Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 30: A Surprising Discovery
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Chapter 30: A Surprising Discovery

It could be seen that this rice wine should be rice wine that could be drunk directly, and not rice wine that could only be used to cook in the future.

So when she poured it, she tasted the rice wine first and made sure that the alcohol content was not high before she put it in. If the alcohol content was high, she would not dare to make this kind of food.

After all, it was not appropriate to give the child too much alcohol.

"When it's cold, you can eat it. It's still early to make meatballs. You can reward Lil' Jin later. He's still a child, so you have to learn to be moderate."

"Why aren't you going?" Seeing Ye Muyu order him around so naturally, Chu Heng was unhappy and deliberately retorted. He could not let Ye Muyu think that he was easy to bully. Otherwise, would she climb on his head and sh*t?

When Ye Muyu heard this, she tilted her head and looked at him in surprise. "If I send it over, will your lesson today still be useful?"

She felt that Chu Heng was being stupid to actually say such low-level words. Her understanding was that Chu Heng was definitely a smart person. She did not need to say it, and the other party should know what she meant.

Seeing the change in Ye Muyu's eyes, Chu Heng 'cleverly' understood what she meant and wished he could take back what he had just said.

He was actually mocked by Madam Ye!

To make a fool of himself in front of Madam Ye, as expected, this person was his nemesis.

Chu Heng picked up a bowl of rice wine, egg, and sweet water, turned around, and the chapped expression on his face was not seen by Madam Ye.

However, in the next moment, he heard Ye Muyu's exclamation.

He felt pain coming from his fingers.

"This was just served. It's very hot…" Ye Muyu kindly reminded him from behind.

Chu Heng walked even faster. He did not want to see Ye Muyu again after his humiliating behavior.

Ye Muyu saw that he had really left, so it was obvious that it was not hot anymore, right?

She was also a little uncertain. If she could not figure it out, then she would not think about it.

"Ziluo, this bowl is yours. Take a spoon and go to the central room to drink slowly."

When Chu Ziluo saw that there were four bowls, she knew that she would get one. However, she subconsciously thought that the bowl without eggs was hers. Even so, she was already very satisfied.

Who knew that her mother would let her take the bowl with the egg. She still could not believe it. "Mother, I don't want eggs."

"I cooked this egg for you. I didn't really want to eat it, so I didn't cook it. Otherwise, why would I put it in?"

"Hurry up and eat. Call your father to help you."

Ye Muyu was worried that a child would burn his hands.

Chu Heng carried the bowl into the west wing and checked Chu Jin's handwriting. He saw that the front part was very big and wasted a lot of paper. However, the latter part was half the size and was not blurred. The handwriting even looked like the Pavilion Style.

This was the common font for the imperial examination. All students who needed to take the imperial examination had to use this font to answer questions.

Writing well would also give the examiner a good impression.

Chu Heng had been an examiner in his previous life, so he naturally knew that good handwriting was a bonus for examinees.

"Why did you suddenly write smaller?" Chu Heng directly asked the question.

Chu Jin's fingers were numb. When he saw Chu Heng, his legs trembled and his eyes were filled with anxiety. "Yes... It was Mother who asked me to write small, saying that writing too big would waste paper."

"I see that your words have changed. Tell me what your mother said in detail."

Chu Heng asked carefully. After a while, he was already holding the piece of paper Ye Muyu had written on.

Looking at the neat words, Chu Heng was very touched. How could Madam Ye write…

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