both came in person, accompanied by many younger members of the family. Thanks to the profits from the textile workshop, the Xu Clan of Jinsha had a much fuller purse in recent years, and Xu Anze had also successfully advanced to the Lingtai realm. The Xu Clan of Jinsha now had two Lingtai members, and several younger members with good qualifications were expected to ascend to an eighth-rank family in ten or twenty years. Wang Luomei and Wang Luohua, the two Wang sisters who married into the Xu Clan of Jinsha, also returned with them. Influenced by the rise of the Wang Clan, their status in the Xu Clan of Jinsha had soared in recent years, and they were living quite comfortably. Although one was over sixty and the other over forty, they both looked dignified and extraordinary, with an air that was not inferior to the matrons of small families.

The Liu Clan of Shanyin also brought quite a few people this time. Not only did the great man Liu Gaowang lead the team himself, but Liu Xuanfu and Liu Qingbai, the two strongest elders of the Liu Clan of Shanyin, also came together, and another Lingtai elder, Liu Zhisheng, also came.

Elder Zhisheng was a generation younger than Liu Xuanfu and Liu Qingbai, being the grandson of Wang Zhuwei, who had married into the Liu Clan of Shanyin, and was the nephew of Elder Long Yan, having a close relationship with her. This time, of course, he would not miss the event. In addition, Wang Shouzhe's elder brother-in-law Liu Yuanhui and younger brother-in-law Liu Yuanrui also came. A few years ago, Liu Yuanhui had taken over the position of Clan Leader from his father, and at forty-three, he was already a second-layer peak Lingtai realm powerhouse. This time, he also brought his eldest legitimate son to see the world. The younger brother-in-law Liu Yuanrui had also married a few years ago, marrying the legitimate daughter of the Guard House's chief clerk. Now in his thirties, he had already officially entered the officialdom and was doing well in the Guard House, already a figure of some standing. This time, he also brought his wife and children with him. However, Wang Shouzhe couldn't help but feel that Liu Yuanrui's wife seemed a bit domineering, as if she had a tight grip on her husband.

In addition, Liu Yuanshan and Liu Yuanqiang, the two brothers who had interacted with Wang Shouzhe at his wedding, also came. At that time, Liu Yuanshan was in his forties and unmarried. Now, he was almost sixty and still unmarried, but his strength had soared, and he was already in the Lingtai realm. His archery skills had also become more divine, and now Wang Shouzhe was probably no match for him. On the other hand, Liu Yuanqiang still looked the same as before. At eighteen, he was tall and muscular, looking like he was in his thirties. Now that he was actually in his thirties, he still had the same honest appearance and didn't look his age. His physique had improved a lot compared to before, and he was close to the Lingtai realm, so it seemed he had been working hard over the years.

After the Liu Clan of Shanyin came the Chen Clan of Donggang. The Chen Clan of Donggang was not far from the Wang Clan, but because Wang Luoyi rarely returned to her natal home and planned to stay for a longer time, they were delayed by the preparations and arrived later. Having married into the Chen Clan of Donggang for over a decade, Wang Luoyi now had both sons and daughters, and her brother-in-law Chen Fangjie had already taken over from his father and become the Clan Leader of the Chen Clan of Donggang. The Chen Clan of Donggang had made a lot of money through cooperation with the Wang Clan, and the couple had advanced to the Lingtai realm a few years earlier. Now, the Chen Clan of Donggang had more than six Lingtai realm members and was a strong eighth-rank family, ready to aim for the seventh rank.

And the two aunts who had married into the Chen Clan of Donggang, Wang Liuyun and Wang Liudan, would naturally not miss this grand event. One was sixty-seven and the other forty-five, and they both had many children and grandchildren. With the Wang Clan's promotion to the seventh rank, they were also very excited and had not slept well for several nights before coming.

Of course, such a grand event could not be without Elder Ruhong. Elder Ruhong, the Chen Clan Leader's family, the grandmothers who had married into the Wang Clan, and many younger members, all together, were a mighty group of people, and their arrival caused quite a stir.

