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Mai Fanghua cried tears of joy. Mu Yunyao quickly stepped forward and advised, "Sister-in-law, this is a happy occasion, please don't cry. Quickly inform the Emperor, he must be extremely happy."

"Yes, someone, go ask the emperor to come over." Min Fang Hua quickly dried her tears. Even if she said that the wind around her was not good for her child, she would immediately have people close the door and close the window.

The mama at the side was extremely happy as well, but when she saw the time, she quickly said, "Esteemed Empress, the emperor should still be in the early morning court right now. Should we inform the empress later?"

Min Fanghua frowned but didn't want to waste even a second. "No, let's go now." In the past few years, Ning Junyu had always been by her side comforting her. Even though she knew that the possibility of her pregnancy was very low, she still spent most of the month with Ning Xuemo. This child was one they had been waiting for for for for a long time, and now that the child had arrived, they naturally should let him, the Imperial Father, be the first …

We'll know when it's time.

Min Fanghua was the sole favorite of the harem. Even though many concubines were chosen in the harem after three years, no one was able to shake her position. Of course, there were concubines who were pregnant and tried, but in the end, the child was not born.

Gradually, many of the imperial concubines in the imperial harem understood that although the empress was pampered, she was not the kind that would tolerate people. As long as one was obedient, she wouldn't take the initiative to attack.

Once the news was out, it spread unhindered all the way to the Golden Hall of the previous dynasty.

The emperor was watching the officials make fun of him. When he heard this news, he immediately left the imperial court and rushed out of the Dragon Throne.

He rushed into the harem, causing the empress dowager to jump. "Fang Hua, are you pregnant?"

"Yes." Min Fanghua nodded and tears fell uncontrollably. She quickly raised her head. Yao'er said that crying before getting pregnant was bad for the child. "Haha, good!" He had married his beloved girl, but was unable to give her a couple of love lives. In fact, because of his struggle for the throne, she had suffered a kidnapping and abortion. Right now, the only thing he could do was to make her happy and break her heart …

The biggest lump.

Mu Yunyao left. After returning to the Imperial Palace, she suddenly thought of something. "Aiya …"

"Yao'er, what's wrong?"

"Imperial sister-in-law is really pregnant. I forgot to tell the emperor." Mu Yunyao blinked.

"Didn't second brother hear about it? "They were still in court today when they hurriedly ran away, causing quite a few officials to secretly stomp their feet and say that he had lost his status as an emperor." Mu Yunyao shook her head with an indescribable happiness, "No, I mean to say that Imperial Aunt is really pregnant. I haven't had the time to help her use the fake pregnancy grass, and after going to the clinic, I found out that she's already three months pregnant." Back then, when the empress lost her child, she too felt unwell …

After a long period of time, even after he had examined her pulse and taken care of her body several times, he still had not been able to recover. He did not expect that on his sudden return to the capital, he would unexpectedly discover such a happy event.

King Yue opened his eyes wide in surprise: "Yao'er, didn't you say that the empress's body was no longer suitable for a pregnancy?"

"It was indeed like this before, but I didn't expect the heavens to leave us with a sliver of hope after all." Mu Yunyao sighed from the bottom of her heart. "This time, the Emperor will definitely be able to protect the Empress and her son."

King Yue was silent for a while before he suddenly laughed: "Yao'er, for now, don't tell the truth to royal brother."

Mu Yunyao forced a smile, "Fourth Master, you're being too mischievous. The emperor was still thinking about how to carefully bring Ning Xuemo's child into the palace, but in the end he found out that his sister-in-law was really born. How will things end then?" Then, wait a few months before you tell him. Don't you think it's very interesting to see your royal brother acting foolishly like this? " Back when Yunyao was giving birth, he could no longer hold on and fainted in the end. After the Emperor found out about this matter, he wrote a half month long letter to laugh at her.

As far as he was concerned, he had to stand at the side and watch as the jokes continued.

Thinking about the Emperor's previous appearance, Mu Yunyao couldn't help but laugh. "Fourth Master still remembers that the Emperor made fun of you?"

