Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 4341 A Cute And Lovely Little Lady (2)
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Chapter 4341 A Cute And Lovely Little Lady (2)

The little girl shook her head and refused to drink. She even reached out and pushed hard to knock over the quilt.

Obviously, she must have suffered a loss before and knew not to drink water given by strangers.

Huang Yueli had no choice but to forcefully hold her down and feed her a glass of spiritual spring water.

The little girl was forced to drink the water. She immediately showed a look of horror and fell to the ground in despair.

Huang Yueli was speechless for a while, "Okay, little girl, you don't have to be like this, I'm really not a bad person! I rescued you because I wanted to ask you a few questions, and I will never hurt you."

As she spoke, she touched her face.

In the past, it was still easy for her to be liked by children? Why can't I coax the little girl today?

Is it because she is too ugly in disguise?

After hearing this, the little girl still didn't speak, and stared at her fiercely with her big round eyes, obviously thinking that she was a big liar who abducted children.

Huang Yueli had no choice but to look around, then raised her hand and released Little Wang Cai from the space.

She originally thought that Little Wang Cai was so excited in Tianhuang Jue, and now that he was released, he would definitely pounce on the little girl as soon as possible.

But who would have expected that after the young lady landed, she didn't go over immediately. Instead, she straightened the soft hair on her head and pulled up her robe.

Then, he slowly walked over, showed a gentle and friendly smile, on her head and pulled up her robe.

Then, he slowly walked over, showed a gentle and friendly smile, and said softly: "Hello, beautiful lady, nice to meet you."

The little girl was obviously stunned for a moment. She didn't expect that a little boy about her age would suddenly appear in front of her. π”£π–—π”’π”’π”΄π–Šπ–‡π–“π”¬π”³π–Šπ”©.𝔠𝔬𝖒

Moreover, this little boy seems to have a familiar aura...

Little Wang Cai stretched out his hand towards the little girl and said politely: "It's too cold to sit on the ground. Let me pull you up."

Huang Yueli was watching from the side, her eyes almost popping out of her head!

What's going on?

When did their little kid become so well-behaved and polite? !

She must have seen a fake little phoenix.

The little girl felt a little relieved when she saw Little Wang Cai, and stretched out her hand to put it on Little Wang Cai's hand.

Little Wang Cai pulled her to sit under the shade of a tree, and the little girl came back to her senses.

" it be..."

The little girl opened her mouth and stammered.

Little Wang Cai understood and nodded, "Yes, you read that right, I am a phoenix, but a spiritual body. By the way, young lady, you are a Phoenix as well, right?"

The little girl was a little nervous when he saw through her at a glance, but when she thought about it, he was the same kind as her, so she became less wary.

She nodded and said: "Yes, me too, did you end up with these two...well, were you kidnapped by them? What did they do to you?!"

When Huang Yueli heard this, the corner of her mouth twitched.

It seems that in the little girl's mind, she and Li Moying are definitely the bad guys!

But it seems like the two of them didn't do anything bad, right?

Little Wang Cai understood very well, "Oh, I know that these two are not good people at first glance! Yes, they are the Female Devil and the Big Devil!"

Huang Yueli secretly clenched her fists, ready to catch Little Wang Cai and beat him up.

Little Wang Cai seemed to be aware of the danger, trembled, and quickly changed his words, "Ahem, but that's for the enemy, they are still good to me..."

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