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Chapter 22: Granny In The Ring

Tian Shen looked at the magnificent ship that was floating in the void. This ship emitted an immortal aura, and various ancient carvings adorned it.

In addition, Immortal King-level protective formations could be faintly sensed around the ship.

This airship was not only more magnificent than the one Wen Rong had arrived with, but it was on a completely different level.

This airship could withstand the Immortal King's attacks! Even Qin Yuan could not easily access this ship.

Anyway, this ship was considered a foundational treasure, and only the ancestors had access to it. But since the ancestors ordered to gain Tian Shen's favor by any means, Qin Yuan decided to use this ship.

Wen Rong and Tian Hua were also completely shocked.

Naturally, they could understand the true value and power of this airship. If this ship didn't have an owner, ancient monsters would start a war to obtain it.

About Mei Li? She was not at a level where she could understand the true value of such a ship.

"Come here, young master," Qin Yuan respectfully showed Tian Shen the way to enter the ship.

Tian Shen nodded and then entered the ship along with Tian Hua, Mei Li, and Wen Rong.

Tian Wei also hid in the shadows to ensure Tian Shen's safety, but not only him, one of the ancestors of the Great Immortals Sect also hid in the void to protect Tian Shen.

Although Tian Wei was powerful, he was not at a level that could fully ensure his protection.

"I'm curious how the Tian family will react. It's possible that because of cooperation with the Wen family, they wouldn't let Young Master Shen kill his brother, but now the young lady of the Wen family has become his maid, and he even has equal power as the Heavenly Immortals.

"I guess their ancestors themselves would appear," Qin Yuan muttered to himself as he watched the ship move away.


Eastern Qilin continent, Moon Qilin domain slope, Chengdu city.

In a luxurious room inside an inn, a handsome young man wearing a gray robe was sitting cross-legged on the floor, looking up at a strange mark on his hand.

At the same time, he did not forget to examine his palm from time to time.

"Master, what do you think?" Ye Chen quietly whispered to himself, as if he were talking to himself, but he was actually communicating with the soul in his ring.

"This mark engraved on your hand contains hidden power, and even I am not capable of erasing it," an attractive female voice echoed in his ear.

"But Master, didn't you say that you were once a powerhouse at the peak?" Ye Chen asked with a bit of skepticism.

"I am currently only a remaining soul with less than one percent of my prime power," the attractive voice echoed in his ears again.

Of course, what the owner of the attractive voice didn't say was that she didn't think she would be able to erase this name from his palm even in her prime.

She was sure that the power of the owner of this mark had already transcended the boundaries of the Lower Verse.

After all, she was once an expert at the peak of the Lower Verse.

"Anyway, as far as I know, Tian Shen was the name of one of the people who used to taunt you in the past, right?" The remaining soul tried to change the subject.

"That's right, he was one of those arrogant second-generation young masters. Plus, he had a crush on Mei Li, so my followers couldn't stand his existence and secretly killed him," Ye Chen glanced at the strange mark in front of him.

The killing intent was clear in his voice, the seven people who were killed were his best friends and most trusted followers.

Especially the war demon who was one of the three great demons that followed him.

"Things are getting weird," the remaining soul warned Ye Chen to be more cautious.

His followers had told him that they killed Tian Shen, but now it seemed that was not the case.

"Anyway, Master, what was the aura that appeared a few hours ago that darkened the entire world?" Ye Chen shivered in fear as he thought about that terrifying aura.

"If I'm not mistaken, that aura belongs to the physique of primal absolute chaos. This physique is known as the greatest physique in all of history," the remaining soul explained.

"The greatest physique in history, huh? Not bad, it deserves to be my stepping-stone," Ye Chen answered in a prideful mood.

Hearing his answer, the remaining soul in the ring frowned and wanted to warn him, but a sound stopped her.

"Come in," Yi Chen corrected his posture and said in a flat tone.

The door opened, and a handsome young man entered and bowed directly.

"Did you do what I ordered?" Ye Chen looked at the poison demon and then asked.

"Yes, Master Ye Chen," the poison demon replied respectfully.

"What about Yanyu's invitation?" Ye Chen had a smile on his face as he remembered Tian Yanyu.

"She rejected your invitation," replied the poison demon in a shaky tone.

"Well, it seems that the rumors are true. Although she seems sociable on the outside, she is quite cold on the inside," Ye Chen didn't get angry. He could already guess the result.

"What about the research?"

Meanwhile, in another room in the inn, a unique and extremely beautiful young girl was sitting in a cross-legged position.

She had a unique temperament that made people feel like she was an exciting traveler from the ninth heaven.

"First the appearance of the Primal Absolute Chaos Physique, and then the strange incident that happened in the restaurant," Tian Yanyu frowned as she muttered to herself.

Since returning to the past, Tian Yanyu realized that many things were different from her memories.

For example, in her past life, Ye Chen and Tian Shen did not have a bad relationship. Although they were not friends, they were not enemies either.

But it seems that everything in this life is different, and Ye Chen and her brother do not have a good relationship.

More importantly, the appearance of the Primal Absolute Chaos Physique.

As far as she can remember, this physique should not appear in this generation.

And besides, there is still the issue of that strange mark and her brother's name.

"I wish my brother was here to hug me." A smile appeared on her beautiful face as she remembered special times in her past life - whenever she was upset or angry, her brother would hug her and comfort her.

"After the matter of the tomb is over, I have to go visit my brother," Tian Yanyu muttered to herself.

"But how should I get rid of Ye Chen?" According to her research, her brother and Ye Chen did not have a good relationship. Her first reaction after realizing this was naturally to kill Ye Chen.

About Ye Chen? She didn't care about him in the slightest. The only reason she was currently trying to build a good relationship with Ye Chen was because of the Immortal Emperor's Tomb and a few exceptional opportunities in the future.

But this was her old plan. She knew Ye Chen's true potential and decided to kill Ye Chen after the Immortal Emperor's Tomb so that he would not pose a threat to her brother in the future.

Of course, there was a problem in this process.


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