Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 585 585 Family Matters
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Chapter 585 585 Family Matters

As Wolfe flew, he began to formulate a plan for what he would do when he made it to Morgana Fortress City. If he went in and contacted his family, it could mess up all the hard work that Ella had been doing, but he didn't have much time to waste on getting the barriers set up.

What he didn't know was that Ella was currently at the Noxus Family home, enjoying all the hospitality and social functions that were proper for the wife of the Noxus Family head. All the members of the Noxus Family that could use mana felt it when Wolfe had activated the Noxus Family's inheritance fully to become the true Family Head, and they were eagerly awaiting the moment that they could be inducted when Ella arrived. f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

What none of them could have expected was that it only took a single phrase to get the job done. The moment that they had welcomed Ella to the house and greeted her with the traditional pledge of loyalty as Family Elders, the link had snapped into place, making them unranked members of the Family, waiting on Wolfe to recognize them as Elders.

Even the witch-blooded Elders were recognized by the Family. At least, the ones that had Noxus Family blood.

Three of the older women had an aura at some level, and two of them carried the Noxus bloodline. The lone exception was Cassie's Grandmother, but the Family link had accepted her as soon as Ella did.

[Ella, I'm about to cast protective spells over the Fortress City. Have you contacted the Coven Council yet?] Wolfe asked through the Consort bond.

[No, I'm still with your family, but it's Coven History Week here, and the Council isn't meeting for another three days. How are things in the Sylvan City? I've been getting snippets through the Pentacle members, but Priya isn't sharing much.]

[We got them all set up with new spells, and I'm going to do the same thing with Morgana, but I wasn't going to wait to spend a whole day in meetings and ceremonies.] Wolfe replied.

He sensed Ella's laughter through the bond, and that attracted the attention of Cassie and the others, who were eager for some news from the Coven.

[I'll bet if you start dropping Grand Magic on top of the city, they'll change the Coven Council schedule. I tried to get a meeting without revealing myself in advance, but apparently Reiko is in seclusion during her days off, and nobody is brave enough to bother her.]

Wolfe could sense Ella's reluctance to put herself in the public eye and cause chaos in the city. They had gone so instance about a Rank Two witch that there was no telling what they would do about a Rank Three witch suddenly appearing and then intending to leave immediately afterwards.

[Well, at least she's getting some respect, given the state that the rest of the Coven is in. I still have a hard time believing that they managed to get themselves reduced to a city state and still have the gall to believe that they are worthy to carry on the city's leadership.] Wolfe responded with a sigh.

[And that's why we don't bother Reiko at work. I will admit that I miss her company, but I really don't want to be involved with her Coven issues.] Ella replied.

It seemed a bit hypocritical that they would stick their nose in everyone else's business, but not that of their own hometown, but Wolfe understood the feeling.

Plus, after this, they would be interfering, no matter how you looked at it. Taking away Magi men to have them trained was undoubtedly interference. They would need a lot of help to become effective, as it wasn't a curse that was limiting them, they were born with poor magical aptitude, from the survivors with an aptitude just as mediocre.

That was what it took to survive the purge, but with some effort and assistance, they could at least become half decent as Rank One Magi.

[Let the others know that I will be casting the spells so that they can contact the Council, and about the risk that the United World Army will be coming after them even though they're not in the Frozen Wastes.

They're pushing for as many of those enraged monsters as they can, and the monsters aren't going to respect a boundary, they're going to go wherever there is food. The forest was already seeing an increase in powerful monsters last time we were there, so you can tell them about that too.] Wolfe explained.

Ella laughed in his head. [Relax, I know, I was there too, remember? I've got this. Just cast the spells, and accept the Elders into the ranks of Elders if you're willing. They've been on about it since I arrived.]

Now it was Wolfe's turn to laugh. [Fine, I get it. You will take care of the Family for me. I will give the core of the spells to one of the Noxus Family members working the border of the farms after I am done. Can you ask my Uncle which one is trustworthy?]

Wolfe was about to call him the Patriarch out of habit, but the bond between Wolfe and the Noxus Family prevented him from recognizing anyone else in that position. It was his until the day that he died.

There was a short pause and then Ella came back with a surprising answer. [Elder Maria is outside the walls, delivering supplies to the farm. After I healed her the first day that I arrived, most of her suppressed aura began to return, and she has been working in overdrive to make trinkets for the Family with her wealth of knowledge.]

Cassie's grandmother was an interesting sort, and Wolfe distinctly recalled her desire for grandchildren the first time that he met her, but having her outside the walls today was the perfect chance to give the inscriptions for the defensive spells to someone trustworthy, and even if she just took them home, they would be nearly centred in the city.

[If she's still in range to contact, let her know that I will see her soon.] He replied, before dropping his flight altitude into the trees and heading for the city's farm district.

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