The last to arrive was the Xu Clan of Changning. This time, not only did the Clan Leader Xu Anbang of the Xu Clan of Changning come, but the Celestial Elder Beichen also came in person and brought a generous gift, giving the Wang Clan great face. In addition, Wang Liqin, the aunt who had married into the Xu Clan of Changning, would naturally not be absent. She was the eldest daughter of Elder Xiaohan and brought her husband Xu Anfeng back to her family home, showing her face in the Xu Clan of Changning. In addition, Wang Shouxin's two elder brothers-in-law, Xu Zhenxing and Xu Zhenye, also came together. Both in their sixties, they still looked ruddy and youthful, clearly doing well in the Xu Clan and holding high positions.

Of course, there was also a little guest who could not be overlooked.

That was Xu Pingting, the legitimate granddaughter of the Xu Clan, who was betrothed to Wang Zong'an. She was only twelve years old but had already grown into a graceful and beautiful young girl, obviously a beauty in the making, with a gentle and generous nature. Wang Shouzhe and Liu Ruolan were quite satisfied with this future daughter-in-law.

By this time, all the families of Changning Guard, whether seventh, eighth, or ninth rank, had arrived without exception.It was only reasonable for everyone to attend; anyone who dared not to come or was unwilling to come was clearly showing disrespect to the Wang Clan. Even if the Wang Clan didn't take action, that family's good days would be over. There were plenty of clans and individuals eager to curry favor with the Wang Clan who would take care of them. Apart from Changning Garrison, there were the Zhong and Guang clans from Baidao Garrison, the Dantai Clan from Donghai Garrison, the two major clans from Zhenze Garrison, as well as Dingnan and Anyuan Garrisons... All the celestial clans from the southern six garrisons of Longzuo Commandery had gathered together.

Originally, the southern six garrisons of Longzuo Commandery were all frontier territories, gradually developed over time. Even Anyuan Garrison, with the longest history, did not have a history of a thousand years. Therefore, the entire six garrisons did not have a single sixth-rank clan; the most powerful were only two strong seventh-rank clans. A so-called strong seventh-rank clan refers to a family that has two Celestial Realm Ancestors, one of whom must reach the middle stage of the Celestial Realm. For many seventh-rank clans, the primary goal is to complete the celestial succession, ensuring the family's continued existence.

Only when the scale of wealth and influence is sufficient, with ample surplus, can one qualify for the dual celestial succession model. For example, the Xiao Clan of Anyuan Garrison, although they also have two Celestial Realm Ancestors, they are not considered a strong seventh-rank clan. After all, they are just undergoing a normal celestial succession, where two Celestial Realm Ancestors coexist for a certain period. In a few decades or a century, once Ancestor Xiao Yuanwu's lifespan is exhausted, the Xiao Clan of Anyuan will return to having only one Celestial Realm Ancestor. In contrast, strong seventh-rank clans maintain two Celestial Realm Ancestors most of the time, and on very rare occasions, even three. Such clans are far stronger than ordinary celestial clans.

Currently, the only clans in the southern six garrisons that are firmly considered strong seventh-rank are the celestial Wang Clan of Zhenze Garrison and the celestial Tuoba Clan of Donghai Garrison. Even the renowned Dantai Clan of Donghai is not considered a strong seventh-rank. Besides, the Wang Clan did not actively invite the eighth-rank clans from other garrisons. It wasn't that Wang Shouzhe looked down on those eighth-rank clans, but it was a long-standing rule that celestial clans from each city and garrison would actively avoid interacting with unrelated eighth and ninth-rank clans from other garrisons.

This was because the celestial clans of each garrison regarded their own garrison as their territory and were inherently resistant to external forces meddling in internal affairs. Disregarding the rules could easily lead to conflicts and unnecessary trouble. Just like a few years ago, when several major clans from Changning Garrison wanted to redeem the assets of the Huangfu Clan, the clans from other cities and garrisons did not deliberately make things difficult. After all, these unspoken rules, passed down through thousands of years, were summarized by the ancestors after various lessons and had their own reasons. No clan that has stood for hundreds or thousands of years on its own turf would foolishly break taboos over trivial matters.

