My Beautiful Disciples, I'm really not the Main Character!

Chapter 37: Breaking inside the Core Area
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37 Chapter 37: Breaking inside the Core Area

After Eren finished reading the letter, he carefully placed it back inside the envelope.

He then made his way towards the door and casually tossed the envelope outside.

Simultaneously, he issued instructions to the Phoenix.

Flames cascaded down the cliff, engulfing the letter and reducing it to ashes. Not a single trace remained as the wind carried away the remnants.

Eren stood there, observing as the ashes of the letter dissipated into the air.

He quietly muttered, "Thank you for the information."

Despite feeling a slight pang of frustration due to the information's lack of immediate usefulness, Eren still felt a sense of gratitude for being informed about it.

"A Sea Dragon, huh. It looks like I would take quite some time before I can use the Memory Fragment. But first, I need to take care of the Main Character."

"Now that I think about it, isn't it almost the time when..."

He remembered an important event taking place a few days after the Main Character entered the Sect.

It was an important event that almost killed the Main Character, while also giving him an opportunity of a lifetime.

"It should be the time when he met that powerful woman on the mission and slept with her to heal her poison. What an absurd plot, but I can't let things happen as they did in the story."

"The stronger he becomes, the more dangerous he will become for me. Hence, I will steal all his opportunities! I will get the strength that should have belonged to him."

He was certain that the other Transmigrators from Earth were planning the same to become stronger. Their knowledge was their biggest strength.

Since he only read a few hundred chapters, his knowledge was the most lacking. Hence, he could only use the Main Character as a treasure detector while making sure he stole all his opportunities.

After preparing for a few days, Eren was ready to leave.

He went down to the Mission Hall and gave an excuse to them that he was going out to find a herb for his disciple. He told them that it might take them a few days before he could return.

While he was in the Mission Hall, he also heard a few Elders talk about the Great Elder who had been punished to face a wall for a month.

"No wonder she didn't trouble me, despite being affected by the seed. Although she has fallen for me, she still has sanity." Eren smiled, believing that it was a good thing.

He turned around to leave. But on the way out, he noticed the Main Character who was picking up a training mission from the Mission Hall.

Eren smiled as he walked away. Things were progressing just as he expected.

"Why now?" Eren was about to step out of the Mission Hall when he stopped. ๐š๐—ฟ๐—ฒew๐žb๐งo๐šŸ๐šŽ๐—น.com

The screen that had been dormant for the last few days appeared again.

[Option One: You are an honest Elder of the Sect. You have more important responsibilities than going outside.

Stay in the sect for the next few weeks and make yourself more well known in the Sect.

Reward: The Robe of Flame King (High Tier)]

[Option Two: You have made the Great Elder fall for you. As a man, you should take responsibility for your actions.

Help her escape from house imprisonment and have her accompany you outside.

Reward: Map of the Seven Seas (Rare Tier)]

[Option Three: You have a clear goal in your mind. It's a goal that requires you to leave the sect.

Leave the Sect right now, and make sure that you aren't followed.

Reward: Boots of Wind Blessing (Mid Tier)]

[Option Four: You are a teacher. You know that your absence would make your disciple miss you. It will even affect her training.

Take her with you so you can train her along the way.

Reward: Gloves of Titan (Rare Tier)]

"I'll take option two!" Eren exclaimed right away without a second thought.

He selected the most dangerous looking option, all because of the reward.

What he wanted the most was to find the Sea Dragon. And the Map of the Sea could give him a clue about that

It was a rare tier reward, which meant it wasn't a normal map. Instead, it was a high tier treasure.

It could give him a clear destination. Even though he wasn't strong enough to defeat a Sea Dragon, the Great Elder was strong!

With that second option, he could hit two targets with one arrow! He could get the map, and then he could have the Great Elder accompany him to the Sea!

[You have selected the second option]

[Reward will be given on completion]

Eren selected the most difficult option, when the first option looked like the easiest.

This time, he was certain that the pattern of the options was broken, just like the letter had stated.

There was no way the first option was more dangerous than the second option.

The second option literally meant death if he made a mistake. But for now, it didn't matter.

"If I want to recover the memories, this is a risk I have to take. I never know if this reward is ever going to appear again. If I miss it now, I might regret it forever!"

He left the mission hall, making up his mind.

He had to take the Great Elder with him. But it was easier said than done.

The Great Elder was punished to be under house arrest by the Sect Leader. Taking her with him was directly violating the rules of the Sect Leader.

He had to do that in a way that left him a path of survival.

Eren climbed on the Phoenix, which soared into the sky, going straight towards the Great Elder's residence.

There was no way for him to enter the core area of the Sect without getting discovered. Only the Sect Master and the Great Elders were allowed to live in that area after all.

As soon as he entered the Core Area, all the Guards were alerted instantly. Someone had broken inside the Core Area without Authorization.

[The Path of Conqueror Progress: 1 Percent]

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