I Fabricated the Techniques, but my disciple really mastered them?

Chapter 269 - 269Chapter 165: Su Lingxiu Enters Innate, Qingmu Spiritual Body_2
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269Chapter 165: Su Lingxiu Enters Innate, Qingmu Spiritual Body_2

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“Even if a Great Grandmaster attacks, even if I can’t defeat them, I’ll be able to escape!”

So thought Su Lingxiu.

Of course, if a Great Grandmaster truly attacked, she wouldn’t need to run. Not to mention her master being there, just the two elder martial brothers alone would be enough to handle the Great Grandmaster.


At a certain moment, a blue radiance burst forth from Su Lingxiu, causing the grass and trees around to thrive and the leaves to become a deeper shade of green.

She has broken through to the Innate Realm!

Her physique has also fully evolved and transformed.

“Your disciple Su Lingxiu, has broken through to the Innate Realm, your Alchemy Martial Arts advanced to Tongxuan Realm.”

The feedback from the Golden Finger arrived.

With Su Lingxiu’s breakthrough, her Alchemy Martial Arts advanced into the Tongxuan Realm, and her strength had grown once more.

“Your disciple Su Lingxiu, has broken through to the Innate Realm, transforming into the Blue Wood Spirit Body. You have obtained the Innate Spiritual Body.”

Blue Wood Spirit Body!

After her special physique evolved and transformed, Su Lingxiu has become a Blue Wood Spirit Body.

“Innate Spiritual Body?”

Li Xuan was sensing the changes in his body. After obtaining the Innate Spiritual Body, he could feel an increased affinity with the Innate Indestructible Spiritual Bone, making his body even stronger.

The affinity with nature’s spiritual energy increased dramatically once again. Spiritual energy was constantly rushing into his body, instantly transforming into Innate True Yuan.

The spiritual energy entering his body was gentle and subtle, others could not detect any abnormalities. If they happened to be close to him, they would only sense that the spiritual energy had become richer.

The Dragon Soaring Spiritual Body has elevated to the Innate Spiritual Body, encompassing all the properties of the Dragon Soaring Spiritual Body, and it’s even more powerful.

“My strength has increased again!”

Li Xuan was extremely excited.

The real source of joy is the growth of strength.

“This lass is really giving it all, it was not a waste to take her as my disciple and even kill a Great Grandmaster for her.”

Li Xuan was very satisfied.

Among the three disciples, each had their own strengths. Every time their strength increased, it would always bring him considerable feedback.

Of course, Xu Yan was the core among the three disciples.

“What kind of feedback will I receive when Xu Yan breaks through to Tongxuan Realm and undergoes another transformation? Surpassing Spiritual Bones and Spiritual Body?”

Li Xuan was full of anticipation.

Xu Yan wasn’t too far from reaching the Tongxuan Realm.

Right now, he was accumulating his foundation, preparing to breakthrough Innate Completion.

After Su Lingxiu’s breakthrough, she was in precipitation. Meanwhile, Xu Yan and Meng Chong continue to improve themselves, accumulating their foundation and hidden strength, preparing for a breakthrough.

Xie Lingfeng felt stimulated.

He felt that he might not be able to defeat Su Lingxiu.

He didn’t dare to slack off, diligently cultivating, hoping to breakthrough to the Grandmaster Realm as soon as possible.

Hu Shan, on the other hand, was even more depressed.

When Su Lingxiu hadn’t had her breakthrough, he had exchanged pointers with her. He was unable to block those golden needles and was pricked several times.

Now that Su Lingxiu had broken through, he might end up looking like a hedgehog.

“I can’t compare with geniuses, I, Hu Shan, must compare with the grandmasters of the Inner Domain. Among my peers, 1 am very strong.” Thinking this way, Hu Shan felt at ease.

Zhou Ying was extremely excited. The lady who originally needed her protection and care, now far surpassed her in strength.

“I also want to breakthrough to Innate Realm soon!”

Zhou Ying also began to diligently cultivate.

She was only a step away from reaching peak Qi-blood Realm.

Having achieved a breakthrough, Su Lingxiu was extremely excited. She had finally broken through to the Innate Realm, and her physique seemed to be quite extraordinary.

“Master, what kind of physique do I have?”

After returning, Su Lingxiu asked, massaging her master’s shoulders happily.

“Blue Wood Spirit Body.”

Li Xuan stated indifferently.

“So, am I gifted?”

Su Lingxiu was even more elated.

“The Blue Wood Spirit Body is nothing much, don’t be complacent. You should have ambition, constantly elevate yourself!”

Li Xuan said solemnly.

“I know, master!”

Su Lingxiu stuck out her tongue playfully.

After breaking through to the Innate Realm and sublimating her Wooden Spiritual Body, Su Lingxiu began her first session of alchemy.

Her hands ignited with the flame of alchemy, directly refining the pills by hand. The speed was beyond her imagination.

Soon, a batch of pills was successfully concocted, and their quality was even better than what she produced during the Qi and Blood Realm.

Next, she went on to successively refine various kinds of pills, accumulating a pile—Qi and Blood Elixirs, Qi Accumulation Elixirs, Body Strengthening Elixirs, and so on.

After breaking through to the Innate Realm, Su Lingxiu became busier as she was preparing for a return to the Inner Domain.

