Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Chapter 350: The Retrograde People
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Chapter 350: The Retrograde People

Jiang Nan glanced at it.

He knew this old man himself!

Back then, he had specially come to Jiang City to take him as a disciple, but in the end, he was disgusted by his F-Class talent!

Li Mingshan, Li Daotian?

Magician's hair stood on end when he heard the voice, and he shivered!

I shouldn't have believed that guy William!

I shouldn't have come to China for this trip!

I got beaten up by the old!

His body disappeared in an instant!

And Li Mingshan's body disappeared almost at the same time. It was obvious that he had gone to chase after a sorcerer!

The new round of pursuit of the two space major bosses had begun!

Jiang Nan rubbed his chin, his face full of longing. "The future me is so awesome!"

Before Jiang Nan could finish sighing, he heard thunder rolling in the distance!

A bolt of hundred-meter-long lightning tore through the sky and headed straight for William!

A furious curse came from within!

"Old bastard! I won't kill you!"

"Spear of Lightning!"

In a split second, lightning raged and converged into a spear of lightning that stabbed toward William!


The thunder was deafening and extremely terrifying!

William: !!!

How could he come so quickly?

At this moment, he had no intention of fighting at all!

He wanted to run!

On the surface, the three Heaven Real of China had all come to Jade Dragon Town!

He had originally thought that one would come if he was stuffed to death!

But with the current situation, let alone catching the Progenitor and Jiang Nan, it was hard to say whether he could escape or not!

Ye Zhengguo said, "If I don't beat you to death here today, I will smoke with my eyes in the future!"

Wang Dalei replied, "Uncle Ye! Let's kill him together!"

At the peak of the snowy mountain, thunder and lightning roared continuously, causing an avalanche!

Wang Dalei cursed as he fought, and it was a string of wondrous words!

Even All Mouthy King, Jiang Nan, gave him a thumbs up!

However, when he saw the terrifying scene at the peak of the mountain, Jiang Nan shrunk his neck. "Let's go, let's go!"

A fight between immortals!

Jiang Nan carried Little Mira down the mountain and went to a pile of snow to dig!

"Eh? Why is she gone?"

"I lost it? I clearly remember that it was buried here!"

Luo Tianhong walked out from a pile of rocks and looked at Jiang Nan with a dark face!

"What are you looking for?"

"Of course I'm looking for... Eh!"

Jiang Nan shivered, a guilty look on his face!

Why did she wake up? Was it because he hadn't knocked her hard enough?

How could she be okay...

Seeing Jiang Nan's guilty look, Luo Tianhong couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Let's go! Let's go save them!"

"Hehe! Good!"

As for why Jiang Nan was able to press Magician down on the ground and beat her up, she did not ask anything!

Serious? It was not important!

The important thing was that Jiang Nan was still alive and well!

The two of them walked...

Luo Tianhong suddenly said, "Little Nan, look to the left. What is it?"


Jiang Nan, who had just turned around, suddenly realized that something was wrong!

This trick... seemed a little familiar!

Just as he was about to turn back!


Luo Tianhong slapped the back of Jiang Nan's head!

She directly slapped Jiang Nan's face into the snow!

Jiang Nan: !!!

She couldn't help but jump up, her face covered in snow. "Sister Luo! How did you learn bad? Before..."

"Wasn't it you who taught me? It's pretty useful!"

"Pfft... hahahaha!"

Looking at Jiang Nan's snow-covered face, Luo Tianhong could not help but laugh out loud.

She revealed two small dimples!

Jiang Nan wiped his face and clenched his fists, his face full of unwillingness!

He was too careless!

"Hehe, aren't you angry?"

"You look so good when you smile! Just like the flowers in spring?"

As he spoke, he stretched out two fingers and gently pressed down on the two dimples of Luo Tianhong!

"Aiya, don't make a fuss! Don't hit me so hard next time, okay?"

Luo Tianhong rubbed the back of her head. Who knew how big a bag had grown in her hair!

"Definitely!" Jiang Nan said.


Next time, you must use more force!

Try to take a picture of memory loss, and then Luo Tianhong won't remember me taking a picture of her boring bricks!

The two of them went down the mountain and went straight to the nuclear power plant!

Because there was something more important to do!

Save people!


At this moment, Hailey looked at the terrifying scene on the top of the snow mountain with an ugly expression!

Hailey looked flustered. "Brother Hazel! What should we do?"

"Your uncle seems to be getting cold!"

Hazel covered his face and gritted his teeth so hard that they were about to shatter!

How did it come so quickly?

Was this how a Magician pulled?

He never thought that the furnace plan would end up like this!

"Let's go! We have to leave this place as soon as possible! Otherwise..."

"Ha! Go? Where are you going?"

A middle-aged man with a buzz cut, wearing a dark night uniform, walked over with a cold expression!

Behind him were three Night Legion Army soldiers!

In their hands was the Hellfire that was already dead!

This Diamond Rank expert who had been slapped more than a hundred times by Jiang Nan still died here!

In the air, armed helicopters carrying the Night Legion Army flew over!

Many transport trucks drove into Jade Dragon Town!

Hazel Dracula felt a chill in his heart!


The short-haired middle-aged man narrowed his eyes. "Attack!"


The newly arrived Night Legion Army had taken over Jade Dragon Town and began to evacuate the residents of the town in a large area!

