My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 1024: A Reunion in Paradise.
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Chapter 1024: A Reunion in Paradise.

Although she wanted to continue admiring her master, Valeria had more pressing matters to attend to; she instantly saw this event as an opportunity.

An opportunity to enlighten beings who had not been blessed or who did not understand the light of the God Emperor.

Valeria rose from her position and commanded, raising her hand.

"Summon all our brothers and sisters. It's time to bring the Emperor's light to those beings touched by pagan gods."

Her voice awakened all the faithful present from their daze, and with her charisma, she compelled everyone to action.

"Y-Yes, Supreme Priestess!"


The world was in chaos, as if the apocalypse were about to happen again, a recapitulation of the demon invasion, with the only difference being that this was much worse for some. This feeling was amplified several times when the dragon moved its head as if observing something.

The realization that such a being was not just a mirage or a product of their imagination was thrown out the window now. Despite this, there were still some minorities who simply could not believe what they were seeing, even if it was right in front of them.

They were deeply disillusioned. But to be fair, the probability that that being was a collective illusion is very high, considering that there are beings out there who might be capable of doing that, so their thoughts kind of made sense. Although this thought was shattered when mortals observed the dragon through telescopes, satellites, and other technologies that were created capable of observing beyond the planet.

Just as suddenly as it appeared, the dragon disappeared afterward. The time the dragon remained observable to everyone was short, but its appearance would be something that would never be forgotten by everyone on the planet Earth. Its appearance would be something that would be much debated even after several months.

The image of the dragon is deeply rooted in everyone's minds, whether mortal or divine. And it was from this impression that the faithful of the blood god's religion took advantage.

"Did you see!? This is our god. Our Emperor God, unlike other gods, his position is unquestionable, he is the strongest God!"

"While your gods are sitting in your perfect world, only the Emperor God is fighting for mortals!"

"He saved Earth!"

"He brought back all the damage caused to Earth by its inhabitants!"

"Civilization was rebuilt because of him!"

"Our God controls life and death! Are you afraid of death!? Fear not, our god awaits you in death!"

Phrases like these were spreading throughout all inhabited territories on Earth, the religion of the blood god using all its influence on Earth to spread the word.

TV stations, the internet, radio, any place where mortals had access, the 'word' was spreading like a virus that could no longer be stopped.

Of course, the religion of the blood god was not alone, seizing this opportunity, Victor's own faction began to act as well.

Specifically speaking, Empress Violet would not let this opportunity pass, so she put all the faction's efforts into promoting the 'words' of the blood god's religion.

"Fufufu, Darling. You're certainly full of surprises, if I hadn't used my powers to observe the near future, I would have missed this opportunity... but this works very well for us." Violet laughed charmingly as she watched everything unfold.

She was sitting in the chair in her personal office elegantly with her legs crossed as she looked at several screens showing various different viewpoints.

She couldn't help but be surprised that a casual 'gesture' from Victor could cause so much chaos like this, all because he wanted to test his dragon form.

Violet turned her gaze towards the faithful who were spreading the word to every habitable corner. Now, even the territories where they couldn't do so before no longer hindered the words of the faithful, the reason for this? It was quite obvious, fear in its purest form.

The gods no longer intervened, this was the perfect opportunity, and they would not waste it. Seeing the approach of the faithful, Violet smiled to herself, satisfied.

Unlike Valeria's words, the faithful did not use pejorative terms like 'pagan gods' or anything like that; the Supreme Priestess knew very well that publicity was the key to everything, having a good image is essential, especially now that everyone had seen the 'power' of the God Emperor.

Even though she thought this way, like the entire upper circle of the blood god religion, she did not spread it and kept it as an internal thought. After all, one of the rules of the blood god's religion is to respect each other.

... Valeria just found it a pity, and scorned those who idolized gods other than the Emperor God; after all, if there clearly exists a superior being, why would you look to another god? Especially a weaker god?

The Emperor God is just, he rewards his faithful for their effort, he looks at humanity as a whole, and does not treat them like dogs, unlike the other gods, he is here to help them.

Therefore, it is natural that people feel the Light of the God Emperor upon them... And for those who do not understand this, she will make them understand, after all, that is her job.


While working diligently since the beautiful appearance of her Master, Valeria suddenly heard in her head that made her freeze instantly.

[My dear disciple, are you busy now?]

