Outside Of Time

Chapter 1244 - 1244: Thank You
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Chapter 1244: Thank You

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas

East finger grasped vitality!

The vast finger in the east of Xu Qing that was formed by srarlight emitted a dense power of vitality.

Anything that exceeded the limit was as bad as not enough. After exceeding the limit, the feeling it gave off was no longer good bur evil!

Therefore, this finger of vitality was like a demon.

South finger grasped prosperity!

Flames rose, as if the finger of a fire god, aiming to burn and seal the heavens and earth.

West finger grasped decay!

A sense of decay and desolation pervaded, carrying with it the passage of time, making it seem as if one could witness the changing of the ages just by looking at it.

The last one , rhe north finger grasped death!

It was as though it had come from the netherworld, bringing death with it.

At that moment, the four fingers with the power over life, death, decay, and prosperity landed. Seeing such a spell, the Eldest Prince’s expression changed and he felt anxious.

This was because… he had lost to this Star Shifting Nine-Star Suppression.

To be precise, after he used his bloodline to break through this Star Shifting spell, he was defeated by its hidden killing move.

This is just the surface layer. Prince Mingnan’s true killing move is hidden behind this surface…”

The Eldest Prince wanted to remind Xu Qing, but he couldn’t do it. Regardless of his voice or his divine sense, they were sealed by Prince Mingnan.

He could only watch helplessly as the four fingers fell. 𝗳r𝚎e𝘄𝐞b𝚗𝗼ve𝚕.co𝗺

The captain didn’t intervene. He believed that Xu Qing wouldn’t be killed so easily.

This was indeed the case. Almost at the instant these four fingers landed, although Xu Qing’s body couldn’t move and was bound by an invisible force, he could still open his eyes.

At the next instant, Xu Qing’s eyes turned pitch-black!

The Poison Restriction Gaze he had comprehended in the Moon Offering

Region played a key role at this moment. The Poison Restriction… could erupt through his gaze.

Xu Qing looked at the east finger and the power of the Poison Restriction erupted. The huge east finger shook, and blackness spread rapidly like a rash on the finger.

No matter how dense the life force inside was, under the Poison Restriction, it was like ice and snow meeting boiling water, rapidly melting.

This wasn’t the end. Xu Qing shifted his gaze away and looked at the north finger that represented death.

The Poison Restriction similarly represented death.

The north finger instantly shook and the Poison Restriction churned like a fish in water.

After the two fingers were blocked, Xu Qing’s body finally broke through rhe restraints and regained his freedom under the squirming of the soul threads.

He immediately pressed his hand toward the sky.

Withering Flame Demon Magic True Self Dao.

Three large inverted mountains appeared and descended from the sky, landing fiercely in the direction of the summer finger.

At the same time, with a thought from Xu Qing, the black spear in the distance changed directions, drawing a long mark in the sky as it stabbed toward rhe south finger that represented prosperity.

All of this took a long time to describe but it was completed in the blink of an eye.

At the next moment, the Poison Restriction, the Demon Mountains, and the spear rumbled in unison. The sounds fused together, transforming into a huge sound that split the sky and earth.

The east finger collapsed, the south finger shattered, the west finger broke and the north finger turned to ashes.

The nine stars in the sky dimmed for a moment, no longer shining as brightly, but blending with the light of the other stars, as if dissipating.

Xu Qing rushed out and headed straight for Prince Mingnan.

Prince Mingnan wasn’t surprised that his divine power was destroyed. Instead, he revealed a cold smile and spoke softly.


He naturally wasn’t asking Xu Qing. Countless responses instantly rang out from the sky, the ground, the void, the clouds, and all the locations in this area.

I have memorized.

These three words were made up of countless different voices, including men, women, old, and young, with varying depths and sharpness, with cries, laughter, shouts, and murmurs…

All the voices were saying these three words.

Finally, the nine dim stars in the sky moved and formed a circle. After the srarlight connected, it was like a black hole and a terrifying power spread out.

It didn’t come from a cultivator’s power, but exuded a dense divine aura. It also contained endless anomalous substances that surpassed the forbidden zone and the forbidden region…

It locked onto Xu Qing.

Xu Qing stopped. He had a feeling that he couldn’t continue forward. Hence, he abruptly lifted his head and looked at the nine-star black hole that had locked onto him.

He had sensed a similar aura before.

That was…

Divine Realm!

Almost at the instant Xu Qing sensed it, an item fell from the nine-star black hole in the sky.

It was a piece of yellow paper.

A joss paper.

The yellow paper floated and fell, seemingly slowly, but in reality, it grew larger and larger, indicating astonishing speed. What was even more eerie was that there was a face on the yellow paper, rapidly being outlined.

That face… was none other than Xu Qing’s.

When the Eldest Prince saw this scene, his anxiety became even more intense.

He had lost to this move.

He had later found out that this yellow paper was given to Prince Mingnan by his father.

This item didn’t come from Wanggu but from a Divine Realm that was filled with bizarre entities and death.

Shifting Star Nine-Star Suppression was just superficial; its true essence lay not in its destructive power, but in its ability to copy the enemy’s soul using rhe inflicted damage.

When combined with that yellow paper, it could use the copied soul to be outlined by those eerie voices in a special way.