The remaining Dracula soldiers were silently wiped out by the Night Legion Army that had come with them!

The Night Legion Army was like a sharp knife hidden in the dark!

The knife cut the throat and hid in the dark!

Luo Tianhong and Jiang Nan went straight to the nuclear power plant!

Everywhere they passed, it was shocking!

There were buildings that had been destroyed by the explosion everywhere!

In less than an hour, he could no longer see what the town looked like before!

Jiang Nan's heart was extremely heavy.

All the way to the vicinity of the nuclear power plant!

However, they discovered that the area within three kilometers of the nuclear power plant had been blocked by a yellow seal!

It was completely cordoned off!

Many soldiers wearing biochemical protective suits were guarding the blockade area!

As for those who were injured, they were being carried out of the blockade area!

At this moment, a large number of Night Legion warriors were blocked in front of the sealed area!

The one in the lead was Li Mie Tu!

At this moment, his eyes were red as he roared angrily, "Why aren't we allowed in?"

"There are still many people inside that we haven't rescued! We don't have enough manpower!"

"Brother Zuo and the others are still inside!"

The soldier in the protective suit gritted his teeth and said, "Sorry! You can't enter the blockade!"

"The radiation in the sealed area has reached a lethal amount!"

"The essence of the radiation is the high-energy particle stream!"

"The particle stream that is constantly spreading will bombard your body and destroy every cell in your body!"

"Break through the cell wall! The cells will be destroyed and can not be split. At times, internal bleeding will trigger various complications! The body will be completely destroyed!"

"Once you enter, you will die within a few hours or even a day! Even if you are a Spirit Warrior, it will be useless!"

Even outside the sealed area, the radiation level was equally shocking. In the future, it would trigger all kinds of cancer and complications!

Pandora's magic box could not be closed once it was opened!

Li Mie gnashed his teeth so hard that they were about to shatter. "Then the comrades inside..."

The soldier in the protective suit had tears in his eyes. "They are using their lives to save people!"

"Don't go in anymore! Don't increase the unnecessary casualties!"

Almost all of the Night Legion soldiers who saved people were from Zuo Haitang!

They had been active on the first line to save people, and under the deadly radiation, it could be said that they did not have much time to live!

Perhaps he had no future to speak of!

But so what?

As long as he was in the Night Legion for one day, the mission on his shoulders would be fulfilled!

Even if he died here!

He had to be saved!

All of them!

A figure stumbled out, carrying two people on his back!

As soon as he left the sealed area, he fell to the ground!

He spat out a large mouthful of blood, his expression dispirited!

His face was covered in black ash and sweat, and his skin was burned with large blisters!

It was none other than Wang Zhengyang!

The medical staff rushed over and carried the wounded away, wanting to treat Wang Zhengyang as well!

However, he shook off the medical staff's hand. "Don't touch me! Don't come over! I have radiation!"

"All of you, stay away from me! Pu! Cough! Cough!"

Wang Zhengyang coughed out a few more mouthfuls of blood as he wiped the blood off his face with a pained expression!

He swayed his body and ran inside. Regardless, his physical condition was almost crippled!

Normal people would have fainted long ago, but Wang Zhengyang did not!

He couldn't pass out or pass out because there were more people waiting for him to save them!

He had to rely on his willpower to hold on!

Li Mie Tu: !!!

"Ah! I'm going to do it!"

How could he not be anxious? How could he continue to watch?

Jiang Nan's eyes were red and his nose was sour!

"Brother! Let me in! I am a space system! I can save more people!"

Defensive soldier shoutes, "Nan Shen! You can't go in, you..."

Jiang Nan was anxious. "Why can't I? I will take responsibility for my life! I want to save people!"

As he spoke, he rushed through the yellow line blockade and rushed straight into the death radiation zone!

Luo Haitong bit his lower lip and rushed in without thinking!

Li Mie wiped his tears. "I don't know anything about radiation or radiation!"

"I only know that my comrades are suffering inside! There are more people waiting for me to save!"

"I want to go in!"

The soldier in the protective suit had tears in his eyes. "You can't go in! This is a military order!"

Li Mie Tu: !!!

He tore off the Night Legion shoulder seal!

"I am no longer the Night Legion Army! I am just an ordinary person! I am going to save them!"

As he spoke, he directly broke through the blockade and rushed in!

The Night Legion Army behind him were all red-eyed!

They tore off the Night Legion epaulets and rushed inside!

"I will accept any punishment from above!"

"This is my duty! I don't regret it even if I die!"

"Go to hell with the radiation! Follow me! Help!"

"Mom, dad! I am unfilial! I will not allow my son to take half a step back!"

"If I can save one, I will not die in vain. If I save two, I will make a profit!"

The soldier in the protective suit could no longer bear it and tears rolled down his face!

He took off his helmet and wiped his tears!

He roared loudly, "All soldiers of the Night Legion"


Thousands of people shouted and echoed throughout the entire blockade!

"Female! It's the only son of the family! The rest of the men, follow me and rush in to save him!"


The Night Legion, which had sealed off the nuclear power plant, rushed in like crazy!

The neat uniforms gathered into a flood!

When everyone was walking out, they were rushing in! π”£π–—π”’π–Šπ”΄π–Šπ”Ÿπ”«π”¬π–›π”’π–‘.𝔠𝔬π”ͺ

They were the rebels!

Their duty was to not fail their mission!

They did not regret their deaths and saved people!

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