[N-No, I'm not busy, Master!] Valeria quickly responded, even if she was busy, so what? She will stop everything she's doing if it's to meet her master.

Not to mention that her current job wasn't that difficult, she just needed to coordinate everything, something that could easily be done by the archbishops.

"Your Grace?" The archbishops asked with a confused look when they saw Valeria's state.

[Very Well, come visit me, I have something prepared for you.]

Suddenly, a violet portal appears in the middle of the room.


Valeria quickly rose from her chair and grabbed her Staff, which was floating behind her.

"Calm down, my master wants to speak with me."

The eyes of everyone present here widened when they heard Valeria's words.

"Continue your work, I will be back soon." Valeria ordered as she swiftly and gracefully walked towards the portal.


Even though she tried to maintain her graceful demeanor, the visible haste on her face was evident, something that was perfectly normal considering that everyone here would react worse than her.

She is just reacting so professionally because she spent 'a lot' of time with her master.

Passing through the portal, she found herself in a beautiful green plain, the weather was refreshing and bright, and atop a small hill, she saw a man sitting under a parasol, it seemed like he was having a peaceful afternoon, the table he was sitting at was filled with sweets and tea, such delicious food that the smell could be sensed even from Valeria's position.

Valeria's eyes naturally gravitated towards her master's beautiful form, and she walked towards the hill; the closer she got to Victor, the more she realized that her master was not alone.

He was sitting beside what looked like a girl in her late teens; she couldn't identify the girl, she just saw that she had long blonde hair.

"Could she be one of your daughters, perhaps?" Valeria wondered, as both the disciple and the leader of the blood god's religion, she knew a few things that her subordinates didn't.

"But I don't think my Master is involved with any woman with blonde hair." Valeria thought distractedly, unlike the Fulger Clan, and girls like Jeanne who had golden hair ranging from brighter to less bright colors, the girl had very light blonde hair much like hers.

"So, you own all of this...? The entire planet?"

Upon hearing the girl's voice, Valeria's heart felt like it was about to jump out of her chest, her cold expression completely crumbling.

"That's correct."

"Wow... I never imagined that would be possible."

Valeria stopped walking; she dared not take another step, her feelings were in turmoil now.

'This voice... It's...' She swallowed hard as she felt her heart squeeze in pain, unpleasant memories flashed in her mind, memories of a cowardly act done to her beautiful daughter.

With great determination and willpower, she swallowed her feelings in a foolish attempt to control herself.

"With enough power, anything is possible. If something isn't possible right now, it's because you don't have enough power."

"I see... That makes sense... I mean, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't possible."

Victor smiled gently. "You're a clever girl, Vanessa." π”£π”―π–Šπ”’π–œπ”’π”Ÿπ–“π–”π”³π”’π–‘.𝔠𝖔π”ͺ

Upon hearing the girl's name coming from her master's mouth, Valeria felt the strength drain from her entire body; unconsciously, she let go of the Staff that began to float around her and fell to her knees on the grass.

"That was a good conversation. Unfortunately, we'll have to end it here."

"Oh, that's a shame." She said sadly.

"Don't worry, if it's your desire, we'll talk again in the future." Victor stroked the girl's head gently.

"Hehehe, I wonder why your caresses make me feel so at peace, Victor." She questioned.

Victor didn't answer her; he simply turned his face to Valeria and spoke:

"You have company."

Seeing the direction Victor was looking, the girl looked towards the kneeling figure, and when she saw the woman there, her face froze.


"V-V-... M-..." Valeria felt an incredible difficulty in speaking properly, all the feelings that were locked away in her heart burst open like a dam being destroyed.

Victor let a calm, peaceful aura spread around, and gently, he patted Vanessa's back as if indicating for her to go to her.

Understanding Victor's intentions, Vanessa took hesitant steps towards her mother and gently hugged her.

Feeling the embrace that had long been lost, she couldn't hold back anymore and expressed her feelings in the only way she could.

She cried...

She cried while embracing her daughter's body. This action provoked a reaction in Vanessa herself who couldn't hold back anymore and cried while hugging her mother.

Victor just continued to watch this scene with a small smile on his face, a smile that was somewhat sad yet happy at the same time.

"[... Are you sure, Darling?]" He heard Roxanne's gentle voice.

"[Sure about what, my dear wife?]"


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