I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace

Chapter 1942: Illness’ Consultation ③
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Chapter 1942: Illness' Consultation ③

The words Illness-san told me, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, were completely unexpected and shocking to me. Love at first sight? A- Arehh? That's strange…… This consultation, could it be about a romantic issue……? N- No, but consulting directly with the person you fell in love with at first sight feels like a very bold move……

Ah, no, wait, I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Maybe she fell in love with me at first sight, but after getting to know me, she realized it was a misunderstanding or something…… No, that would be really depressing, and I don't think Illness-san would say something like that.

[After falling in love with Kaito-sama at first siiiiiight, I asked Milady to make me your exclusive attendaaaaant. I thought it would be greeeeeat if I could support Kaito-sama closely when you were anxious just after arriving in this wooooorld.]

[I- I- I- I see. W- Well, having Illness-san my exclusive attendant has really been helpful.]

[Kuhihi, hearing you say that makes me happyyyyy.]

P- Please wait a moment there. I haven't fully processed the information yet, and my head is too confused to keep up with the conversation.

Illness-san is mature, kind, and has a calm, composed demeanor, and despite her petite build, she has the aura of a wonderful adult woman. If you asked whether I like her or not, of course, I like her; she's like the woman anyone would call their ideal…… so much so that because of the atmosphere around her, I unconsciously thought she would never consider someone like me, who she might see as a child, in a romantic sense.

[I love you, Kaito-samaaa.]

[ ! ? ]

[My feelings have not changed since I first laid eyes on youuuu…… No, I can confidently say that I love you even more deeply noooooow…… I feel that something has changed within me compared to the beginniiiiiing.]

I- Illness-san is being incredibly bold, almost confessing her feelings, and I'm quite flustered inside my head, but Illness-san remains calm.

If I had to describe it in words, not only does she hold no falsehoods in her feelings of love for me, she doesn't even find it embarrassing to express those feelings. Though her saying she loves me so naturally makes me feel unsettled, it seems that, at least for Illness-san, this is not the main point of the conversation.

For the time being, pushing my agitation deep down, I focus on listening to Illness-san's story until the end.

[At that tiiiiiime, my world was still simpleeeee. Meeting Kaito-sama and knowing love made the world appear beautifuuuuuul, but my thoughts remained simpleeeee. I just wanted Kaito-sama to be happyyyyy, to see you with a smiiiiiiile, and I tried to do whatever I could to make that happeeeeeen.]

Indeed, Illness-san has always been supportive and naturally helped me when I was in trouble. I’m aware that I've been greatly indebted to Illness-san, and hearing that it was out of love makes me feel both embarrassed and happy.

[I was supposed to be just a spectatooooor. I was content watching Kaito-sama on the stage from the audience seaaaats, or perhaps, being a minor character painted in the corners of your storyyyyy. Such a thing isn't something I had questioooooned, as just seeing you happy already filled my heaaaaart. Ah, that might be a bit misleadiiiiiiing. Even nooooooow, seeing you happy fills my heaaaaaaart and makes me incredibly happyyyyyy. But recentlyyyyyy, I feel that my personal feelings have started mixing in with my thouuuuughts.]

[……Personal feelings? Errr, isn't that just natural?]

[Yeeees. That would normally be the caaaaase, but such a feeliiiiing…… Desire, perhaaaaps? I've never had such a feeling befoooore, and it just made me quite confuuuuuused. I used to be content just watchiiiiiing, but now I feel like I want to be on the stage with youuuuu. It feels like I've become more selfish than I realiiiiized, and I don't know what to do about iiiiiit.]

……I think I can somewhat understand Illness-san's dilemma here. It seems like the order of things happened in reverse for her.

Normally, one first holds romantic feelings for someone, becomes close, and then love blooms…… But in Illness-san's case, she felt love first and then developed romantic feelings later. No, I myself thinking about this feels embarrassing…… but I don't think I'm mistaken with the idea.

Love is something you give, romantic feelings are something you seek. That's something I heard before, but for Illness-san, who holds deep love on the level of devotion, she's likely feeling bewildered by the emergence of an emotion akin to desire.

Unn, I think I understand what's going on to some extent…… but still, this isn't something you should be consulting with the target of those feelings, me, right!? How am I supposed to respond to this!?


Serious-senpai : [Gahaak!? That's a full-throttle confession!! Isn't that a confession disguised as a consultation!? Bold confessions really are a girl's privilege huh…… Kuh, the damage is already overwhelming……]

Doctor M : [Are you okay? Want to talk about my child?]

Serious-senpai : [Please stop adding insult to injury.]

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