As all the major clans arrived, the students of the Wang Clan who were studying at the Purple Mansion Academy also returned. Even Fang You'an, Ji Mingyu, and several other well-acquainted disciples from the academy, including the junior sister from Green Tassel, disguised themselves and mixed with the ordinary guests to congratulate Ancestor Long Yan. The Purple Mansion Academy held a transcendent status, and their identities were sensitive, not suitable for public appearances, but they still wanted to congratulate Ancestor Long Yan, so they had to resort to this strategy.

On the auspicious day and time, the celestial banquet of the Wang Clan officially began.

The venue for this celestial banquet was on the second floor of the newly built Wanghu Restaurant by Wang Shouzhe. This floor was specially designed with a heightened ceiling, offering a broad view. Through the huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows, one could take in the entire scenery of Zhuwei Lake. Inside, the decor was also magnificent, with luxurious glazed lamps hanging all over the ceiling. When the lights were turned on, the warm color tone was very comfortable. The banquet mode also referenced the common mode from Wang Shouzhe's previous life.

With waiters trained rigorously, a systematic kitchen service, and various fresh dishes... the entire banquet was innovative in form and showed ingenuity in the details, which amazed all the major clans.

The Wang Clan members fluttered like butterflies among the guests, trying their best to make them feel at home.

Due to the rapid rise of the Wang Clan, there were too few clan members. This time, almost all the available clan members were mobilized, even the eleven-year-old eldest of the "Shi" generation, Wang Shinian, had to come out to accompany the guests and offer toasts. Only children under ten, who had not yet fully learned the rules and etiquette, could afford to stay idle. However, this also provided a stage for the young people to showcase themselves. The elegance of the younger generation of the Wang Clan was fully displayed in this hospitality. Over the years, the Wang Clan had risen too quickly, and while the major clans did not dare to say anything openly, there was no shortage of murmuring behind the scenes. There were not a few who privately speculated and regarded the Wang Clan as upstarts, but no one dared to say it to their face. This was a common problem among the clans.

A clan that rises too quickly inevitably arouses jealousy from all sides. Calling the Wang Clan "upstarts" was just a way to feel good verbally, trying to gain a sense of superiority based on their own family's longer history. In most cases, their speculation was not without reason, because a family that rises too quickly indeed tends to have gaps in the cultivation of the younger generation. But the Wang Clan was an exception.

Under Wang Shouzhe's insistence, the Wang Clan spared no effort in the all-around cultivation of the young people.

Influenced by modern educational concepts, Wang Shouzhe knew well that young people are the future of a family and the foundation for a family's future development. If the foundation is not stable, the prosperity of the family can only be considered superficial. As the saying goes, "A belly full of poetry and literature gives one an air of elegance." With substance in the heart, actions will naturally be genuine. Although the young people of the Wang Clan had shallow cultivation, they were all graceful, and even the girls were distinguished and elegant. Moreover, it was particularly commendable that these outstanding young people were all humble and down-to-earth, without any arrogance due to the Wang Clan's temporary prosperity. All the major clans had seen the world and knew that such demeanor could only be cultivated from a young age with careful upbringing. If it were one or two, it could be considered a fluke, but when all are outstanding, it can only be attributed to the Wang Clan's capability. The term "upstarts" was even less applicable.

For a time, the celestial families, who had always held themselves in high regard, also put away some of their contemptuous thoughts. With such a demeanor, the Wang Clan's potential was probably still substantial~

After three rounds of wine and five flavors of dishes, the atmosphere at the banquet gradually became more and more lively. During this time, Ancestor Long Yan even made a public appearance, discussing and exchanging cultivation insights with the visiting Celestial Realm Ancestors, pushing the atmosphere of the banquet to its climax. For a moment, the entire second floor of Wanghu Restaurant was immersed in a sea of laughter and cheerful voices.

Suddenly, a thick fog rose over Zhuwei Lake, almost obscuring half of the lake's surface.

