Outside Of Time

Chapter 1399 - 1399 After Awakening (4)
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Chapter 1399? After Awakening (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

There were no obstructions, nor were there any accidents. They were recaptured by the human race without any bloodshed.

The entire human race now had a total of ten regions, including the Holy Wave and Black Spirit.

Many times, strength itself was a form of deterrence.

Needless to say, the human race and Flame Moon had truly formed an alliance and became the common lord of Eastern Wanggu. After they banded together, they were coveted by all sides.

At the same time, the humans who had been scattered outside for countless years were also returning with the help of King Zhen Yan and the others.

The humans who had been exploited outside for countless years finally realized their dream of returning home after the Empress became a god.

After Xu Qing woke up five months ago, he opened the Sword Holder’s secret space that he had prepared in advance.

Before he self-destructed, he placed everything other than the Diamond Sect’s ancestor, including the purple crystal, in that space.

This secret key space technique was taught to Xu Qing back then in Fenghai County by a cultivator with the code name Sick Ghost. It was a concealment technique unique to Sword Holders.

This technique used secret keys. Normally speaking, there were two secret keys.

One was something that was unique to the individual Sword Holder, and the other was something only the Palace Master had. Others couldn’t open it and only those with the secret keys could.

Only Xu Qing had the secret key to his secret key space.

Hence, after he woke up, he took everything back. As for the Diamond Sect’s ancestor, Xu Qing left him with Zi Xuan to protect her during her trip to obtain the inheritance.

Old Master Seventh, just as Huang Yan had said, had entered closed-door cultivation.

Before he went into seclusion, he had a long chat with Xu Qing. π‘“π“»β„―π‘’π‘€π˜¦π‘π‘›β„΄π“‹β„―π‘™.π˜€π“Έπ“‚

He told Xu Qing many things about this body.

His current body was a combination of the flesh and blood of the god’s fragmented-face and immortal silver. It had been heaven-defyingly combined using the Summer Immortal’s art. Its potential could be said to be limitless.

How much he could develop and to what extent he could display its abilities were all unknown. It depended on how Xu Qing would temper himself in the future.

This process required Xu Qing to continue fighting, comprehending, and experiencing life and death.

At the same time, because the level of this body was too high and extremely terrifying, it was actually difficult for Xu Qing’s soul to perfectly fuse with his body in such a short period of time.

Hence, Old Master Seventh left behind two seals and imparted a cultivation art to Xu Qing.

This cultivation art was called Profound Sun Immortal Light Technique.

Cultivating this art could condense streams of profound sun immortal light. This light was extremely helpful in fusing the soul and body.

Moreover, according to Old Master Seventh, this cultivation art was one of the methods used by one of the nine Summer Immortals who came to Bright Heaven from Profound Earth back then. In the battle with the God Emperor, the other party died.

Before he died, he left this cultivation art behind.

If this art was mastered, its might would be extremely terrifying.

Hence, Xu Qing had two goals for going out to sea.

The first was to hunt divine creatures and determine the defense of his body through repeated battles. He had to get used to the combat strength of this body combined with the divine authorities and the Profound Sun Immortal Light Technique as soon as possible.

From there, he would obtain a precise understanding of the strength of this body.

His second goal was to find the bronze carriage and the giant where he found the Golden Crow cultivation art back then.

The reason why he was searching for the bronze carriage and giant was because the cultivation of the Profound Sun Immortal Light Technique wasn’t going smoothly.

After Xu Qing pondered on the issue, he thought of the Golden Crow.

This was because the principle of this Profound Sun Immortal Light Technique Art was to plunder the light of the great sun and turn it into one’s own immortal light, turning one’s body into the profound sun. It would burn oneself like a furnace and also burn the world.

To a certain extent, it was somewhat similar to the Golden Crow.

Hence, Xu Qing was trying to find the bronze carriage and try to control the giant.

He wanted it to take the route that the Golden Crow used to take and become the sun back, experiencing the process of the Golden Crow rising to become the sun and illuminating Wanggu.

From there, he could comprehend his profound sun.

Hence, he came to the Forbidden Sea.

This was also the reason why Little Shadow kept making sounds.

Xu Qing remembered that Little Shadow’s sound had attracted the giant pulling the bronze carriage back then.

However, it was a pity that even after several months, there was no effect.

‘Perhaps that giant is sleeping in the Forbidden Sea, so we need to explore more areas…’

Xu Qing lifted his head. After glancing at the shadow, he took out the nautical chart and was about to mark it.

However, at this moment, the voice transmission jade slip of Huang Yan, who was originally carefree, vibrated. After he casually took it out to take a look, he suddenly trembled and gasped. His expression instantly became incomparably solemn.

“Xu Qing, something big has happened!”

“I have to leave for a while. This is a world-shaking matter!”

Huang Yan looked nervous and apprehensive.

“I have to go immediately.. If I’m a step slower, there will be a huge storm that will shake the entire Nanhuang Continent!”

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