Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 3043 Fatality! I
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Chapter 3043 Fatality! I

A unique reality presented itself with the latest usage of the Invictus Dominium Wings- with the alteration of Existential Causality that brought about the death of lifeforms paving the way for something unique.

Existential Invictus Fatalities.

{Any Existential Causality that finishes with a Fatality will have its subsequent Loot increased by a factor of 2.}

{Currently, two Existential Invictus Fatalities are available- the Severing Box of Mercy and the Infinite Blades of Quintessence.}


A unique world of possibilities opened as with a glimmer of brilliance, Noah uttered out.

|The Infinite Blades of Quintessence.|


The wings on his feet and back buzzed.

Among the wills of the multiple Teracosm Stage Entities here, the Fish like Omniversal Pillager with a bright appendage felt its Dominium constrict as an infallible and undeniable sense of death made its descent.

{The Existential Causality of Death has been brought forward for Rhynchactis Desmond.}

…! The name of the Omniversal Pillager was uttered as along with it, a brilliant colorless and blue hue began to blaze above it.

{The Existential Invictus Fatality of Infinite Blades of Quintessence has been deemed for Rhynchactis Desmond!}

He wasn't directly attacking it.

He didn't exceed its defensive parameters or overcome its Existential Extremity Authorities backed by Omniversal Authorities.

He was simply bringing forward an action with the highest probability that was bound to happen in the future.

He was simply playing with cause and effect.

With Existential Causality!


Such a power caused Noah to take a brief moment of reflection on the terrifying capabilities that Entities could have out there.

And the reason for his…was the Omniversal Organ that was born from his own unique pathway that he forged with his Dominium.

His Invictus Dominium Wings that called for one to be undefeated and Unconquerable made it possible!

And after his brief reflection, he saw the dazzling scene of the first Fatality unfold.

It all happened within the span of an instant as nobody could alter its result!

In the distance, the eyes of Sona shone brightly as she and all others observed.

A dazzling blue sword twice as big as the Rhynchactis appeared, swinging down from above akin to an undeniable sword of judgment!


The Rhynchactis bellowed out as Existential Extremity Authorities and the Influence of Omniversal Authorities gathered around it, but…


The sword swung down and ignored all of these Authorities as if they didn't exist.

After all, it wasn't an attack against Authorities.

It was simply a future being brought forward in advance!


In a shocking unfolding of reality, the head of the Rhynchactis was cleanly bisected.

It didn't seem real.

It didn't seem feasible.

But the massive head of the Rhynchactis Was operated from its head and pulled down below- where a dazzling colorless singularity suddenly bloomed as the head was pulled into it and disappeared!

Thereafter, thousands of massive blue blades appeared around the remaining fish like body of the Rhynchactis and chopped down with fervor, bisecting all parts of its body constantly as if this Entity was on a platter!


The blades didn't stop chopping until its body turned into slivers of meat, and they continued further until everything about its body and Dominium turned into shimmering blobs of blood that exploded a moment later.


And everything contained within this explosion redirected itself towards the man responsible, his right hand thrust out as jaws opened on his palm and devoured everything.

Everything that used to be a Teracosm Stage Omniversal Pillager!

And uniquely, his left hand was also thrust out…a colorless singularity blooming around it as the bisected head of the Rhynchactis that had disappeared could now be seen in his hand!

He grasped on the cylindrical appendage leading to the glowing light on this Entity…that at this time had turned entirely dim.


Noah floated there, holding the decapitated head of a Teracosm Stage Entity as if he were a grand champion that had claimed his victory!

The Archon Basileus Alderon and Martial King Reperiel stared at him with eyes showing disbelief.

The starfish and squid shaped Omniversal Pillagers stared at him blankly as if they couldn't believe what had just occurred.

Undoubtedly, all eyes on this chaotic battlefield turned towards Noah!

But he wasn't the least bit afraid.

Because power-ups during battles were where he was Quintessential at.

And the death of a Teracosm Stage Entity that he would now devour and even amplify its existence he would assimilate with Little CaCuLaTan…this would grant a boost that nobody on this battlefield but him understood!

It would make it so that he would no longer be on par or even struggling against these Teracosm Stage Entities before him!

At least, these were the weavings of his thoughts.

With the Fatality completed, tentacles erupted from his right hand and swallowed the massive head he was holding onto entirely, prompts beginning to bloom as many eyes remained on him.

{A Quintessential Achievement!}

{The Existential Invictus Fatality of the Infinite Blades of Quintessence was successfully brought to fruition!}

Prompts had begun to flourish while Little CaCuLaTan and his own existence began to tremble with interminable fervor, but at the same time, the roars of Omniversal Pillagers rang out as alongside Martial King Reperiel and Archon Basileus Alderon…the blazing auras of four Teracosm Stage Entities instantly abandoned everything and surged towards him alone!

The moment this occurred, a sigh was heard as the visage of Sona appeared in front of Noah.

|You know how to become the center of attention…|

As she spoke, her adornments began to burn as an entirely flaming icy white battledress bloomed on her body.

She seemed to have thought about something deep as she felt the blazing auras of four Teracosm Stage Entities coming in from behind, and she moved forward while her intent weaved out.

|Hold on to something for me real quick.|

She came in front of Noah with a sense of decisiveness and determination, taking his right hand and bringing it towards her chest.

|Be delicate with it.|


With such words, she took his hand and pierced her own chest, bringing it towards her beating heart!

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