Outside Of Time

Chapter 1398 - 1398: After Awakening (3)
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Chapter 1398: After Awakening (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios | Editor: Atlas Studios

Huang Yan, who was at the side, wiped the seawater off his face and glanced at the trembling Binding.

“This Binding is quite miserable. Ever since you caught her, she has been used as a bait for the past few months. Her body has been destroyed and regrown, only to be destroyed again…”

As Huang Yan spoke, he swept his gaze across Little Shadow.

“It’s also miserable. It’s been stammering for months.”

“However, it doesn’t seem to be of much use. We still haven’t found any clues regarding the bronze carriage and the giant you’re looking for.”

“And I’m even worse off!”

Huang Yan’s eyes widened.

“Your master went into closed-door cultivation without any worries, asking me to accompany you… I miss Senior Sister. It’s been a long time since I left her side for so long. She must be missing me too, not being able to see me.”

Huang Yan felt aggrieved.

Huang Yan felt aggrieved. Used to Huang Yan’s complaints, Xu Qing spoke while inspecting his own body.

“This is Master’s mission, Brother-in-law.”

Huang Yan sighed and looked dejected. His eyes were filled with divine sense as he took out a jade slip to transmit a message. After that, he fell silent.

Ten breaths later, he suddenly blinked and became energetic. The gloominess on his face was replaced by excitement as he chuckled.

“Alright, I’m done recording and sent it to your Second Senior Sister. I have no choice. Your Second Senior Sister is a bit petty. After all, her background isn’t strong, and she lacks a sense of security. I have to take care of her.”

Xu Qing responded with an “Oh.” Over the past few months, Huang Yan would do this almost every few days.

“Xu Qing, you can tell too, right? My background is at the top of the Nanhuang Continent!”

Huang Yan was proud.

“I tell you, my charm is too great. Your Second Senior Sister clings to me every day, afraid that I’ll ignore her. Whether I’m going out or completing tasks for your sect, she always begs me for a long time, finding various ways to please me so that I’ll stay with her.”

“All these years, I’ve been troubled.”

“Fortunately, Old Master Seventh could see it. We are all men, after all. He gets

it, allowing me to be free during this period.”

Huang Yan was excited and smug. Although his words seemed to imply that his status was very high, no matter how Xu Qing looked at it, he was very similar to the prisoners who had been released after serving their sentences in the Seven Blood Eyes1 prison back then.

“Where are we going to play next? If you have nowhere to go, I have a good place… Let me tell you, that place is really magical. Just the thought of it makes my blood boil…”

As Huang Yan spoke, he instinctively looked left and right. After confirming that no one else had heard him, his eyes lit up.

Xu Qing shook his head.

“I’m going to head to the border between the inner sea and the outer sea.”

The Forbidden Sea was divided into the inner and outer. The inner sea was vast, where the Wanggu’s Forbidden Sea races resided. Although it was dangerous, it could be explored with some caution.

However, the outer sea… was a desolate place, full of mystery. It was even rumored that many gods were sleeping in the outer sea.

“There? Alright, that works too.”

Huang Yan nodded regretfully. He then thought of something and spoke.

“By the way, when you were tempering your body down there, there was news from the human race.”

“Kid, you’ve been promoted!”

Xu Qing looked at Huang Yan.

“Just earlier, the human race sent out a message that the Empress has issued a decree that Ning Yan is the crown prince.”

“That kid is really lucky. He sleeps for a while and when he wakes up, his Father Emperor turns into the Empress, and he’s appointed as the crown prince. Word has it he’s still in a daze!”

“And you’re the crown prince’s grand tutor. You’re also the lord of the Holy Wave and Black Spirit regions. Once the silly kid Ning Yan ascends the throne in the future, you’ll be the Imperial Preceptor!”

Xu Qing wasn’t surprised that Ning Yan was appointed as the crown prince.

After all… the only children who truly belonged to the Empress were Ning Yan and the Eleventh Prince.

The Eleventh Prince was clearly not suitable in all aspects. Although the reason for his actions in the ancestral worship ceremony was for his mother, the various actions from before still left a thorn in the hearts of the officials.

Hence, it was reasonable to choose Ning Yan.

As for the fact that She had chosen a crown prince so quickly, there were clues of it. The 12 incense sticks from before were probably to pave the way for the future crown prince.

“With the Empress’ talent, she should have already seen this result long ago.

Xu Qing mumbled inwardly. As the lone boat moved forward, his thoughts also returned to his experiences in the past five months.

After the incident in the human capital, the Purple Green Kingdom appeared in the Sky Devouring Region. That place was enveloped by the fog formed by endless anomalous substances. Outsiders couldn’t enter and didn’t know the details.

However, according to the information of the human race, a terrifying aura was rising in the Sky Devouring Region. It was as though… everyone from the Purple Green Kingdom who had returned was in the midst of transformation.

“This is a reward after pleasing Desolate.”

That was what the Empress said.

One could imagine that once the fog in the Sky Devouring Region dissipated, the Purple Green Kingdom that walked out would be even more terrifying than before.

Xu Qing’s expression was cold and there were no fluctuations in his heart.

With half of the Purple Green Kingdom’s imperial authority, he could sense the changes there more clearly and also sense the summoning of this change.

That was the summoning of the fortune of the Purple Green Kingdom.

As for the captain, he had also left the human capital. The message he sent back a few months ago was that he was on his way back.

However, he couldn’t return for the time being. He was going to the Cloth Race to visit an old friend.

He should still be playing with his right-hand sister in the Cloth Race.

Zi Xuan arrived in the Nanhuang Continent a few months ago. After seeing that Xu Qing was fine, the haggard her heaved a sigh of relief. She accompanied him for half a month before leaving.

She took the lantern and was going to make a trip to the phoenix hall in the Mystic Nether Palace under Fenghai County to accept the inheritance from her previous life.

Other than that, with the Empress becoming a god, the human race’s power truly rose in the eastern part of Wanggu. Countless small races in the surroundings chose to submit.

Especially the large regions which had human race’s territories..

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