Make that Divine Realm remember Xu Qing’s appearance.

After that… burn the sealed soul.

He wanted to struggle and remind Xu Qing, but he couldn’t do it. The yellow paper that was rapidly falling had already begun to burn.

Just like how rhe living burned paper money for the dead, this yellow paper money was also being offered.

A huge pulling force emitted from the nine-star black hole as the paper money was burned. It enveloped Xu Qing’s body and acted on his soul.

In that instant, Xu Qing lost his perception of his body. Overlapping shadows appeared on his body and his soul swayed inside, as though it was about to rise into the air.

There were also illusory iron chains that suddenly descended from the black hole in the sky, landing on Xu Qing’s soul, binding it and pulling it upward.

Xu Qing’s soul struggled with all its might but there were more and more iron chains. There were hundreds of them densely packed together, causing his soul to gradually be pulled out of his body.

You only amount to this much.

Prince Mingnan stood in the air and calmly spoke.

However, after fighting with you, 1 learned one thing. That is… don’t give the enemy any chance to turn the tables.”

Therefore, even if your soul is powerless to reverse the situation, 1 won’t give you the slightest chance.”

And taboo weapons, I have them too!

Prince Mingnan revealed a strange glint in his eyes. He took a deep breath, bit his tongue, and spat out a mouthful of blood. His right hand rose swiftly, forming seals within the mist of blood.

With the celestial patterns of his seals, the blood mist surged outward, revealing an illusory scene within. It seemed to depict a sea of blood with thirty-six enormous whirlpools roaring within it.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that there were thirty-six weapons in these thirty-six whirlpools.

Every one of them emitted the same forbidden aura as the black spear.

They were none other than the taboo weapons sealed in the emperor-level cultivation art, Thirty-Six Immortal Energy!

At that moment, with rhe enhancement of Prince Mingnan’s seal, three of the 36 taboo weapons rumbled and pierced through the seal.

One was a trident.

It emitted a terrifying divine might and a monstrous aura.

Another was a long black saber.

The saber was chilling and its murderous intent intimidated everything.

The third was a blood-red battie-ax.

It was surrounded by countless souls, making it a chilling sight to behold.

In order to kill Xu Qing, Prince Mingnan displayed the utmost power of his divine arts, and these taboo weapons were no exception.

With a tug of his right hand, the three taboo weapons rushed out of the illusory scene, transforming from illusory to corporeal. The moment they appeared before Prince Mingnan, their taboo power erupted tremendously.

The Heavenly Dao should have stopped them, but… this was the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race. Flame Moon itself had Heavenly Dao under their control, making interference like this possible.

Hence, although muffled thunder echoed, no lightning struck.

As the killing intent in Prince Mingnan’s eyes erupted, the three terrifying taboo weapons headed toward Xu Qing’s body that was losing its soul!

There was no obstruction or resistance. Only a weak rainbow light seemed to flicker a few times inside.

After that, the trident pierced into Xu Qing’s soul. The black long saber slashed at his neck and the blood-red battle-ax hacked vertically at his chest.

His soul collapsed and transformed into light spots that floated toward the ground.

His head flew up. As it spun, it was thrown toward the magma.

His body was torn apart and countless pieces of flesh flew everywhere.

The Eldest Prince’s expression was distorted and his eyes were bloodshot. He trembled and endless sorrow rose in his heart.

The captain seemed to be stunned as he remained motionless.

Prince Mingnan heaved a long sigh of relief. He was not satisfied.

I didn’t expect that other than those few people, there’s really no one of the same generation who can exist under this move.”


Prince Mingnan waved his hand and the nine stars in the sky dissipated. The surroundings returned to normal. He lifted his right hand and was about to grab at the place where Xu Qing had been torn to pieces.

However, at this moment, his expression suddenly changed. He sensed a vast and astonishing power of time erupting from Xu Qing’s flesh, blood, and shattered soul.

Before he could confirm it, a huge and vast sundial actually appeared in mid-air. Amidst the rumbling, the color of the world changed and the sundial spun.

Time… reversed!

All rhe falling flesh, blood, and soul light spots rolled back at this instant. They rapidly moved away from the ground, from the magma, and from the void. In the blink of an eye, they gathered together.

They formed Xu Qing’s god form body and soul again.

The red soul threads swayed, and his crystal-like bones shone. His sinister body was filled with a unique sense of beauty. Xu Qing, who was standing there, looked like a statue of a god.

Light flashed!


He was completely unscathed!

When everyone saw this scene, the Eldest Prince, who was in the distance, was stunned.

The captain’s expression was as calm as ever and a smile appeared on his face.

As for Prince Mingnan, he took a few steps back and stared fixedly at Xu Qing as he spoke word byword.

Law of rime!

Xu Qing opened his eyes, which overflowed with a rainbow light. His expression was calm as he looked at the extremely solemn Prince Mingnan and calmly spoke.

Although it was a little difficult, I still have to thank you.

As he spoke, Xu Qing lifted his right hand and grabbed at the air.

Immediately, there was a long black saber with monstrous ferocity, a trident with terrifying divine might, a blood-red battle-ax that had an endless murderous aura, and an indestructible black spear…

Four taboo weapons appeared around Xu Qing at the same time!

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