My Longevity Simulation

Chapter 393: Mysterious Heavenly Fate
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Chapter 393: Mysterious Heavenly Fate

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“Friend Li Fan, are you alright?”

Qi Buyi and the others noticed that Li Fan’s expression suddenly became somewhat unpleasant, and asked with concern.

Li Fan: Li Fan showed a forced smile, “Maybe I’m just getting old and not used to the lively atmosphere here. Suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable.”

Gu Youguang felt a bit guilty, “I shouldn’t have bothered you during rest!”

Li Fan waved his hand slightly, “Brother Gu, don’t worry about it. I’ll go back and rest.”

Xiang and Gu nodded repeatedly.

Before leaving, Qi Buyi looked at Li Fan and suddenly asked, “Can you tell me, in the past few years, although you have known that your time is running out, how did you maintain such an optimistic and fearless state?”

Xiang Liu and Gu Youguang also looked curious.

Li Fan: Li Fan paused for a moment and said calmly, “Treat every day as the last day, and then there’s no fear of death.”

“Just that.”

There was a strange light in Qi Buyi’s eyes, nodding slowly.

“Next, before the end of the grand competition, I will arrange for you a slightly easier but still important task for the construction of the Soul Locking Array.”

“Consider it something you deserve.”

After a while, Qi Buyi spoke again.

Li Fan showed no excitement on his face, just calmly said, “In that case, thank you, Senior Qi.”

Then bid farewell to everyone and returned to the small courtyard rented at the Dao Pavilion.

In the secret room, Li Fan sorted out the sudden reappearance of the memories of the avatar in his mind.

And also recalled some of the countermeasures his main body had taken earlier.

Taking out the blank jade slip from the storage ring, sure enough, the content was restored.

When the avatar Xiao Fan and Han Yi left the headquarters of the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance, they decided to travel together to the Yuandao Province.

At that time, it was close to anchoring for 29 years, and the “Ten Years Disappearance of Yuandao Province” incident was about to occur.

To test the influence of the “it” lurking above the Yuandao Province, Li Fan recorded this matter in a cryptic manner on the jade slip only he knew about.

For comparison, Li Fan also inscribed the words “Dao” and “Source” on two blank jade slips respectively.

As Li Fan had expected.

When the time entered the 29th year of anchoring, Li Fan unconsciously lost all memories related to the Yuandao Province and everything associated with it.

Even the existence of the avatar in the Yuandao Province was forgotten by himself.

Not only the memories, but the records in the jade slip also became completely blank.

Only the words “Dao” and “Source” inscribed separately remained.

(TL Note: Yuan can be translated as Source)

“Can’t remember, can’t recall…” Li Fan’s expression became extremely solemn.

“If it weren’t for the fact that I couldn’t create the avatar, it would be extremely difficult to notice anything.”

“However, even so, knowing that something is wrong and happening, I still couldn’t recall anything about the Yuandao Province.”

“Until now, anchoring for 39 years…”

“The disappeared Yuandao Province reappeared on the earth.”

“In fact, even now that I know what happened to the avatar, but they are completely unaware of all this…”

At the same time, in the Yuandao Province.

“Friend Xiao Fan, what’s wrong?” Han Yi turned to look at Xiao Fan, surprised.

They were currently heading to a remnant of the Heavenly Capital.

It is said that in ancient times, the Heavenly Capital was suspended above the nine heavens, known as the origin of Dao, the leader of all sects.

Later, for unknown reasons, the Heavenly Capital fell to the earth, forming more than ten relics within the current territory of the Yuandao Province.

Their purpose in this trip was one of them.

He had a premonition that there might be a great opportunity waiting ahead.

With this in mind, Han Yi glanced at Xiao Fan again.

“This person’s fortune is obscure and difficult to discern. According to the ‘Heavenly Fate Scripture’, it’s either that his fortune is too strong, beyond what I can currently discern; or his fortune is too weak, almost nonexistent, so it cannot be discerned.”

“He can obtain the Longevity Fruit of three hundred years, which definitely belongs to the former. Perhaps this trip can make use of his fortune.”

Han Yi secretly thought.

The ‘Heavenly Fate Scripture’ was the cultivation technique he practiced, created by an extraordinary figure who observed the ancient divine bird, the Heavenly Fate Phoenix.

This technique is the reason he obtained the top prize at the fishing contest and started the Heavenly Feather Pill in the Blue Feather Treasure Box.

The ‘Heavenly Fate Scripture’ had many mysterious uses, but the most core aspect was the ability to control one’s own fortune.

According to the scripture, the fortune of living beings is not constant, but constantly interacts with the outside world.

If one cannot control their own fortune, then in each successive ‘stroke of luck’, it will be continuously diminished.

And practicing the ‘Heavenly Fate Scripture’, one can usually converge their own fortune, avoiding wasting it on unnecessary matters.

When the critical moment arrives, one can then burst out the accumulated fortune all at once.

Thus, achieving almost a state of achieving whatever one desires.

Of course, side effects are inevitable. After the outburst, there will be a long period of decline.

During this time, it can be said that even drinking cold water would feel like having one’s teeth stuffed, and everything would go wrong.

The solution is to find someone with strong fortune and follow them closely.

Use their fortune to resolve the crisis.

However, the avatar Xiao Fan could not know Han Yi’s thoughts.

At the moment when the disappeared ten years were restored, the experiences shared from his main body flooded into his mind.

But his senses did not perceive any loss of time.

The tremendous contrast brought about a sense of dislocation, making the avatar feel extremely uncomfortable.

However, he didn’t show it in front of Han Yi.

He remained calm and flew alongside him.

Xiao Fan: “It’s nothing, just suddenly remembered some past events.” With that, the avatar looked up at the sky, his expression inexplicable.

Han Yi: “Oh? Friend Xiao, have you also been to this Yuandao Province?” Han Yi asked curiously.

“Hehe, that’s something from a long time ago.”

As they chatted, the two with their own agendas set off towards the remnants of the Heavenly Capital once again. 𝑓𝘳ℯℯ𝔀ℯ𝓫𝑛𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓵.𝘤𝘰𝓶

Meanwhile, at Li Fan’s original body in the Tianchen Province, after realizing the feelings of his avatar, he also pondered.

“Although ‘it’ has temporarily disappeared, its influence remains. The beings in the Yuandao Province are completely unaware that ten years of their time have been consumed.”

“Even though the avatar knew the established facts, he still couldn’t detect anything unusual.”

“The power of distorted perception is so formidable.”

“The reason I was able to quickly perceive it is not because I have freed myself from its influence, but because…”

“My perception is based on the experience of being consumed by ten years of time in the twelfth return, not in this life.”

“Although ‘its’ power is strong, it cannot penetrate time.”

With these thoughts, Li Fan deeply exhaled a breath of turbid air.

The slight shadows brought by ‘it’ in his heart gradually dissipated.

“For now, it seems that as long as I eliminate the traces left by it on me, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.”

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