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Chapter 27: A Mother

She is a vision of otherworldly beauty, akin to a Ninth Heaven Fairy descended from the celestial realm. Her long, creamy hair flows like silk spun by celestial weavers, reflecting the luminance of the moonlit skies.

Tall and graceful, she stands as if bridging the earthly and heavenly realms, her plump thighs symbolizing the vitality of nature itself. Her big and shapely breasts and fatt butt are like twin celestial orbs, bestowing an aura of enchantment upon her. Her eyes, as dark and profound as the abyss, hold secrets as ancient as the stars.

With features reminiscent of Tian Yanyu, she embodies the ethereal grace and elegance of a true MILF, captivating all who cross her path with her divine presence.

This extraordinary woman is the mother of Tian Shen and the wife of the patriarch of the Tian family, Ling Yun.

In addition to being the wife of the patriarch of the Tian family, she also has another terrifying identity: she is a direct descendant of one of the four great families, the Ling family.

The rest of the elders also followed the ancestor's gaze and looked at Ling Yun. They were a little happy that the ancestor had left their fate in Tian Shen's hands.

In this case, they can use different methods to appease Tian Shen.

But they were not able to understand the ancestor's meaning that there is another way to eliminate the grudges between the Tian family and Tian Shen.

What does all this have to do with Ling Yun anyway? According to them, like her daughter, she is sociable in appearance, but inside she is completely cold and cruel.

Not talking about Tian Shen, she doesn't even treat Tian Yanyu and Tian Xin kindly and is even cold towards them most of the time.

Ling Yun, on the other hand, saw the ancestors looking at her, and she realized that the ancestors had noticed what she had done in the past few years.

But she doesn't care. Anyway, what she has done has already benefited the Tian family, and even if it wasn't, she wouldn't have the slightest regret.

She is a mother, and a mother will go against the heavens to protect and make her child happy.

"Ling Yun, you ignored the family rules to some extent. Under normal circumstances, you would be killed as punishment, but in the current situation, not only is there no punishment, but you will be rewarded," the Tian family's ancestor, known as Tian Jun, said in a tone that did not hide his happiness.

Originally, when he and the rest of the old men were looking for a way in the river of fate to eliminate grudges, they accidentally found out about what Ling Yun had done secretly for Tian Shen.

Normally, the ancestors would punish Ling Yun for what she had done, but in the current situation, they were even happy that this woman was such a good mother.

After it became clear that Tian Shen had weak talents, even Ling Yun began to ignore her son and even spoke to him in a cold tone in public.

This caused his family members to despise him even more than before, but instead, the descendants of the current generation, seeing that even his mother had abandoned him, lost their guard towards Tian Shen and didn't waste their time humiliating him.

At worst, he was only mocked from time to time, and this was Ling Yun's true purpose, something that neither the current generation elders nor even Tian Shen himself knows.

Among her three children, she loved Tian Shen the most. Tian Xin had caused great phenomena throughout the world at his birth and was treated as a candidate for the throne from the very beginning.

That's why Ling Yun didn't have much time to be with her child, and after that, Tian Shen was born.

There was no grandiose phenomenon at the time of his birth, and for this reason, the family did not impose any responsibility on him and did not even consider him a candidate for the throne.

That's why Ling Yun had a lot of time to be with her child; they were almost always together, and mother and child had good times together.

Even as a child, Tian Shen tried to make Ling Yun happy by doing things that his mother liked, and these small and big things made Ling Yun's love for Tian Shen surpass his other two children.

What about Tian Yanyu? Tian Yanyu was no different from Tian Xin, and since she was a child, she was considered a candidate for the throne due to the magnificent phenomena that appeared at the time of her birth.

Also, unlike Tian Xin, who has a prideful temperament, Tian Yanyu has a cold and emotionless inner self like Ling Yun herself.

Because of this, for Tian Xin and Tian Yanyu, she only performed basic motherly duties and devoted all her motherly love and time to Tian Shen.

But unfortunately, the heavens are unfair. After the talent awakening ceremony, it turns out that Tian Shen's talent is only average. That's why the whole family turned against him and started to humiliate and mock him.

Ling Yun first wanted to protect her son from all the humiliation and ridicule and let him know that even if the whole world despised him, his mother would still support and protect him.

But thinking that supporting and protecting her son could cause jealousy and anger in many descendants of the current generation, she chose another way.

After all, although she has a high position, it does not mean that she has absolute power in the Tian family and can do whatever she wants.

For this reason, she decided to send her son to a place where no one would dare to, at least not directly humiliate and ridicule him.

By sending her son to the Great Immortals Sect and paying valuable resources to the elders of the Great Immortals Sect, she could be sure of her son's safety and peace.

In this way, Tian Shen no longer needed to be humiliated by the members of the Tian family and could become, at the very least, an elder in the Great Immortals Sect in the future and live a good life.

Of course, a few days ago, she realized that all her plans to create a good life for her son were destroyed due to his son's death. She became completely mad when she heard the news of her son's death, and she wanted to go directly to the Great Immortal Sect, but her husband stopped her.

She could only cry and grieve for her son's death in silence and alone.

But everything changed a few hours ago when she received a message from Tian Hua. Even she wondered why this shameless fox who always tries to seduce her husband called her.

And it didn't take long to get her answer! She heard from Tian Hua everything that had happened, including the fact that her son was alive and that he was the holder of the primal absolute chaos physique.

This news made her smile from the bottom of her heart for the first time in the past few years. She was even ready to follow her son back to the Ling family.

She knew that because of the betrothal between the Wen and Tian families, it was possible that the Tian family would neglect her son and not care for him enough and give him the attention he needed.

After all, after the engagement between the two families, the Tian family even started to ignore Tian Yanyu.

That's why she was ready to return to her family with her son. Of course, she knew that her son didn't know about all the things she had done for him.

But she didn't care; even if her son didn't know anything and didn't forgive her, all she had to do was ask her family, especially her sister, to ask Tian Shen to join their family.

How did the ancestors find out about her work? After reaching a certain level of cultivation, one can easily see the past and present of people who are weaker with just one glance.

Naturally, as the ancestors of a supreme Orthodox, they have already reached that level.

"Ling Yun, although all the things you did are unknown to Tian Shen, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you did these things," Tian Jun said with a smile on his face.

About Tian Shen not knowing about any of the things her mother did for him? It doesn't matter, just make Tian Shen accidentally find out.

He wanted to use the love between mother and son to eliminate grudges.

"I did what any mother would do for her child," Ling Yun bowed respectfully and said.

At the same time, all the elders were completely shocked and confused by listening to the conversation of these two people. They could not understand what Tian Jun meant by what he was saying.

Only the patriarch of the Tian family seemed to have some understanding.


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