Amidst the hazy fog, a long and melodious dragon chant suddenly came from the sky, echoing through the clouds. At the same time, a huge dragon shadow appeared in the fog, rushing towards Wanghu Restaurant with overwhelming dragon might. The powerful presence, accompanied by intense cold and moisture, howled in through the open windows. In an instant, the temperature on the second floor of Wanghu Restaurant dropped significantly, and even the hot dishes on the table cooled down in a moment.

Outside the window, the massive size and the oppressive feeling brought by the powerful dragon might were almost suffocating.

"Xuanbing Li Jiao!" Some knowledgeable Celestial Realm Ancestors present changed their expressions dramatically, shocked.

The "Xuanbing Li Jiao" was a top contender among ice-attribute Flood Dragons, with a powerful bloodline and a melodious dragon chant that was clear and piercing, like ice chisels striking a bell, making it easy to distinguish. And a Xuanbing Li Jiao with such overwhelming might was likely to have reached the sixth rank. Any Purple Mansion cultivator of slightly weaker strength would have to detour upon seeing it, not willing to provoke it rashly.

Where did this Xuanbing Li Jiao come from? Could it be from outside the domain? Could it be that the Wang Clan of Changning had offended some beast king outside the domain? For a moment, everyone was anxious and uneasy.

Of course, there were also many who secretly took pleasure in the misfortune. Despite the presence of so many Celestial Realm Ancestors, if this Xuanbing Li Jiao were to attack the Wang Clan, it was feared that few would lend a helping hand, and most Celestial Realm Ancestors would just stand by and watch.

"Do not panic, everyone," Wang Shouzhe said in a timely manner, reminding them, "Take a closer look, there is someone standing on the head of the Xuanbing Li Jiao."

Sure enough. In the midst of the fog, a figure could be seen standing with hands behind their back on the head of the Xuanbing Li Jiao.

The wind stirred, and the fog drifted, making it difficult to see his/her figure clearly, but the aura was as sharp as an ice peak and as cold as frost and snow. With the fluttering of the clothes, the demeanor was ethereal and otherworldly, involuntarily evoking a sense of awe and worship.

"It turns out to be a spirit beast raised by a big shot." Seeing this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and then they couldn't help but become curious.

"Who is this big shot that has arrived?"

"Regardless of who that big shot is, anyone who has the qualification to stand on the head of a Xuanbing Li Jiao is definitely not an ordinary person."

The crowd couldn't help but discuss among themselves.

Among the crowd, several disguised disciples from the academy looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

Fang You'an sighed, knowing that there was no need to hide any longer, and simply stood up to reveal his identity: "Do not be nervous, everyone. This Xuanbing Li Jiao is the guardian spirit beast of the Xuanbing Hall lineage of the Purple Mansion Academy. And the one riding on the head of the Xuanbing Li Jiao is my master, the Ice Lan Superior!" f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m

Saying this, he couldn't help but smile bitterly in his heart. He, Fang You'an, had to hide his identity to attend the banquet due to the academy's rules. But his master, on the other hand, came riding on the Xuanbing Li Jiao without a word, really... Well, a disciple should not speak ill of his master, better to think about how to deal with the aftermath~

"What?" The Celestial Realm Ancestors of the southern six garrisons were all shocked upon hearing this. They had heard that the Wang Clan had a deep relationship with the academy, but they did not expect that there would be academy disciples hiding among the guests. Even more astonishing was that the renowned Ice Lan Superior would personally come.

"It's actually my master." Ancestor Long Yan also never expected that her own master would come in person, riding on the Xuanbing Li Jiao, making such a grand entrance.

She was thrilled and immediately rushed out of the window, performing a grand salute towards the figure on the head of the Xuanbing Li Jiao: "Long Yan pays respects to..."

The words "master" were just about to come out, but she swallowed them back. She did not understand her master's true intentions and dared not call out "master" in such a public setting. After all, her master was a Superior of the academy and needed to be mindful of the impact. However, she did not call out, but Ice Lan Superior had no such scruples.

