Immortal of the Nine Realms

Chapter 283: You Dare Not
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Chapter 283: You Dare Not

The Heavenly Southern Sect disciples had been disoriented after Yu Yuefan’s defeat and the destruction of the Foundation Building Elder’s treasure, but Yu Yuefan’s invigorated mad laughter lifted up their spirits a bit.

Yes! Immortal Sea Dragon was here, and he and Yu Yuefan knew each other, too. He had even especially come here to congratulate Yu Yuefan on his breakthrough. Not to mention, the sword cultivator had killed the Passing Dragon Island Lord, so Immortal Sea Dragon had every reason to intervene!

The Heavenly Southern Sect disciples breathed a sigh of relief, and their gazes toward Fang Chen weren’t as fearful as before.

The sixth king’s face was somber. He really secretly hoped that Immortal Sea Dragon would appear and suppress Fang Chen. Only then would he not have to pay the price for his recent disrespect.

A thought suddenly hit Zhong Yue and the others. Normally, Immortal Sea Dragon might’ve not pursued the matter of their sect leader killing one of his Island Lords because of his mysterious background, but since there were a lot of Foundation Building Realm cultivators here today, Immortal Sea Dragon might be forced into making a move on the account of his sect’s reputation!

"Little Fan, do you now understand that there will always be someone better, someone who’s higher?"

A middle-aged man approached slowly and waved his hand, sending out a surge of spiritual energy to stabilize Yu Yuefan's injuries.

This was the ancestor of the Heavenly Southern Sect—a grand completion Foundation Building Realm powerhouse!

The expressions of the crowd changed, and the disciples of the Heavenly Southern Sect immediately clasped their fists in salute.

"We pay our respects to you, Ancestor!"

Yu Yuefan's expression fluctuated, and he finally bowed his head. "I’ve shamed you today, Ancestor."

The Heavenly Southern Sect ancestor chuckled lightly. "To know shame is the beginning of courage. It's also a process of growth. I hope that you won't let this defeat affect your state of mind."

“I will remember your advice," said Yu Yuefan in a low voice.

Nodding with a smile, the ancestor turned to Fang Chen and said, "Thank you, young friend, for showing mercy."

"No need to thank me,” replied Fang Chen offhandedly. “Just now, it was Elder Jin Nan who asked me to hold back. Since Elder Jin Nan is an old acquaintance of mine, I decided not to kill him."

Everyone’s expressions stiffened.

A complicated look remained on Jin Nan’s face.

The Heavenly Southern Sect ancestor was taken aback by Fang Chen’s response. After a moment, he sighed bitterly. "It seems that all sword cultivators are really cut from the same cloth."

A disciple in the Foundation Building Realm of the Heavenly Southern Sect bowed. "Ancestor, he killed one of our disciples and injured Yu Yuefan. Please put an end to his arrogance!"

The other disciples followed suit, clasping their fists. "Please, Ancestor, put an end to his arrogance!"

Their voices echoed like rolling thunder.

The disciples had expected that the ancestor would make a move on the sword cultivator, but to their surprise and confusion, he actually chided them. "Nonsense!" he said. "He spared Little Fan's life. This matter is already settled. Stop trying to add fuel to the fire!"

The disciples were astounded.

The ancestor turned to Fang Chen again and smiled. "What do you say, young friend, why don’t we bury the hatchet?"

Glancing at Yu Yuefan, Fang Chen showed a smile. "Then let’s leave it at that."

Yu Yuefan found it hard to believe. “Ancestor...”

“Whatever happens next is none of our concern. He still needs to resolve his issues with Immortal Sea Dragon,” added the ancestor.

"No wonder!"

Everyone was suddenly enlightened. Their ancestor had basically removed Heavenly Southern Sect from the equation, which meant that even if Immortal Sea Dragon killed the sword cultivator, it would have nothing to do with them and they’d have achieved their goal all the same!

That’s a grand completion Foundation Building Realm cultivator for you! He has lived long enough to see things more clearly, really a sly, wily old fox!

Yu Yuefan's eyes brightened, and he remained silent, his gaze toward Fang Chen carried a hint of a smirk.

It was then that a voice suddenly sounded from up above. "Was it you who killed my fifth-generation grandson at sea?"

Everyone whipped their heads up to see a figure in the sky, coldly overlooking the plaza. It was Immortal Sea Dragon.

Fifth generation grandson!

So that was the root cause of the enmity between the Sea Dragon Sect and that sword cultivator!

Everyone gasped in shock.

"That was the Sea Dragon Sect’s young sect master! He killed him just like that?!"

Fang Chen smiled faintly. "That’s right, I killed him."

"Did you also kill the Lord of Green Mountain Island, Xue Fenggui?"

"Yes, I killed him."

"What about the Passing Dragon Island Lord?"

"Yes, I killed him as well." f𝐫e𝚎we𝚋n𝐨𝘃el.𝗰𝗼𝐦

With each question and answer, everyone felt a chill run down their spine.

The sword cultivator before them had already killed so many people from the Sea Dragon Sect, and each of them was quite the name, too!

Zhang Xiaoke looked at Fang Chen's profile, excitement flashing in his eyes. My lord’s journey... seems to have been quite exciting.

"How many Sea Dragon Sect disciples did he actually kill..." The sixth princess felt incredulous, and memories of the past flooded her mind. When he was in his teens, he roamed freely in the capital of Grand Xia. In his twenties, he dominated and turned over the cultivation world. Even she found it too unbelievable. How could someone from Grand Xia have amounted to so much?

“You're quite honest. Aren't you afraid I'll just kill you right here and now? Although sword cultivators are strong, they still have to abide by the rules of heaven and earth. Everything in the end falls back to one’s cultivation,” said Immortal Sea Dragon indifferently. "If I want to kill you, I won't need more than one move."

No one thought he was bragging.

Even though Fang Chen was strong, facing a Golden Core Realm cultivator was still far beyond his reach.

Please give him a way out, Sect Master!

Zhong Yue and the other two begged in their hearts, sweating profusely. If Fang Chen died, they would die too!

They hoped Fang Chen could give Immortal Sea Dragon a way to de-escalate the situation, perhaps they could be spared from death today!

Fang Chen's lips rose. "You wouldn’t dare."

Pin drop silence.

The hearts of Zhong Yue and the other two were filled with thoughts of death, and they began to sweat buckets.

Strangely enough, Zhang Xiaoke, who was only at the Qi Refining Realm, showed a smile full of confidence after hearing Fang Chen’s words.

His confidence had nothing to do with his strength, nor did it have anything to do with whether he lived or died—it was pure confidence in his lord.

I bet those guys from the Hidden Courtyard would be so jealous if they knew about my experience with the lord today, right? Hahaha!

Even half foot into the grave you're still acting all tough! Yu Yuefan glared fiercely at Fang Chen, feeling his anxiety bubble up. Why wasn’t Immortal Sea Dragon making a move already? Why was he allowing Fang Chen to ride on his high horse for so long?

Elder Su and the other Foundation Building cultivators looked at each other and then silently retreated. They withdrew a hundred feet away in a split second, obviously afraid of being caught in the crossfire.

Only Fang Chen and his five companions remained. The current situation brought immense pressure on Zhong Yue and the other two, causing them to sweat profusely.

Just as everyone thought Immortal Sea Dragon was about to make a move, he simply smiled calmly. "It’s really not worth it to offend the sword cultivator behind you for a mere Foundation Building Realm cultivator."

Everyone thought their ears were playing tricks on them.


Immortal Sea Dragon... was actually afraid?!

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