Yue Yang couldn't help but extend his hand and pull Mu Yunyao over. He hugged her and rubbed her chest. "Yao`er, quickly forget about what happened before. Don't ever think about it again."

Mu Yunyao's smile became even wider. "Alright, I've already forgotten about it. I've completely forgotten about it."


Inside the Fu Palace, the couple waited to see the Emperor make a joke out of the palace. They paid special attention to the situation, and from time to time, the commotion in the palace would be heard.

The empress was pregnant, and the emperor was overjoyed. This made it difficult for the court official, because the emperor was even more out of tune than before.

Today, they were clamoring that they would build a palace for the unborn prince, but the Minister of Revenue held onto his purse tightly, not letting go. The Internal Affairs Division wanted to speak, but did not dare; after all, the combat prowess of the officials had already been sharpened by the Emperor.

The palace had not been built yet, but the emperor wanted to place an order to receive all the talents in the kingdom. He wanted to find a teacher for the unborn prince, and although this was a good thing for the nation and citizens, it was also spat out by the officials.

The imperial concubines in the imperial palace were all restless, and each of them was captured. All of them were grounded, while Guan Lenggong's house was empty. In the end, he sent a message to all the women in the imperial palace, telling them to quiet down, and to fight until the empress had a peaceful time of production.

The empress often asked the imperial physician to take her pulse everyday, but the more unsettled she felt, the more she felt. There were even times when she woke up in the middle of the night and grabbed the emperor, crying as she asked where her child had gone to, so why hadn't he come back to find her yet?

In the end, he had no choice but to invite Mu Yunyao into the palace and help the Empress recuperate.

Don't even mention it, with Mu Yunyao accompanying her, the empress's condition had improved greatly. It made the people from the Internal Affairs Division and the Ministry of Revenue feel heartache from watching how the emperor kept bestowing rewards to King Yue.

He had originally thought that everything would go smoothly, but who would have thought that after nine months of pregnancy, the empress's stomachache would suddenly erupt.

Mu Yunyao checked her pulse before immediately getting the midwives to prepare. The empress was about to give birth!

Hearing this, the emperor's face turned pale with fright. He hurriedly ordered his men to invite the King Yue in, "Fourth brother, quickly think of a way. The empress is about to give birth, but there is no movement in the concubine's room in Ning Yu!"

Yue Yang hurriedly told her the truth: "Royal brother, sister-in-law is really pregnant. You don't have to worry about other people's children."

"What nonsense are you talking about? Stop joking around at this time. Hurry up and think of a way to get a child here."

"Royal brother, I'm not lying. Yunyao said that she didn't even give her imperial sister-in-law any pseudo-pregnancy grass. Her imperial sister-in-law is pregnant."

The emperor's eyes widened and he slapped his own face fiercely. "Pain! Are you serious? "

"Of course it's true."

The emperor's legs felt weak. His whole body was as light as if he was drunk. He then suddenly turned around and rushed towards the delivery room.

The palace maids hurriedly stopped him, "Your Majesty, the midwives are in the midst of delivering babies. You can't go in."

Ning Junyu's face turned pale, and even her voice changed, "Fang Hua, you are... You want. "Aiyo, how can I help you? I won't give birth to a child, right?"

In the delivery room, the queen who was listening to the command of the midwife turned black and almost let out a breath of relief.

"Esteemed empress, use your strength. You can already see the child's hair."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Min Fanghua couldn't help but scream out in shock and then lay on the bed as if she had lost all her energy.

Outside, Ning Junyu's body shook and her legs went weak, nearly falling down to the ground.

King Yue walked over with a meaningful look, and extended his hand to pull her away.

As the child's cries rang out, Ning Junyu's eyes widened, and she grabbed Ning Junyue. One of the emperors cried until tears fell from his eyes, "Fourth brother, it was the child who cried, right?"

"Yes!" Suddenly, waves of exclamations could be heard from the delivery room, "Esteemed Empress, use more strength! Keep using strength! Aside from the little prince, there's still another child!"


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