Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast

Chapter 388 - 206: Straight into the Nine Layers, Darren Callum Returns_2
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388 Chapter 206: Straight into the Nine Layers, Darren Callum Returns_2

Translator: 549690339

Although it now resembled a train, its essence was still that of an Eighth Level Beast, which explained the terribly fearsome aura.

“Moat Station has arrived, please board the train if needed.”

As the announcement played, the doors opened, and Jack Clark walked straight in, finding the compartment empty.

With the closing of the doors, the train roared into the mist, disappearing into the Endless Mist at a remarkable speed.

Just past eleven in the morning, at the train station in the small city of Cloud Sea City on the outskirts.

A young man with a tall and straight figure and a face that was both handsome and valiant emerged from the platform, his presence exuding a faint sense of oppression, instinctively making many people step aside.

When the young man left the platform, a soldier dressed in military uniform promptly approached him and politely asked, “Hello, may I ask if you are Comrade Jack Clark?”

Jack Clark nodded slightly: “That’s me.”

The soldier immediately sighed with relief, “I’m Sean Blake, responsible for escorting you to the Martial City airport.”

“Thanks for the trouble,” Jack Clark nodded, and under the curious eyes of many onlookers, he got into the military vehicle parked by the roadside and left.

According to the route, after leaving the Southern Battlefield, Jack Clark’s first stop was at Cloud Sea City.

Then he would travel seventy kilometers to Martial City, where he would meet with Innate Awakened Ones from the Northern Battlefield and take an airplane to South City more than a thousand kilometers away.

The expected arrival time was at four thirty in the afternoon.

At this moment, Jack Clark’s appearance had also changed slightly; although it was the same person with the same handsome features, subtle adjustments had made him appear even more stern.

In fact, for cultivators, identifying a person primarily relies on the strength of their aura and the fluctuations of their spiritual will; facial features are actually secondary.

Jack Clark’s actions were mainly to avoid being identified by Face Recognition, then having Jack Clark’s identity discovered.

At this point, after adjusting a few key points of the Face Recognition, he was completely aligned with his new identity, and anyone obtaining information through Face Recognition would only have access to the superficial data associated with Darren Callum.

At one in the afternoon, the military vehicle stopped outside the airport in Martial City.

From the driver’s seat, Sean Blake politely told Jack Clark, “Comrade Jack, this is as far as I take you. Your ticket’s already been purchased; just swipe your ID card and you’re good to go.”

With the car door opening, Jack Clark got out of the vehicle.

As the military vehicle drove away, Jack Clark looked at the modern-style airport in front of him and the crowd pulling luggage through security checks, feeling an incongruity with the scene.

This morning, he was still in the Alien Beast Battlefield, where primeval forests stretched to the sky, and yet within half a day, he was back in the civilized world.

“But such a life doesn’t seem too bad,” Jack Clark smiled and strode towards the airport.

While Jack Clark was queuing for security, many people couldn’t help but steal glances at him.

His imposing height and straight posture, his pale and handsome face, and his indifferent gaze gave off a cool and overpowering presence.

Combined with the Divine Tyrant Body that naturally radiated a powerful aura, similar to that of higher life forms like the Dragon Elephant Behemoth, he stood out significantly in the crowd.

Beep beep!!

Having passed security, his identity was verified, and Jack Clark entered the airport.

Although in this world, due to biological mutations, the sky had become more dangerous than before, flights between megacities within Eastern Summer Country were still plentiful.

After all, large Mutant Birds had been dealt with, and the remaining ordinary birds posed little threat to airplanes. Those few capable of flying at ten thousand meters altitude could be taken down by the weapons mounted on airplanes.

Of course, in such conditions, plane tickets were very expensive; only individuals with substantial wealth could afford to fly, essentially the societal elite.

Since there was still time before the flight, Jack Clark casually ate something in the airport.

When Jack Clark arrived at the lobby, his gaze immediately fell upon a young man in a Daoist robe who appeared to be about eighteen or nineteen.

The young man had long hair reaching down to his waist, casually tied back with a hairpin, and an elegant and ethereal demeanor; it was just that his appearance was a bit ordinary.

Jack approached the robed young man and asked in a low voice, “Damon Lopes?”

“Darren Callum?” responded the young man in the robe, his eyes revealing surprise as he looked at the handsome man before him, astonished that this fellow seemed a bit excessively attractive.

Jacks’s lips curled slightly: “Brother Lopes, I’ve long admired your reputation.”

As Damon Lopes sized up Jack Clark, Jack was also evaluating him.

Jack Clark could see an Invisible Power naturally circulating around Damon Lopes without the latter cultivating; his body was automatically absorbing energy from between heaven and earth.

Out of politeness, though, after taking a glance, Jack Clark averted his gaze and sat down next to Damon Lopes.

At that moment, Damon Lopes whispered, “Brother Callum, can we discuss something?”

“What’s on your mind?”

Damon Lopes humbly suggested, “I feel that I’m better at defense. How about we switch roles? I’ll be responsible for protection, and you can handle any attackers.”

Jack Clark smiled: “I don’t mind, but can you discern malice through other people’s gazes?”

“It appears… 1 cannot.”

Damon Lopes sighed, “Alright then, I’ll do it. Truth is, I prefer cultivation, not really into fighting and killing.”

Jack Clark did not continue the conversation.

This time though the two of them were cooperating to protect Mathilda Ward, their duties were clear. Jack Clark, with his Heart’s Eye, was responsible for Mathilda’s close-range safety and for detecting enemies.

And Damon Lopes, at the Sixth Heaven Middle Stage with stronger strength, was in charge of handling and suppressing attackers, including intercepting Avatars of the Blood God and demon king.

In the eyes of the military’s upper echelon, even though both were at the Sixth Layer, the Innate Awakened One Damon Lopes, who controlled the Thunderbolt Power and was at a slightly higher realm, was undoubtedly stronger in battle..

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