Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 815 - 815: 815 Bullying Me
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Chapter 815: 815 Bullying Me

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“You dare to call the police to arrest me? In the Capital, no police dared to arrest me!” He Xi sneered.

Hearing the other party’s words, the girl’s father flinched a little. Judging from her clothes, he knew that the other party’s identity was not simple. If they really called the police, their family might be the one in trouble in the end.

But as a man, how could he let his family be bullied by outsiders?

“You’re not apologizing for your mistakes?” The girl’s father walked up to He Xi. He was much taller than He Xi and looked very oppressive. “Then I’ll let you experience the feeling of being stepped on.”

He Xi sensed the other party’s intentions, so she immediately ran around. As she ran, she shouted, “Help! Someone wants to kill me!”

Tan Rou and Zhuang Liu also noticed the situation here, but they didn’t know who was causing trouble. Moreover, this had nothing to do with them. As long as it didn’t hit their table, it was fine.

“Why do 1 feel that one of the voices is very familiar?” Tan Rou stopped eating and looked over. “Sounds like someone annoying.”

Zhuang Liu told her not to be distracted. “Rourou, it’s your turn to get food for me.”

Tan Rou turned around. “Oh, okay.”

However, even if they weren’t causing trouble, trouble would come to them. He Xi aimed at Tan Rou and Zhuang Liu. After she broke through the crowd, she ran towards them.

“Brother Xiao Liu, save me!” He Xi pounced in front of Zhuang Liu. “They’re all bullying me!”

Tan Rou really wanted to use the chopsticks in her hand to stab this lunatic out. Why was she everywhere? They couldn’t even have a proper meal! No wonder she felt that the voice was familiar and annoying. It turned out that He Xi was crazy again.

Zhuang Liu’s face darkened. “He Xi, why are you here?”

He Xi said aggrievedly, “You didn’t see me, so I came to find you but you’re still in contact with this vixen. Can’t you get rid of her?”

“Are you a stalker? My boyfriend has already rejected you. Why are you still pestering him?” Tan Rou asked coldly.

“Brother Xiao Liu is mine,” He Xi said. She pretended to hide in Zhuang Liu’s arms. “Brother Xiao Liu, quick! Protect me. Those lunatics want to hit me.”

The girl’s father saw that someone was protecting the female pervert and did not dare to go forward. “Hey, is this woman your friend? She just pushed my daughter, injured my dog, and even threw a vase at us. You won’t protect her, right?”

Zhuang Liu didn’t let He Xi get close at all. He pushed He Xi out and said coldly, “We don’t know her well. We won’t protect her. You can deal with her however you want. If you can send her to prison, 1 will treat you to a meal.”

He Xi looked surprised. “Brother Xiao Liu, why did you say that? You’re all bullying me!”

Zhuang Liu calmly peeled prawns for Tan Rou. “Rourou, are you still going to eat? If you don’t want to eat, let’s go.”

Tan Rou said, “I’m done. I was in a good mood, but after seeing a certain someone, I’m not in the mood anymore.”

Zhuang Liu wiped his hands with wet tissue. “The prawns here are not bad. I’ll come back next time to peel them for you.”

The two of them chatted casually, not putting He Xi in their eyes at all.

He Xi looked at the sticky look between them and was so angry that she squeezed between them. “You guys separate!”

Zhuang Liu pulled Tan Ron’s hand and took two steps back. He Xi missed and fell on the table. Her white dress was covered with greasy soup. It was obvious that it was difficult to wash.

Tan Rou couldn’t help but laugh. “Miss He, please come earlier next time. Otherwise, you’ll have to eat our leftovers.”

He Xi grabbed the things on the table and threw them around crazily, not caring who they were thrown at.

“All of you are bullying me. Go to hell!” He Xi was quite strong. Not only did she throw away the plates and vegetables, but she also threw away the chair.

Zhuang Liu hid to the side with Tan Rou, afraid that Tan Rou would be hit by the things in He Xi’s hand.

Seeing this, the couple quickly took their child and left. Treating the dog was a small matter. If they got involved with this lunatic, they really wouldn’t be able to escape.

The shop assistants didn’t dare to stop them. When they encountered customers like this, they would let them smash things as long as they would compensate them in the end. Moreover, looking at this crazy woman’s clothes, she didn’t look like someone who didn’t have money..

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