Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 586 586 Poke Reiko
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Chapter 586 586 Poke Reiko

Ella smiled at Uncle Ivan, as the former Patriarch insisted she call him, and tapped the side of her head to indicate that she had been having a mental conversation.

"Wolfe is going to cast some defensive spells over the city, and then give the inscription to Elder Maria. They will help everyone in the city and cut down on the violence as well, so there are no real drawbacks, but we need to talk to the Council about what is going on and the threat of the United World Army. We need to do that before the spell effects become so obvious that everyone can tell that something in the city has changed, so I need you to do something about either the Council schedule, or to get us to see Reiko." Ella informed the Elder Noxus Family member.

Ivan nodded, and sent a text from his phone.

"Give it ten minutes and I will have an answer for you. As you might recall, we put one of our men among the security staff, and he has enough access to pass her a message.

I hope you will forgive me for the contents of the message, but subtlety wasn't going to accomplish what we needed." He explained.

Ella moved to look at his phone, and smiled as she read the message.

[Tell the Coven Leader that her friend Ella has reached Rank Three and is here to meet her before returning to the front lines of the war with the overseas soldiers.]

"Well, that is certainly not subtle, I will give it that much." Ella agreed.

"But it should work. The security guard will message us back soon with her response. It's not unheard of for her to come here for dinners, or to some of the other Families, but we rarely go to her, other than our designated advisors.

I am hoping that she doesn't have dinner plans for the evening, and she can arrange to come directly to us for the whole evening so that you can get through everything that you need to." Ivan explained.

"I am not even sure if a whole evening will be enough. She's going to be pretty mad that she was cut out of the Pentacle in favour of becoming the Coven Leader, and then there is the prank that Wolfe played on her that made her husbands her slaves. I suspect that I will have a lot to answer for by the time that she arrives."

The response was almost instant.

[Where is she now? Why didn't Ella come to see me when she arrived? We're friends, even if I'm stuck here, she should have come to see me first, not her father-in-law. Tell her that I will be there soon.]

The message came from the security guard's phone, but it was clearly from Reiko, and Ella could sense the spluttering rage behind the words, despite no longer sharing a link with her.

Ivan was doing his best not to laugh as the notifications came in that the Coven Leader was on the move without warning or a previously planned itinerary. The rumour was that she had gotten urgent news and was going to meet with someone to discuss it, but so far, nobody knew who.

"At this rate, you've got about twenty minutes until she arrives. Is that going to be enough to get ready to meet the Coven Leader?" Ella asked.

"We will have a proper welcome ready, and dinner is already started. We eat fairly early here in the Noxus house, as you've learned. She will be right on time to greet the family, and we have prepared enough for whichever other Families decide to follow her here.

There will be at least one that is brave enough to try to get in on whatever the Coven Leader is talking about with us, and more than likely there will be at least one of the Coven Families as well." Ivan reminded her.

Ella considered that for a moment, then smirked at Ivan. "I suspect the answer will be all of them. I can feel Wolfe moving toward Elder Maria now, and that gives us under thirty minutes before he casts the new protective barriers over the city.

There is zero chance that his actions will go undetected, and that will draw everyone here to where the Coven Leader is, under the assumption that she knew about it in advance.

I just hope that he holds off until she is actually in the room with us, so there are no questions about when she learned, and why she wasn't present."

Ella sent Wolfe a mental warning not to activate the spells until the gave him the all clear, but if he was meeting with Maria Noxus, he would have to field at least five or ten thinly veiled questions about his fertility and the due date of the first grandchild before he could even begin to get to the point.

That woman was relentless, and once she learned that Cassie had lived up to the potential that she saw in her, her desire to have more powerful children for the next generation had only intensified.

In her words, "Cassie is the only shining star of the Family this generation, it's only right that she has at least six or seven children to carry on her potential."

Ella sensed Wolfe's amusement as he met up with the old woman, but she didn't have an opportunity to focus on it, as there was an incoming convoy from the upper floors.

Reiko had arrived, and she had brought along at least five Coven Council members, and four cars from other Crime Families.

"You know, it's actually remarkable how fast they catch on now, when they were so absolutely blind to what was going on around them before the rebellion." Ella noted as Ivan brought up the security camera feeds on his phone so he could track their progress.

"Sometimes all it takes is a swift kick to wake people up. Their eyes are wide open now, the problem is that they've still got their heads so far up their ass, so they can't see past their noses." The former Patriarch joked.

Sadly, Ella was pretty sure he was right. The only reason they had noticed this was because it happened right under their noses, and it was impossible to ignore. The only way to be more obvious would be to release her aura and broadcast to the whole city that there was a Rank Three Witch waiting in the Noxus Family home.f𝚛𝚎𝗲we𝗯𝗻ovel.𝐜om

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