"Long Yan, my disciple." Amidst the misty fog, Ice Lan Superior's voice came through.

Her voice was authoritative with a hint of indulgence, and her tone carried a touch of laughter and pride: "You have broken through and established yourself as a Celestial, and your master is very pleased. Due to the rules of the academy, your master will not come down to join the banquet."

For a moment, the Celestial Realm Ancestors present were silent as cicadas in winter, and their estimation and evaluation of the Wang Clan soared. Ancestor Long Yan's backing was so formidable, and she was so favored. Fang You'an couldn't help but roll his eyes secretly. Master, is this what you call being mindful of the rules? You ride on the Xuanbing Li Jiao so blatantly to support your disciple, who wouldn't understand?

Wang Shouzhe stepped forward to salute: "Since the Superior is mindful of the rules and cannot join the banquet, Shouzhe will order someone to prepare spiritual delicacies, which the Superior can take back to enjoy at leisure."

Unexpectedly, the Ice Lan Superior standing on the Xuanbing Li Jiao snorted coldly: "Wang Shouzhe, this Superior is speaking to my disciple Long Yan, what does it have to do with you? Stand further away, don't block my view."

"Uh..." Wang Shouzhe was speechless.

Ice Lan Superior was good in every aspect, but she had a big temper, held grudges, and was petty. Wasn't it just a slight offense against her? It had been so many years, and she still held it against him. However, despite his internal complaints, he wisely moved a bit further away.

"Long Yan, my disciple, this treasure is a gift to congratulate you on your advancement to Celestial." Ice Lan Superior's tone became especially affectionate towards Ancestor Long Yan. With a casual wave of her hand, a glint of icy light flew out from her sleeve, drifting towards Long Yan. Ancestor Long Yan summoned a stream of profound energy to catch it, and upon closer inspection, she found it to be an ice crystal scale armor, small and exquisite in her hand, shining with precious light, quite extraordinary.

Fang You'an, standing by, couldn't help but feel envious: "It's actually the 'Xuanbing Li Jiao Armor'."The "Mystic Ice Jiao Armor" is crafted from the scales shed by a Mystic Ice Jiao before it ascended to the sixth level of spiritual beasts, combined with various precious materials to form a magical treasure. Although it has not yet reached the quality of a superior-grade magical treasure, it is an extremely rare defensive medium-grade magical treasure. Throughout the generations of the Mystic Ice Hall, only the most favored direct disciples were ever granted this armor. Fang You'an and Long Yan, as descendants of the Mystic Ice Hall lineage, naturally had heard of this magical treasure's reputation.

"Master, this item is too precious, I cannot accept it," Ancestor Long Yan hurriedly refused.

"There's no harm," came a voice from the sky, "This item is a legacy passed down through the generations of the Ice Luan Hall. When you have no use for it, you can return it to the Mystic Ice Hall."

"In that case, I thank Master for your generous love," Ancestor Long Yan gratefully bowed in thanks.

She knew that her master truly cared for her, fearing that she would get hurt or lose her life in fights outside, which is why he bestowed the precious armor upon her. After passing down the armor, the Ice Luan elder rode away on the Mystic Ice Jiao, and the mist over the lake gradually dissipated. However, what did not dissipate was the enthusiasm of the celestial ancestors towards the Wang's Clan of Ping'an. In fact, before this event, many celestial ancestors who were not familiar with the Wang's Clan of Ping'an had somewhat looked down upon this family that had just been promoted to a seventh-grade noble house. However, after this incident, which of the noble families in the Southern Six Guards would dare to underestimate the Wang's Clan?

After much excitement that lasted over a month, the banquet of the celestial beings finally came to an end, and Changning Guard eventually returned to peace.

From then on, the Wang's Clan of Ping'an officially stepped into the ranks of the seventh-grade noble houses, securing their footing in the Southern Six Guards.

And it was from this day forward that the outside world seldom referred to the Wang's Clan with the name "Ping'an Wang's Clan," instead, they began to call them "Changning Wang's Clan."


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