Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 581 581 Tian The Tiny
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Chapter 581 581 Tian The Tiny

A stern voice interrupted their conversation. "Tian, you can't just go jumping on strangers. I'm sorry, Madam and Demon Lord. Please forgive my daughter's insolence."

Then the voice paused as she realized who she was speaking to.

"Lulabeth? You're the Rank Three Witch from the Fae Forest that everyone has been abuzz about?" The woman asked hesitantly.

"Kindly don't call me by that name. But yes, it's me. Wolfe Noxus, I would like to introduce to you my aunt Sajj Priya and my little sister Tian." Priya replied.

The middle-aged woman bowed politely. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Lord Noxus. We weren't expecting guests of your calibre to arrive unannounced."

Wolfe smiled and looked back at where the Coven Leader was still only a third of the way down the walk from the car, stuck interacting with everyone she met.

"I believe it might have been much easier this way. Leaving them in shock at Priya's aura, we managed to get all the way here into the venue without anyone stopping us to ask questions.

If we had made a point of announcing who we were, we would still be back there with the Coven Leader, shaking hands and talking to strangers for another hour instead of in here looking for a drink." Wolfe replied.

"Oh, they have the good drinks. There is a berry and melon punch that is amazing." Tian exclaimed, and pointed toward the back of the room.

Wolfe carried the young Priya Family member toward the back of the room, where she was indicating that the good juice could be found, followed by Priya and her Aunt Sajj, who had apparently been assigned to watch over the younger family heirs while they were here at the Gala.

There was a separate room for all the children, with games, snacks, and most notably, the good juice that Tian had recommended.

There was a large group of caretakers in plain dresses that Wolfe assumed were some sort of Nanny uniform, but they were all busy at the moment with the influx of excited children who hadn't seen each other in a while, so they made no effort to stop Wolfe when he carried the small witch into the room.

"It's right over there. They don't serve it anywhere else in the building, but it's the very best flavour." Tian explained, with no intentions of getting down from Wolfe's side.

The section of prefilled cups was empty, and the witch assigned to the task was busily trying to stop a fight between a pair of toddlers over a toy car. So, Wolfe filled them two cups and turned around to walk back out into the gala.

Tian looked up at him as she sipped the juice. "Oh, are we going back to the adults section?" She asked.

Wolfe nodded. "Yes, and I have a very important task for you, do you think that you can help me with it?"

The preschooler nodded rapidly and made an odd gesture in the air that Wolfe vaguely recognized as a Witch charm for enforcing a promise. She did it wrong, and didn't have an aura to activate it, but the meaning was the same.

"Alright, when we get out there, plenty of people are going to want to talk to me, and some of them are really annoying. So, when I ask if you want more juice, you just have to say yes." Wolfe explained.

He heard laughter from behind him, and Sajj held out her arms to be handed the child.

"Good thinking, using the girl as a human shield, but did you think through the fact that everyone was going to wonder why you were carrying around the heir apparent to the Priya Family's Fourth Branch?" The matronly witch asked.

Wolfe shrugged. "Let them wonder."

Sajj turned to Tian with a stern frown. "You know better than to run away from your guards. What would all your fans think if you had to miss filming because something happened to you tonight?"

The little girl giggled and downed her juice in one long gulp.

"The guards are stupid. They can't even catch me, what good are they if someone actually bothered me? Besides, this guy is like really, really strong. And kind of warm. I bet he could take them in a fight." She replied.

Wolfe smirked and was about to speak when Priya reached over and pinched his lips closed to silence him.

"You can't keep her. Now, let her go back to the kids area while we find the bodyguards she gave the slip.

Wolfe laughed through the blockage over his face, and cast an armour spell on Tian, then quickly purged the bloodline curse from her and made the sludge vanish in a puff of fire in front of him, while he gently massaged her nascent mana system.

She was far from old enough to awaken an aura, but a little advanced preparation would help her develop strong and quickly when she did awaken in five or six years.

The littlest Priya poked at her arm in awe at the invisible film of armour over her before Wolfe set her on the ground with a pat on the head.

"There we go. Nobody will be able to harm her tonight. But where are the guards? They should have found us by now." Wolfe asked.

As if on cue, he spotted two very lost looking witches in matching black dresses wandering around the venue and then shifted to his left, so they could see Tian standing behind him. The looks of relief on their faces made the little girl give an evil smile and look around for a good escape route before she realized Wolfe's hand was on her head, stopping her.

"Teasing them is only funny the first time. Don't make them worry too much, or they will make things hard for you later." Wolfe warned her.

"Alright, Mister Demon. Thanks for the juice, I'll be heading back to the kids area now." She reluctantly agreed, while the two guards ran up, and then stopped suddenly with shocked looks on their faces and stared back and forth between Wolfe and Priya.

It took him a second, but Wolfe realized that he knew these witches. They were in his unit last winter.

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