She took out more time to guide the alchemy disciples of Chang Qing Pavilion, striving to refine elixirs with spiritual medicine as soon as possible and improve the success rate and quality.

Zhou Ying had fully mastered the Qi and Blood Realm. fr𝚎𝗲𝐰ebnov𝐞𝐥.𝐜o𝗺

Shi’er was somewhat frustrated as he had fallen a bit behind.

The Red Cat was getting bigger and bigger, looking more and more like a chubby tiger.

However, its aura was continually growing stronger, and its physical body became even more robust, but the feeling of entering the threshold of a full-fledged demon was elusive.

Time elapsed amid the hustle and bustle.

The first batch of Qi and Blood Elixirs were successfully produced via the assembly line method, with a decent quality and a failure rate of less than thirty percent.

Su Lingxiu let out a sigh of relief, grateful that the failure rate wasn’t high, reducing the waste of spiritual medicine.

Next up was the refining of Qi Accumulation Elixirs, Body Strengthening Elixirs, and Healing Elixirs.

Red Cat had been overfed these past few days. It lay on the ground, not wanting to move at all.

Looking at the large bowl in front of it, which was still half-full with failed elixirs, it felt a sense of despair.

“Red Cat, eat quickly! Don’t waste!”

Su Lingxiu added another handful of failed pills into the bowl, urging the cat.


Red Cat let out a grievance-filled growl.

It genuinely couldn’t eat anymore!

Su Lingxiu pressed her brows together, a golden needle materialized in her hand, and she started to look for the suitable acupoints on Red Cat’s body to help it digest the power of the failed elixirs it had consumed.

However, she noticed that the needle in her hand was a bit too short for Red Cat’s massive body. She called Shi’er over and asked him to prepare a set of golden needles that were about a foot long.

Li Xuan heard the pitiful cries of the Red Cat from outside the manor, and his lips twitched involuntarily. Su Lingxiu was using long golden needles to stimulate the acupoints of the Red Cat, assisting it to digest the elixirs in its body. That bowl of elixirs needed to be eaten quickly to avoid waste.

Adhering to the principle that the hard-earned spiritual medicines must not be wasted, not even a single bit, Su Lingxiu could only help Red Cat digest the power of the failed elixirs.

After being constantly pricked, Red Cat began to remember those acupoints. “Huh, Red Cat, you actually finished eating those failed elixirs so fast?”

A few days later, Su Lingxiu was surprised to find that the Red Cat had quickly finished the failed elixirs, and it seemed like it wanted more.

Li Xuan watched the Red Cat for a long time. This chubby tiger seemed to be on the verge of transforming into a full-fledged demon.

Xie Lingfeng had broken through to the realm of a fully accomplished Grandmaster.

He was very excited and went to spar with Xu Yan in Sword Dao. Even though he might not withstand Xu Yan’s one sword strike, sharpening his swordsmanship would still bring significant improvement.

Su Lingxiu’s assembly line method of alchemy was finally successful. The success rate of refining the Qi and Blood Elixirs was a hundred percent, and the Qi Accumulation Elixirs were close to a hundred percent as well. The daily production volume was quite high.

With no shortage of elixirs, the cultivation speed of the members of the Chang Qing Pavilion surged dramatically.

Elixirs refined from non-spiritual medicines had begun circulating in the border region, speeding up the cultivation process of the martial artists there significantly.

Su Lingxiu started to research how to refine the fifth-grade spiritual medicine known as Heavenly Dew Marrow.

Refining the Heavenly Dew Marrow must be done with utmost caution. After all, if the process fails, the loss would be enormous.

Fifth-grade spiritual medicine was difficult to come by, let alone the rare Heavenly Dew Marrow.

“Your disciple, Xu Yan, has broken through to the complete stage of the Innate Realm; your True Yuan has doubled.”

Golden light emerged, and the Golden Finger gave its feedback.

Xu Yan had broken through to the complete stage of the Innate Realm.

Li Xuan felt overwhelmed. Xu Yan was just a step away from the Tongxuan Realm. Once Xu Yan entered that realm, Li Xuan could impart the cultivation techniques that were above the Tongxuan Realm.

However, after Xu Yan broke through to the complete stage of the Innate Realm, he did not immediately break through to the Tongxuan Realm. Instead, he continued to hone his abilities and accumulated more foundation.

He wanted to accumulate a powerful foundation before breaking through to the Tongxuan Realm. By doing so, his strength after the breakthrough would be remarkably stronger.

Li Xuan could sense Xu Yan’s improvement and various changes.

“These are to enhance his foundation for a transformation and evolution during the breakthrough to the Tongxuan Realm.”

Li Xuan understood in his heart.

This was the reason why Xu Yan did not directly breakthrough to the Tongxuan Realm.

“Considering that each realm’s breakthrough is for evolution and ascension, Xu Yan seems to have taken my words to heart— is he doing this to crush any potential competitors with the Innate Physique?”

Li Xuan was pleased with Xu Yan’s ambition.

Delaying the breakthrough to the Tongxuan Realm wasn’t a big deal.

Moreover, if there was a chance of transforming and evolving during the breakthrough, even delaying it by a year or two would be worth it!

However, Xu Yan would probably spend a month or two at most accumulating his foundation, and then he would break through to the Tongxuan Realm..

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